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Paul preached unto them, year, and eat vet of old fruit until bim, and shall return anto his to depart on the morrow, the ninth year, until her fruits own family, and unto the possesontinued his speech untii come in yo sball eat of the old sion of his fathers shall he return. ht. store.

And if he be not redeemed in TV1, 1, 2. Now concerning Lev. sXVI, 34, 35, 43. Then shall these years, then he shall go out lection for the saints, as i the land enjoy her sabbaths, as in the year of jubilee, both le, and Iven order to the churches long as it lieih desolate, and ye be his children with him. tia, even so do ye. Upon in your enemies' land; even then Lev. xxvII, 24. In the year of t day of the week let every shall the land rest, and enjoy her the jubilee the field shall return you lay by him in store, as sabbaths. As long as it lieth unto him of whom it was bongbt, ath prospered him, that desolate it shall rest; because it even to him to whom the possesbe no gatherings when I did not rest in your sabbaths, sion of the land did belong.

when yo dwelt upon it. The 1, 10. I was in the Spirit on land also shall be left of them, and

OTHER HOLY DAYS. d's day, and beard behind shall enjoy her sabbaths, while

Erod xxill, 14, 17. Three times reat voice, as of a trumpet. and they shall accept of the pun: thou shalt keep a feast unto me 'ISH SABBATH NOT ishment of their iniquity: because, in the year. Three umes in the ING ON CHRISTIANS. judgments, and

even because they despised my year all thy males shall appear

because their before the LORD God. 11, 16, 17. Let no man soul abhorred my statutes.

Exod. xxxiv, 23, 24. Thrice in re judge you in meat, or in

2 Chron. XXXVI, 20, 21. And the year shall all your men-chilor in respect of an bolyday, them that had escaped from

the dren

appear before the Lord God, the new moon, or of the

sword carried he away to Baby- the God of Israel. For I will cast -days; Which are a sha- lon; where they were servants to out the nations before thee, and

things to come; but the him and his sons until the reign enlarge thy borders: neither shall I of Christ.

of the kingdom of Persia: To any man desire thy land, when

fulll the word of the Lord by the thou shalt go up to appear before 4th.

mouth of Jeremiah, until the the LORD thy God thrice in the ABBATICAL YEAR.

land had enjoyed her sabbaths: year. 1. xxiil, 10, 11. And six for as long as she lay desolate sbe Lev. xxill, 2, 4, 44. Speak unto thon shalt sow thy land, kept sabbath, to fulfil threescore the children of Israel, and say ialt gather in the fruits and ten years.

unto them, Concerning the feasts But the seventh year

of the LORD, which ye shall proialt let it rest and lie still;


claim to be holy convocations, e poor of thy people may THE YEAR OF JUBILEE. eren these are my feasts. These od what they leave the

Lev. xxv, 8-13, 39-41, 54. And are the feasts of the LORD, even of the field shall eat. In thou shalt number seven sab- holy convocations, which ye shall inner thou shalt deal with baths of years unto thee, seven proclaim in their seasons.

And Leyard, and with thy olive times seven years; and the space Moses declared unto the children

of the seven sabbaths of years of Israel the feasts of the LORD. XXV, 2-7, 20-22. Speak shall be unto thee forty and nine Deut. xvi, 16. Three times in a he children of Israel, and years. Then shalt thou cause year shall all thy males appear to them, When ye come the trumpet of the jubilee to before the LORD thy God in the se land wbich I give you, sound, on the tenth day of the place which he shall choose; in ball the land keep a sab-seventh month; in the day of the feast of unleavened bread, and into the LORD. Six years atonement shall yo make the in the feast of weeks, and in the halt sow thy field, and six trumpet souud throughout all feast of tabernacles: and they hou shalt prune thy vine- your land. And ye shall hallow shall not appear before the LORD and gather in the fruit the Aftieth year, and proclaim empty. & But in the seventh year liberty throughout all the land ve a sabbith of rest unto unto all the inbabitants thereof: Behold, there is a feast of the

Judges xxi, 19. Then they said, 1d, a sabbath for the LORD: it shall be a jubilee unto you; and Lord in Shiloh yearly, in a place halt neither sow thy field, ye shall return every man unto which is on the north side of rune thy vineyard. That his possession, and yo shall re- Beth-el, on the east side of the groweth of its own accord turn every man unto his family. highway that goeth up from s harvest thou shalt not A'jubilee shall that fiftieth year Beth-el to Shechem, and on the neither gather the grapes of be unto you: ye shall not sow, south of Lebonah. ine undressed: for it is a neither reap that which groweth I rest unto the land. And of itself in it, nor gather the

