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10. Soon we'll meet to part no more,

Soon we'll meet in heaven,
There we'll join the saints above,
And forever praise him.

HYMN 22. P. M.
Come, my christian friends and brethren,

Bound for Canaan's happy land,
Come, unite and walk together,

Christ the Saviour gives command.
Lay aside all party spirit,

Šlight your christian friends no more,
Come, unite through Jesus' merit,

Zion's peace again restore.
2. We'll not bind our brother's conscience;

This to God alone is free,
Nor contend for non-essentials,

But in Christ united be.
Here's the word, the grand criterion,
This shall all our doctrine

Christ's the centre of our union,
And the bond is christian love.
3. Here's my hand, my heart and spirit,

Now in fellowship I'll give ;
Now we love and peace inherit,

Shew the world how christians live;
Now we'er one in Christ our Saviour,

Male or female, bond or free,
Christ is all in all forever,

And we're happy, Lord, in thee.
4. Now we'll preach and pray together

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Praise, give thanks, and shout and sing,
Now we'll strengthen one another,

And adore our heaveniy King,
Now we'll join in sweet communion,

Round the table of our Lord ;
Lord, confirm our christian union,

By thy spirit and thy word.,
5. Now the world will be constrained

To believe in Christ our King ;
Thousads, thousands be converted,

Round the earth his praisess ring;
Happy day! O joyful hour,

Thank the Lord, his name we'll bless;
Send thy name, my Lord, with power,
Fill the world with righteonsuess.,

HYMN 23. C. M.
Hark ! listen to the trumpeters,

They call for volunteers,
On Zion's bright and flow'ry mount

Behold the officers ! 2. Their horses.white, their armours bright,

With courage bold they stand, *Enlisting soldiers for their King,

To march to Canaan's land.
3. It sets my heart all in a flame

A soldier for to be !
I will enlist, gird on my arms,

And fight for liberty.
4. We want no cowards in our bands,

That will our colours fly;

In everlasting beauty

The shining millions stand Safe on the Rock of Ages,

Amid the promis d land. 9. We'll range the wide dominion

Of our Redeemer round, And in dissolving raptures,

Be lost in love profound : While all the flaming harpers

Begin the lasting song,

hallelujahs rolling
From the unnumber'd throng.

HYMN 44. P. M.
Burst ye emerald gates and bring

To my raptur'd vision,
All the extatic joys that spring

Round the bright elysian :
Lo! we lift our longing eyes,
Break, ye intervening skies,
Sons of righteousness arise,
Ope the gates of paradise.
O how good it is for us to be blest,
And dwell where loving Jesus is.
2. Floods of everlasting light,

Freely flash before him :
Myriads with supreme delight,

Instantly adore him :
Angelic trunips resound his fame;

Lutes of lucid gold proclaim
All the music of his name ;
Heaven echoing the theme.
3. Four and twenty elders rise

From their princely station ;
Shout his glorious victories,

Sing the great salvation ; Cast their crowns before his throne, Cry in reverential tone, Glory be to God alone; Holy ! holy ! holy One. 4. Hark! the thrilling symphonies,

Seem, methinks to seize us ;
Join we too the holy lays,

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus !
Sweetest sound in seraph's song,
Sweetest note on mortal tongue,
Sweetest carol ever sủng,
Jesuş, Jesus, flow along.

HYMN 45. P. M,
The voice of Free Grace

Cries escape to the mountain, For adarn's lost race

Christ hath open'd a fountain,
For sin and transgression

And ev'ry pollution,
His blood flows most freely
In streams of ablution.

Hallelujah to the Lamb,

Who hath purchas'd our pardon, We'll praise him again

When we pass over Jordan. 2. That fountain so clear,

In which all may find pardon, From Jesus' side

Flows plenteous redemption ; Though your sins were increased

As high as a mountain, His blood it flows freely ;

O come to this fountain. 3. Blest Jesus, ride on,

Thy kingdom is glorious, O’er sin, death and hell,

Thou wilt niake us victorious; Thy name shall be prais'd

in the great congregation, And saints shall delight

In ascribing salvation.
3. When on Zion we stand,
Having gain’d the blest shore,
With our harps in our hands

We will praise him evermore.;
We'll range the blest fields

On the banks of the river, And sing hallelujahs

Forever and ever.

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