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8 And why, great God, are we thus spared,

Ungrateful as we are !
O make thine awful warnings heard,

While mercy cries,-Forbear! 40 turn us, turn us, blessed Lord,

By thine almighty grace;
Then shall our hearts obey thy word,

And ever seek thy face. 5. Hear thou our prayers, and grant us aid;

Bid wars forever cease :
Heal every breach that sin has made,

And bless our land with peace. 1019

9th P. M. 87, 87, Pardon implored for national sins. READ Jehovah ! God of nations!

Hear thy people's supplications ;

Now for their delivrance rise,
? Lo! with deep contrition turning,

In thy holy place we bend;
Hear us, fasting, praying, mourning;

Hear'us, spare us, and defend. 8 Though our sins, our hearts confonnding

Long and loud for vengeance call, Thou hast mercy more abounding;

Jesus' blood can cleanse them all. 4 Let that mercy veil transgression;

Let that blood onr guilt efface: Save thy people from oppression;

Save from spoil thy holy place. 1020

C. M. Iinpending judgments. COME, let our souls adore the Lord,

; Who yet suspends the lifted sword,

And gives us time to pray.

2 Great is our guilt, our fears are great,

But let us not despair; Still open is the mercy-seat

To penitence and prayer. 3 Kind Intercessor, to thy love

This blessed hope we owe: O let thy merits plead above,

While we implore below.
4 Though justice near thy awful throne

Attends thy dread command,
Lord, hear thy servants, hear thy Son,

And save a guilty land. 1021

S. M. The day of vengeance. SINNERS, the call obey

? The day is come, the vengeful day

or a devoted race: Devils and men combine

To plague the faithless seed, And phials full of wrath divine

Are bursting on your head. 2 Enter into the Rock,

Ye trembling slaves of sín-
The Rock of your salvation, struck

And cleft to take you in :
To shelter the distress'd

He did the cross endure; Enter into the clefts, and rest

In Jesus' wounds secure. 1022

S. M. Continued.Our help cometh from the Lord. JESUS, to thee we fly

From the devouring sword; Our city of defence is nigh;

Our help is in the Lord.


Or if the scourge o'erflow,

And laugh at innocence,
Thine everlasting arms, we know,

Shall be our souls' defence.
2 We in thy word believe,

And on thy promise stay;
Our life, whichi still to thee we give,

Shall be to us a prey:
Our life with thee we hide

Above the furious blast,
And shelter'd in thy wounds abido

Till all the storms are past.

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God's goodness crowns the year.
TTERNAL Source of every jny,
While in thy temple we appear,
Whose goodness crowns the circling year,
2 The flowery spring, at thy command,
Embalms the air, and paints the land;
The summer rays with vigour shine,
To raise the corn, and cheer the vine,
8 Thy hand, in autumn, richly pours
Through all our coasts redundant stores;
And winters, soften'd by thy care,
No more a face of horror wear.
4 Seasons, and months, and weeks, and days,
Demand successive songs of praise;
Still be the cheerful homage paid,
With opening light and evening shade.

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80 may our more harmonious tongue
In worlds unknown pursue the song;
And in those brighter courts adore,
Where days and years revolve no more.

L, M.
National blessings.
CREAT God of nations, now to thee

Our hymn of gratitude we raise ;
With humble heart, and bending knee,

We offer thee our song of praise.
2 Thy Name we bless, almighty God,

For all the kindness thou hast shown
To this fair land the pilgrims trod,-

This land we fondly call our own.
8 Here freedom spreads her banner wide,

And casts her soft and hallow'd ray;
Here thou our fathers' steps didst guide

In safety through their dang 'rous way. 4 We praise thee that the gospel's light

Through all our land its radiance sheds ; Dispels the shades of error's night,

And heavenly blessings round us spreads. 6 Great God, preserve us in thy fear;

In danger still our guardian be; 0, spread thy truth's bright precepts here;

Let all the people worship thee.

C. M.
God's bountiful goodness.
FOUNTAIN of mercy, God of love,
The rolling seasons, as they move,

Proclaim thy constant care.
2 When in the bosom of the earth

The sower hid the grain,
Thy goodness mark'd its secret birth,

And sent the early rain.


The spring's sweet influence, Lord, was thine

The plants in beauty grew;
Thou gav'st refulgent suns to shine,

And the refreshing dew.
4 These various mercies from above

Matured the swelling grain;
A kindly barvest crowns thy love,

And plenty fills the plain.
6 We own and bless thy gracious sway;

Thy hand all nature hails :
Seed-time nor harvest, night nor day,

Summer nor winter, fails.

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1026 19th P. M. 664, 6664

Praise to the God of harvesi.
HE God of harvest praise;

In loud thanksgiving ruise
Hand, heart, and voice;
The valleys smile and sing,
Forests and mountains ring,
The plains their tribute bring,

The streams rejoice.
2 Yea, bless his holy Name,
And purest thanks proclaim

Through all the earth;
To glory in your lot
Is duty; --but be not
God's benefits forgot,

Amid your mirth.
3 The God of harvest praise;
Hands, hearts, and voices, raise,

With sweet accord;
From field to garner throng,
Dearing your sheaves alons,
And in your barvest sung

Bless ye the Lord.

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