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3 Eh ja ta gen ha sa hen ton,
Ne na ya rih wa no ronh kwe;
Toh sa o the non na ya wen,
A ha de rah te sa hen ton.
4 Sko wa naht ne ra we rya neh,
Eh tsyen sa ni gonh ri yohs tonh:
Wea nya we eh s'ron a rek ho,
Ya gon he en hon wa ton ren.

Teyerihwahkwatha 63. C. M.


E wa ton ronh ra oh sea na,
Yon gwea ni denh ton hak;
On gwa ya ta nets kha na ah,
Ji ni yoht 'ji non wa.

2 T'wa tye sah tha ne ji tyon he,
Weh ni se ra ten yon;

Te ya on ryah kwa yoh sno re,
Yon gwah ten tyon ha tye.
3 Ra ko wa nen Ni yoh na ah,
Ne ji ni yen hen we:
Ye ya go ya go wen ta onh,
Ka ok non we ne tens.

4 A ton rat to kat ya go tenht,
Wa hon ni se ja gen,

Te sa dat snyen tha o nea ne,
Ak ta nen ih se te.

Thy truth and faithfulness fulfil; Preserve him, Lord, from ev'ry ill. 3 Before his face protection send; O love him, save him to the end: Nor let him as thy pilgrim rove, Without the convoy of thy love. 4 Enlarge, inflame, and fill his heart, In him thy mighty power exert ; That thousands yet unborn my praise The wonders of redeeming grace.

Hymn 63. C. M.
Life and Eternity.

THEE we adore, Eternal Name,

And humbly own to thee

How feeble is our mortal frame,
What dying worms we be.

2 Our wasting lives grow shorter still,
As months and days increase,
And every beating pulse we tell,
Leaves but the number less.

8 Great God! on what a slender thread
Hang everlasting things;
The eternal state of all the dead,
Upon life's feeble strings.

4 Infinite joy or endless woe,

Attend on every breath;

And yet, how unconcern'd we go
Upon the brink of death.

5 Ta gyeht O Sa ya ner o nenh,
Yo tas n'a gwe ryen ta;
Yot te ronhk ji non we wa ge,
Ni yoh ta gye na was.


tha re,

Teyerihwahkwatha 64. L. M.
EH wis ta ex ne yoh
Sonh ten ti a don hets ken ha;
Te wer hek nen genh I non wa?
Ne wa hon ni sa denr ha rat.
2 Ji he yonh se re na ne tho,
Wa hon ni enh sa don he ke,
Sa ya ner Ye sus ta gi tenr,
Ta gye na was ne ske nya gen.
3 Sa wea nat gi nyoh ne nea ne,
Sa rih wa ne ra ax he ra:

Ji she gon son he non wa genh?
Nen yoh tha re yeh wis ta ex.

4 Ge non we se n'a gwa

don hets,
A ga don ha ren ji nen we;
ri te n'onh wen ja geh,
Ji nen tha non we ne ne Ni yoh.



Teyerihwahkwatha 65. S. M.
A tea ni gon ra renh,

Eht se nen ton Ni yoh;

Yah te gen he yonhs sa don hets,
Ji gents ha ton dye se.

2 Ton sah sa do hets te,
Sah sken ha ne non wa;

5 Waken, O Lord, our drowsy sense,
To walk this dreary road;

And if our souls are hurried hence,
May they be found with God.

Hymn 64. L. M.

The Passing Bell.

FT as the bell with solemn toll, Speaks the departure of a soul, Let each one ask himself, "Am I Prepar'd should I be call'd to die?" 2 Lord Jesus, help me now to flee, And seek my hope alone in thee: Apply thy blood, thy spirit give, Subdue my sins and in me live. 3 Then, when the solemn bell I hear, If sav'd from guilt, I need not fear: Nor would the thought distressing be, Perhaps it next may toll for me. 4 Rather, my spirit would rejoice, And wait impatient for thy voice: Glad when it bids me earth resign, Secure of heaven, if thou art mine.

Hymn 65. S. M.


NCE more, before we part,

We'll bless the Saviour's name;

Record his mercies every heart;

Sing every tongue the same.

Ji ni di sa yen ska en yon,
Ne ji gon ron yen ha.
3 Onht o ni a'on tye sen,
Ne ra ge wea ni yoh,
A on sa ha gye na ni ih!
Ro ya ner jit hoh son.
4 Ta gye na was o ne,
A ga de rea na yen;

O toh sa ga dya ton da go,
N'a gi he ye on weh.


Teyerihwahkwatha 66. 8's & 7's. ya ner eh yenh skwaht ka we, Sa ya ta de riht s'ra gon;


A on gwa tyen hah se o nen,
N'a ge rih wa no ronh kwe:
Ta gye na was ta gye na was,
Ji te wa ga ta wen ri.

2 Wa

a gon ya ton ren ne nea ne,
Ne sa rih wa do genh ti;
Ne o ni sa ya ta d'riht s'ra,
Ne a ga nen hon ta ne;
Tyot kon tyot kon eh na yoh ton,
Ne neh to genh ske on weh.
3 'Nen enh shon gwa ronh yen
Onh wen ja geh it 'we se:
Ka ronh ya geh ro non na ah,
I ih en yonk hi non ke ;
Ji n'yen hen we ji n'yen hen we,
Tyot kon en te we se ke.

ha re,

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