1 Sam. 1, 3, 21. And this man bbath of the land shall be grapes in it of thy vine

undressed. went up out of his city yearly, to for you; for thee, and for thy For it is the jubilee; it shall be worship and to sacrifice unto the it, and for thy maid, and for holy unto you: ye shall eat the

LORD of hosts in Shiloh: and the ired servant, and for thy increase thereof out of the field.

two sons of Eli, Hophni and jer that sojourneth with In the year of this jubilee ye shali Phinehas, the priests of the LORD, And for thy cattle, and for return every man unto his pos- | were there... And the man Elkeast that are in thy land, session. And if thy

brother that anah, and all his house, went up all the increase thereof bedwelleth by thee bo waxen poor,

to offer unto tho LORD the yearly And if ye shall say, What and be sold unto thee; thou shall sacrifice, and his vow. we eat the seventh year? not compel bim to serve as a bond- 2 Ohron. viii, 13. Even after a d, we shall not sow, nor servant: But as an hired servant, certain rate every day, offering r in our increase; Then I and as a sojourner, he shall be according to the commandment ommand my blessing upon with thee, and shall serve thee of Moses, on the sabbaths, and on o the sixth year, and it shall unto the year of Jubilee. And the new-moons, and on the solenin forth fruit for three years. then shall he depart from thee, feasts, three times in the year, ye shall sow the eighth both he and his children with even in the feast of unleavened bread, and in the feast of weeks, 1 lambs, and a ram; they shall bo q ering, which is in the end of and in the feast of tabernacles. without blemish.

year, when thou hast gathered 2 Ohron, xxx, 25. And all the

thy labours out of the field. congregation of Judah, with the 1 Sam. xx, 18, 24. Then Jone- Exod. xxxiv, 22. And then she priests and the Levites, and all than said to David, To-morrow is observe the feast of weeks, of the congregation that came out of the new-moon; and thou shalt be first-fruits of wheat-harfest, a Israel, and the strangers that missed, because thy seat will be the feast of ingathering at came out of the land of Israel, empty. So David hid himself in year's end. und that dwelt in Judah, rejoiced. the field: and when the new-moon Lev. xxili, 15-17. And ye et

Neh. vill, 9, 11, 12. And Nebe- was come, the king sat him down count unto you from the more mialı, which is the Tirshatha, and to eat meat.

after the sabbath, from the d Ezra the priest the scribe, and the

2 Kings iv, 22, 23. And she call that ye brought the sheaf of Levites that taught the people, ed unto her husband, and said, wave offering seven sahtel said unto all the people, This

day Send me, I pray thee, one of the shall be complete: Even is holy unto the LORD your God; young meu, and one of the asses,

the morrow after the mere mourn not, nor weep. For all the that I may run to the man of God, sabbath shall ye number of people wept, when they heard the and come again. And be said days; and ye shall offer a words of the law. So the Levites Wherefore wilt thou go to him ineat-offering unto the Lord. stilled all the people, saying, Hold tooday? it is neither new - moou

Blall bring out of your habitatia your peace, for the day is holy; nor sabbath. And she said, it two wave - loaves of two teak neither be ye grieved. And all shall be well.

deals: they shall be of fine to the people went their way to eat,

they shall be baken with leare and to drink, and to send portions,

Isaik I, 14. Your new-moons they are the first-frulis unted and to make great mirth, because and your appoiuted feasts my LORD. they had understood the words soul hateth: they are a trouble that were declared unto them, unto me; I am weary to bear

Deut. xvi, 9-12. Seven them.

shalt thou' number unto Isa, xxx, 29. Ye shall have a

begin to number the seven en song, as in the night, when a holy

from such time as thou begister

FEAST OF FIRST FRUITS. solemnity is kept; and gladness of

to put the sickle to the cor. A heart, as when one goeth with a Lev. xxiil, 10-14, 20, 21. Speak thou shalt keep the feast of pipo to come into the mountain of unto the children of Israel, and unto the LORD thy God sin the LORD, to the mighty One of say unto them. When yo be come tribute of a free-will-offering Israel.

into the land which I give unto thine hand, which thou shalt Acts xvili, 20, 21. When they you, and shall reap the barvest unto the LORD thy God accut desired him to tarry longer time thereof, then yo sball bring a ing as the Lord thy God Ha with them, le consented not; But sheaf of the first-frpits of your blessed thee; And thou shalt bade them farewell, saying, I'must harvest unto the priest; And he joice before the LORD thy Go by all means keep this feast that shall wave the shear before the thou, and thy

son, and this daug cometh in Jerusalem: but I will LORD, to be accepted for you: on ter, and thy man-servant, and a return again unto you, if God will. priest shall wave it. And ye shall is within thy sates, and the stre

the morrow after the sabbath the maid-servant, and the Levite And he sailed from Ephesus.

