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Thy symbols of his body broke

From him we have receiv’d.
2 Great King, rule o'er our conquer'd hearts,

Our faculties poffefs ;
Whate'ei in them mints to rebel,

That quickly, Lord, suppress.
3 Hep me to hate fin, and it count

The author of my woe,
And war against it to declare,

As Christ's most deadly toe.
4 Let bleeding love me influence,

God, who is love, to serve,
And constantly his holy laws .

To love and them obierve.
5 The narrow way God did command,

He walk'd himself therein :
O give me giace to follow him,

Abhorring ev'ry fin.
6 The love of Chrif my heart constrains

To love his members too,
And all that unto him pertain,
• Be they despis'd or few.
Since for his flock, where'er they dwell,

Christ his heart's blood did thed,
I'll fellowship still hold with all

Who hold it with the Head.
8 In harmony with them I'll join

Our Jesu's name to raise,
And call the angels to our help,

Redeeming love to praise.
Some lively fouls in heav'ns road

Go forward cheerfully;
And fhall we in thy ways but creep,

Whilst other Chriftians fly?
10 Kill fin in us, and quite subdue

All that against thee Itrives :

On all our hearts and lives.


iddress to the Holy Spirit.
I COME, heav'nly Dove, and be my guide

Quite thro' the wilderness :


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Christ is my way, with holiness,

In this me lead to bliss. 2 Do thou poffess my yielding heart

With true faith, hope and love ; Renew my soul, and make me long

To dwell with God above. 3 Me perfect make in holiness,

That I may be found meet
In heav'n to live with Christ and faints,

Where praising work is sweet, 4 Most holy Sp’rit, I do commit,

To thee my heart and frame : Thy workmanship in me maiutain,

For honour of thy name. 5 In me pull down all pow'r of fin,

And with me make abode, And purify my heart within,

A temple meet for God.
6 Come dwell, and witness in my heart

That I'm a child of God;
This would me feaft, and make me fing

Thro' all the heav'nly road.
Thy Spirit, Lord, take not from us,

Leit from thy paths we slide,
And all our pious purposes

Quite drop and lay afide.
8 But Christ, who dy'd, is now alive,

And lives for us to plead:.
And hence we trust his Sp'rit will stay,

To help us in our need.

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A Penitent returning Backslider.
I ONCE I my Saviour did enjoy,

Sweet was his love to me:
I liv'd and much convers’d with him,

Then well did we agree.
2 While Cbrift I lov’d, his love I knew;

But, when my love wax'd dry,
The clouds turn d thick, and my heart hard,

And formal was my cry.
3 Alas! I have God's Spirit griev'd,

And caus'd him to withdraw:


No wonder clouds thy face do hide,

When I forget thy law..
4 When thy good Spirit is withdrawn,

1 ly before the Lord,
Much like a lump of lifeless clay :

Lord, send a quick’ning word, 6 0 that it were with me again

As it was in months paft!
Thy Spirit I would no more grieve

Nor thy sweet favours walte, 6 Ob! I'm unworthy of a smile,

I blush with thee to meet :
If I mayn't see my Saviour's face,

I'll kiss his pierced feet. .
7 Backsliding souls tbou bid'st return,

That them thou mayest heal :
With tears let me return to thee,

Whose word doth never fail. 8 In mercy turn thy face to me,

And all my clouds dispel :
Thy controversy plead no more ;

Thy anger is like hell.
9 My evidences, Lord, clear up ;

Let fin them blot no more : Restore my fellowship with thee,

As I have had before,


View the Sufferings of Christ crucified.
I BEHOLD, the Lamb stands dumb before

His raging murderers;
And while they nail and pierce him thro,'

Moft patiently he bears.
2 When from each pore his blood did spring,

What pangs felt he within ! Great was the load of wrath divine,

That bruis'd him for our fin. 3. On Calv'ry hill he naked hung,

Pierc'd thro' till he was dead :
Thus both to men and angels he

A spectacle was made.
View on the cross our suff'ring Lord,

With wounded head and hands,

With With pierced fide, and bleeding heart ; - :

All red with blood he stands. . • ro 5 « Behold, faith he, my agonies i

“ I suffer'd for your guilt ; “ What crimson streams run from my wounds! i vi

" For you this blood was fpilt. “ Your fins me griev d, and stabb’d my heart, no

" They pierc'd my hands and feet;'. 6 All this i filently endur'd,

• For heav'n to make you meet." , "
7 Can I, unmov'd, Christ's groanings hear,

Like to an harden's Jew?
Can I, without a figh or tear, ', .im i 3

This mournful scene review ?.vn wil
8 Forbid it, Lord! I'll bear a part

When I thine anguish fee; i. win"
I feel, when I behold thee pierc'd,

And nailed to the tree
9 Lord, my heart breaks ; now thee I see,

Whom I have pierc'd, and mourn :
Alas! my fins drove in the nails

By which thy flesh was torn.

Christ's Wounds and Blood the Support of burden'd Souls:
í IN all my anxious doubts and fear's !.

I flee to Jelu's wounds :
His blood calls penitents to hope,''.

To mourners peace it sounds.
2 Christ's arms outstretch'd are to embrace

Returning prodigals; ...
Thy blood doth gush out, for to wash .

Them from their fouleft falls. :
3 To worst of men oft virtue flows:

From thy wide bleeding wounds ;
Thou mak'st thy grace oft most abound

Where wickedness abounds.
4 Lord, where shall I my anchor caft,

But on the rock alone,
Christ crucify'd immovcable,
. The sure foundation-stone?
Vol. IV.

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5 Tho' earth's foundation be remov'd,

On him my soul relies ;
In him my Father is well pleas'd,

Christ's blood him satisfies.
6 Thy gospel tells what thy blood works ;
From terror it relieves ;

terror it. relieves ; s . Its virtue many thousands know,

It faves whoe'er believes. 'n 7 O bleeding Lamb, with pity view

These fears which we moleft ; . Let thy blood wash out crimsón fins,

In thy wounds give me rest. 8 When I'm distreft, here will I rest , My heavy laden foul : ...

. O hear my groaus, and bear my loads,

My fin.fick soul make whole.

HYMN LXXIII. . CHRIST's Free Grace, Love, and Pity, to men. I OUR worthy slaughter'd Lamb thou art,

Our great High Priest indeed; Most freely on mount Calvary

Thou didst for mankind bleed. 2 Thy wounds thou mak'st our hiding-place,

And still thou art our friend ; When wrath pursu'd, thou shed't thy blood.'

That so we might be skreen'd., 3 For vilest men, and blackest hearts,

Thy wounds did freely bleed ; : . For well thou know'st that of thy blood ::

Such souls stand most in need.
4 In thee faint hearts do find support,

And troubled minds get peace:
From thee poor hungry souls get food, ',,,

And wounded spirits ease.
5 The bruised reed thou never breaks,

But blow it to a flame;
Thou wilt not quench the smoking flax,

But strengthen dost the same.
6 Had'st thou left faints, sure they had Atay'd

With men on earth that dwell ;
Thy free grace them diftinguished,
Or they had dwelt in hell.

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