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the slate, and when the master came along, we put the slate under the desk.

F. But was it not very wrong thus to deceive your teacher? Is that improving your time at school as you ought? Geo. Why, father, all the boys


do so.

F. Well, George, if they do wrong, should you do so too? That will

never do.

Geo. I know that would not be right, nor was it right to play at fox and geese in school, but I did not think so when I was playing with Master Morris.

F. I am glad you see that it is wrong, and I hope hereafter you will not indulge yourself in such sports in school.

Geo. I think I shall never wish to deceive again; and if you will forgive me this offense, I will try in future to resist such temptations.

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un der stand Sol o mon La Fay ette

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“Read and you will know.

." This is what Mrs. Jones used to say to her son, William.

Little William wanted to know a great many things. His mother did not always tell him, but said, “Read, and you

will know." Then William thought with himself

, I want to know many things. Mother says, if I read I shall know. So he tried very hard and soon learned to read.

Then he read many useful books, and learned some things from every one of them. After a while he could read every book in his mother's library. Little William Jones grew up to

He had a great deal of


be a man.


knowledge. He was a wise and great

He was made a judge, and went and lived in India. Then they called him, Sir William Jones.

“Read and you will know." There are a great many good books, and if you will only learn to read, you can know all that is in them.

Some foolish children do not care about learning. They do not know how pleasant it is to read the stories which are in books. Children, take good care to learn how to read; it will do you good as long as you live. “Read and you will know.” I

say this over again, because I wish you to remember it. If you do not learn to read while you are young, it is likely you will never learn at all.

Read a little every day. Get your parents to show you what you can not make out yourself. Never skip a hard word. In a little time you will be able to read every word.


you read.


Mind your stops, and take care to understand what

“Read and you will know" about the beasts, and birds, and fishes, and insects.

“Read and you will know” all about the different countries in the world, and the great men that have lived in them.

You will know about Washington, and La Fayette, and Franklin.

“Read and you will know” how the world was made. You will know about the people that lived thousands of years ago.

You will know about Adam, and Noah, and Moses, and David, and Solomon.

You will know about Jesus Christ, who came into the world, and suffered and died to save sinners.

You will know how to love and serve him here, so that when you come to die, you can live with him in heaven.


Lu na

hun gry



suf fer ed sa ved

se vere se cret ly strew ed sup port

suf fer ings nour ish re lieve

col lect ed sup ply re joic ed THE GIRL WHO THOUGHT TO FEED ALL THE LITTLE BIRDS. It was

a cold, severe winter. Young Luna, the only daughter of kind parents, collected the crumbs that were left, and saved them.

And she went twice every day and strewed the crumbs about the yard. And the birds came and picked them up.

But the hands of the young girl suffered from frost and bitter cold.

Her parents watched her secretly, rejoiced at the lovely scene, and said, “Why do you do this, Luna ?''

" "Every thing is covered with snow and ice," replied Luna, “and these small animals can find nothing to eat; therefore they are in want; and I feed them, as rich men support and nourish the poor.”

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