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Hymn 89. B. 2. C. M.

Christmas, York.

Christ's victory over Satan.
1 HOSANNA to our conquering King !

The prince of darkness flies;
His troops rush headlong down to hell,

Like lightning from the skies.

2 There bound in chains the lions roar,

And fright the rescu'd sheep ;
But heavy bars confine their power

And malice to the deep.

3 Hosanna to our conquering King,

All hail, incarnate love!
Ten thousand songs and glories wait

To crown thy head above.

4 Thy victories and thy deathless fame

Through the wide world shall run;
And everlasting ages sing

The triumphs thou hast won.


HYMN 44. B. 3. S. M.

Watchman, St. Thomas. 1 HOSANNA to the Son

Of David, and of God,
Who brought the news of pardon down,

And bought it with his blood.

2 To Christ, th' anointed King,

Be endless blessings given ;
Let the whole earth his glory sing,
Who made our peace with heaven.



HYMN 45. B. 3. H. M.

Portsmouth, Bethesda.
HOSANNA to the King
Of David's ancient blood;
Behold he comes to bring
Forgiving grace from God:

And at his feet

honours lay.

2 Glory to God on high ;

Salvation to the Lamb;
Let earth, and sea, and sky,

His wondrous love proclaim :
Upon his head

And every age Shall honours rest, Pronounce him bless'd.

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THE number of Hymns in this Selection has been limited to a little over three hundred, for the purpose of rendering it convenient to bind them in the same volume with the Psalms and Hymns of Dr. Watts, to which they are designed as a Supplement. For the game purpose also, some of the Hymns have been abridged, that the volume might not be extended to an immoderate size.

In one respect at least, it is thought this Selection will be preferable to any now in circulation.

It contains the whole of the Sacred Poetry of Dr. Watts, a. dapted to the purposes of devotion and praise, not found in the common editions. An addition of nearly eighty Hymns from the pen

of that "sweet singer in Israel," to those already in use, cannot but be highly grateful to the Christian public. *In point of sentiment and poetry, they will be found worthy of the just celebrity of their distinguished Author. Of the character of the other hymns, it is left for the public to judge.

Care has been taken to give as great a variety as the limits of the work would admit. Many excellent hymns on particular subjects might have been inserted, but they would have excluded others on subjects equally important.

A primary object, after giving the whole of Dr. Watts, has been to select the best Hymns on subjects which he had omitted; and the compiler flatters himself that this work, containing as it does MORE THAN A THOUSAND Psalms and Hymns, of approved excellence, will furnish the churches of Christ with a supply of sacred poetry, better suited to all subjects and occasions, than any heretofore published; while, by throwing the whole into one volume, the price is reduced, and the confusion arising from the use of two books, avoided.

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