Offer that day, when yo wave the ger, and the fatherless, and u

sheaf, an he-lamb without blem-widow, that are among you to te Lam. 1, 4. The ways of Zlon do ish, of the first year, for a burnt- place which the LORD thy G mourn, because none come to the offering unto the LORD, and the hatli chosen to place his nas solemn feasts: all her gates are tenth-deals of fine flour mingled that thou wast à boud-nah

And thou shalt remea desolate; her priests sigb, her virgins are afflicted, and she is in with oil, an offering made by fire Egypt: and thou shalt obseru bitteruess.

unto the LORD for a sweet savour, and do these statates.

and the drink - offering thereof Hosea ix, 5. What will ye do in shall be of wine, the fourth part of Pentecost was fully come, the

Acts il, 1. And when the day the solemn day, and in the day of an bin. And ye shall eat neither

were all with one accord in the feast of the LORD?

bread, nor parched corn, por place. Amos v, 21. I hate, I despise that ye have brought an offering termined to sail by Epleses, green ears, until the selfsame day

Acts xx, 16. For Paul had your feast-days, and I will not emell in your solemn assemblies. uuto your God: it shall be a stalute

cause he would not spend tu for ever throughout your genera- time in Asia: for he hasled, i

tions in all your dwellings. And NEW-MOON. the priest shall wave them, with Jerusalem the day of Pentecos.

were possible for bim, to be Num. x, 10. Also in the day of the bread of the first-fruits for a your gladness, and in your solemn wave - offering before the LORD,

FEAST OF TABERNACLES. days, and in the beginnings of with the two lambs: they shall be your months, ye shall blow with holy to the LORD for the priest this shall be a statute for era

Leo. xvi, 29-31, 33, 34 ABS the trumpets over your burnt. And ye shall proclaim on the selfofferings, and over the sacrifices same day, that it may be an holy upon you, that to the sea of your peace-offerings; that they convocation unto you; ye shall do month, on the tenth day of may be to you for a memorial be- no servile work therein: it shall moutli, ye sijall afflict soare fore your God: I am the LORD be a statute for ever in all your and do no work at all, tehetter your God. dwellings, throughout your gen

be one of your own cuonin, Ezek. xlvi, 3, 6. Likewise the erations.

stranger that sojournett 2

you: For on that day skal tt people of the land shall worship at the door of this gate before the


priest make an atonemoot tars

to cleanse you, that ye male LORD, in the sabbaths and in the Exod, sxlil, 16. And the feast of clean from all your sins les new-moons. And in the day of harvest, the first - fruits of thy the LORD. It shall be a satta the new-moon it shall be a young labours, which thou bast sown ia of rest unto you, and ye ! bullock without blemish, and six I thy tield; and the feast of ingalb-afilict your souls, by a starate kus


t. And he shall make an | day shall be a sabbath, and on, of the water-gate, and in the street sement for the holy sanctuary, the eighth day shall be a sabbath. of the gate of Ephraim. And all be shall make an atonement | And ye shall take you on the first the congregation of them that the tabernacle of the congre- day the boughs of goodly trees, were coine again out of the capou, and for the altar; and he branches of palm trees, and the tivity made booths, and sat under I make an atonement for the boughs of thick trees, and willows the booths; for since the days of sts, and for all the people of of the brook; and ye shall rejoice Jeshua tbe son of Nun unto that congregation. And this shall before the LORD your God seven day had not the children of Israel Deverlasting statute unto you, days. And ye shall keep it a done so; and there was very great nake an atonement for the feast unto the LORD seven days gladness. Also day by day, from dren of Israel for all their sins in the year. It shall be a statute the first day unto the last day, he 18 year. And he did as the for ever in your generations: ye read in the book of the law of commanded Moses.

shall celebrate it in the seventh God; and they kept the feast seven

month. Ye shall dwell in booths days; and on the eighth day was 9. xxii, 24-37, 89--43. Speak seven days; All that are Israelites a solemn assembly, according anto the children of Israel, say- born shall dwell in buoths : That the manner. In the seventh month, in the your generations may know that day of the month, shall ye I made the children of Israel to LORD thy God from the land of

Hos. xii, 9. And I, that am the I s sabbath, a memorial of dwell in booths, when I brought Egypt, will yet make thee to ting of trumpets, an holy con- them out of the land of Egypt:1|dwell in tabernacles, as in the toa. Ye shall do no servile am the LORD your God. therein; but ye shall offer

days of the solemn feast. Tering made by fire onto the seventh month, on the first day of Lev. xxix, 1, 7. And in the

Zech. xiv, 16, 18, 19. And it 3. And the LORD spake unto the month, ye shall have an holy that is left of all the nations which

shall come to pass, that every one 18, saying, Also on the tenth convocation ; ye shall do no serof this seventh month there vile work: it is a day of blowing came against Jerusalem shall even be an holy convocation unto shall have on the tenth day of ship the King, the Lord of hosts, and ye shall afflict your this seventh month an holy con

and to keep the feast of taberand offer an offering made vocation; and ye shall afflict your

nacles. And if the family of re unto the LORD. And ye souls: ye shall not do any work Egypt go not up, and come not, do no work in that same day; therein.

that have no rain, there shall be is a day of atonement, to

the plague wherewith the LORD an atonement for you before Num. xxix, 12. And on the fif

will smite the heathen that ORD your God. For whatso- teenth day of the seventh month

come not up to keep the feast of soul it be that shall not be ye shall bave an holy convocation;

tabernacles. This shall be the ted in that same day, be shall ye shall do no servile work, and punishment of Egypt, and the it off from among his people. ye shall keep a feast unto the LORD punishment of all nations that whatsoever soul it be that seven days.

come not up to keep the feast of 1 any work in that same day, Deut. xvi, 13-15. Thou shalt ob- tabernacles. ime soul will I destroy from serve the feast of tabernacles

John vii, 2. Now the Jews' is his people. Ye shall do seven days, after that thou hast feast of tabernacles was at hand. snner of work: it shall be gathered in thy corn and thy lute for ever throughout your wine: And thou shalt rejoice in

FEAST OF DEDICATION. rations, in all your dwellings. thy feast, thou, and thy son, and all be unto you a sabbath of thy daughter, and thy man-ser

2 Chron. vii, 8-10. Also at the and ye shall aplict your souls: vant and thy maid-servant, and same time Solomon kept the feast e ninth day of the month at the Levite, the stranger, and the

seven days,andall Israel with him, from even unto even, shall fatherless, and the widow, that avery great congregation, from the Hlebrate your sabbath. And are within thy gates. Seven days entering in of Hamath unto the ORD spake unto Moses, say shalt thou keep a solemo feast river of Egypt. Aud in the eighth Speak unto the children of unto the LORD thy God in the day they made a solemn assem

saying, The Afteenth day place which the LORD shall choose: bly: for they kept the dedication seventh month shall be the because the LORD thy God shall

of the altar seven days, and the

And on the of tabernacles for seven days bless thee in all thino increase, feast seven days. the LORD. On the first day and in all the works of thine seventh

month he sent

the people

three and twentieth day of the be an holy convocation; ye bands: therefore thou shalt suredo no servilo work therein. ly rejoice.

away into their tents, glad and days ye shall offer an ofter

Neh. vill, 14-18. And they found merry in heart for the goodness bade by fire unto the Lord; written in the law which the LORD David, and to Solomon, and to is

that the LORD had shewed unto e eighth day shall be an holy had commanded by Moses, that bcation unto you, and ye the children of Israel should dwell

rael his people. offer an offering made by to booths in the feast of the

Ezra vi, 16, 17. And the children lato the LORD: it is a solema seventh month: and that they of Israel, the priests, and the ably, end ye shall do no ser should publish and proclaim in all Levites, and the rest of the chilvork therein. These are the

their cities, and in Jerusalem, dren of the captivity, kept the of the LORD, which ye shall saying, Go forth unto the mount, dedication of this house of God aim to be holy convocations, and fetch olive-branches, and pine with joy. And offered at the Ter an offering made by fire branches, and myrtle-branches, dedication of this house of God the LORD, a burnt-offering, and palm-branches, and branches

an hundred bullocks, two hundred meat-offering, a sacrifice, and of thick trees, to make bootle, as

rams, tour bundred lambs; and for t-offerings, every thing upon it is written.' So the people went

a sin-offering for all Israel, twelve ay; Also in the ffteenth day forth, and brought them, and made be-goats, according to the number be seventh month, when ye themselves booths, every one

of the tribes of Israel. gathered in the fruit of the upon the roof of his honse, and in John x, 22. And it was at Jerg

ye shall keep a feast unto their courts, and in the courts of salem the feast of the dedication, LORD seven days: on the first I the house of God, and in the street and it was winter.

FEAST OF PURIM. to consume them, and to destroy | fastings and their cry. And the Estr. 1x, 17-19, 21-24, 26-32. On them: Wherefore they called these cree of Esther confirmed the the thirteenth day of the month days Purim, after the name of matters of Purim; and i Adar, and on the fourteenth day of Pur: therefore, for all the words written in the book. thesame rested they, and made it a of this letter, and of that which day of feasting and gladness. But they had seen concerning this THESE FEASTS NOT BINI the Jews that were at Shushan as- matter, and which had come unto

ING ON CHRISTIANS. sembled together on the thirteenth them, The Jews ordained, and day thereof, and on the fourteenth took upon them, and upon their

Rom. xiv, 5, 6. One man thereof; and on the fifteenth day seed, and upon all such as joined teemeth one day above anoth of the same they rested, and made themselves onto them, 80 as it another esteemeth every it a day of feasting and gladness. should not fail

, that they would alike. Let every man be Therefore the Jews of the villages keep these two days according persuaded in his own mind. that dwelt in the unwalled towns, to their writing, and according it into the Lord; and be ind made the fourteenth day of the to their appointed time; every month Adar a day of gladness and year; And that these days should gardeth not the day, to the feasting, and a good day, and of be remembered and kept through he doth not regard ét. Ha sending portions one to another. out every generation, every fa- eateth, eateth to the Lord To stablish this among them, that mily, every province, and every giveth God thanks and be they should keep the fourteenth city; and that these days of Purim eateth not, to the Lord be a day of the month Adar, and the should not fail from among the not, and giveth God thanks. fifteenth day of the same, yearly, Jews, nor the memorial of them

Gal. iv, 9, 10. But now, As the days wherein the Jews perish from their seed. Then that ye have known God rested from their enemies, and the Esther the queen, the daughter of rather are kuowo of God, month which was turned unto Abihail, and Mordecai the Jew, turn ye again to the weak them from sorrow to joy, and wrote with all authority, to con- beggarly elements, whereum from mourning into a good day; firm this second letter of Purim. desire again to be in bondage that they should make them days And he sent the letters unto all observe days, and months, of feasting and joy, and of sending the Jews, to the hundred twenty times, and years. portions one to another, and gifts and seven provinces of the kingto the poor. And the Jews under-dom of Abasuerus, with words of Col. 11, 16, 17. Let no man took to do as they had begun, and peace and truth, To confirm these fore judge you in meat, as Mordecai had written unto days of Purim in their times ap- drink, or in respect of a them; because Haman, the son of pointed, according as Mordecai day, or of the new moon, ore Hammedatha, the Agagite, the the Jew and Esther the queen

sabbath days:

Which enemy of all the Jews, had devised had enjoined them, and as they shadow of things to come be against the Jews to destroy them, had decreed for themselves, and body is of Christ. and had cast Par, (that is, the lotí | for their seed, the matters of the (see also under ORDINANCE




he brought him into the field of choose out of all your tribes to THE PATRIARCHAL Zophim, to the top of Pisgah, and put bis name there, even unto Dis

habitation shall yo built seven altars, and offered a

seek, and ISPENSATION. bullock and a ram on evert altar. thither thou shalt come:

And 3.4. And in process of And Balaam said unto Balak, thither ye shall bring your burntame to pass, that Cain Build me bere seven altars, and offerings, and your sacrifices, and f the fruit of the ground prepare me here seven bullocks your tithes, and heave-offerings g unto the LORD. And and seven rams. And Balak did as of your hand, and your vows, and lso brought of the first Balaam had said, and offered a your free-will-offerings, and the bis flock and of the fat bullock and a ram on every altar. firstlings of your herds and of And the LORD had re

Heb. xi, 4. By faith Abel offered your flocks: But when ye go over Abel and to his offer-anto God a more excellent sacri- Jordan, and dwell in the land fice than Cain, by which he

which the LORD your God giveth 1, 20. And Noah builded obtained witness that he was you to inherit, and when he givrto the LORD, and took righteous, God testifying of his eth you rest from all your enelean beast, and of every gifts; and by it be, being dead, mies round about, so that ye Fl, and offered burnt yet speaketh.

dwell in safety; Then there shall on the altar.

be a place which the LORD your

God shall choose to cause his

2nd. cil, 13. And Abraham

name to dwell there: thither shall his eyes, and looked, and UNDER THE MOSAIC DIS- ye bring all that I command yotr; hind him a ram caught


your burnt-offerings, and your ket by his horns; and ONLY ONE PLACE OF SACRIYICZ.

sacrifices, your tithes, and the went and took the ram,

heave-offering of your hand, and ed him up for a burnt Exod. xxix, 11. And thou shalt

all your choice vows which ye kill the bullock before the LORD, 1 the stead of his son.

VOW unto the LORD: Take beed by the door of the tabernacle of XXX, 54. Then Jacob the congregation.

to thyself, thou offer not thy

burnt - offerings in every place crifice upon the mount, Lev. xvil, 2-5, 8, 9. Speak unto that thou seest: But in the place d his brethren to eat Aaron, and unto his sons, and which the LORD shall choose in d they did eat bread, unto all the children of Israel, and one of thy tribes, there thou shalt ed all night in the say unto them, This is the thing offer thy burnt-offerings, and

which the LORD hath command- there thou shalt do all that I vi, 1. And Israel took his ed, saying, What man soever command thee. Thou mayest rith all that he had, and there be of the house of Israel

not eat within thy gates the tithe Beer-sheba, and offered that killeth an ox, or lamb, or of thy corn, or of thy wine, or of

unto the God of his goat in the camp, or that killeth thy oil, or the firstlings of thy ac.

it out of the camp, And bringeth herds, or of thy flock, nor any of

it not unto the door of the taber- | thy vows which thou vowest, nor xvill, 12. And Jethro, pacle of the congregation, to thy free-will offerings, or heaveather-in-law, took

a offer an offering unto the LORD offerings of thine hand: But thou ering and sacrifices for before the tabernacle of the LORD, must eat them before the LORD Aaron came, and all the blood shall be imputed unto that thy God in the place wbich the Israel, to eat bread with man; he hath shed blood; and that LORD thy God shall choose, thou, ther-in-law before God. man shall be cut off from among and thy son, and thy daughter, xit, 40. And Balak offer- his people: To the end that the and thy man-servant,andthymaidand sheep, and sent to children of Israel may bring their servant, and the Levite that is and to the princes that sacrifices which they offer in the within thy gates:and thou shalt reh him.

open field,even that theymaybring joice before the LORD thy God in IlII, 1-4, 14, 29, 30. And them unto the Lord, unto the

all that thou puttest thine bands door of the tabernacle of the con- unto. said unto Balak, Build

Only thy holy things seven altars, and pre- offer them for peace-offerings un

gregation, unto the priest, and which thou hast, and thy vows, here seven oxen and

thou shalt take, and go unto the to the LORD. And thou shalt say place which the LORD shall choose: ms. And Balak did as

unto them, Whatsoever man bad spoken; and Balak there be of the house of Israel, or offerings, the flesh and the blood,

And thou shalt offer thy burnt am offered on every altar of the strangers which sojourn upon the altar of the LORD thy k and a ram. And Bad unto Balak, Stand by offeriug or sacrifice, And bringeth fices shall be poured out upon the

among you, that offereth a burnt- God; and the blood of thy sacri. t offering, and I will go: l it not unto the door of the taber-altar of the LORD thy God, and ature the LORD will come nacle of the congregation, to me: and whatsoever he offer it unto the LORD, even ibat

thou shalt eat the flesh.

2 Ohron. xi. 16. And after them, to an high place. And man shall be cut off from among out of all the tribes of Israel, Balaam: and he said unto his people.

such as set their hearts to seek Ave prepared seven altars, Deut. xii, 5, 6, 10, 11, 13, 14, 17, the LORD God of Israel, came to are offered upon every 18, 26, 27. But unto the place Jerusalem, to sacrifice unto the bullock and a ram. And I which the LORD your God shall | LORD God of their fathers.


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