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years old ; no book whatever, let its name We are happy to observe, by the pros or title be what it will, in which the pectus published, that the result of Mr. monstrous periods of that system, or any Bentley's further researches into the Hin- allusion to them, is found, can possibly doo astronomy is about to be given to the be older than its invention. And, se public.

condly, that none of the modern romanos, Mr. Bentley was the first person who commonly called the Puranas, at least, in called in question the generally admitted the form they now stand, are older than antiquity of the Hindus, and he supported 684 years; the time when the fourteenth his opinion with the greatest ingenuity, by Manwantara of the second system of the reasons derived from an intimate acquaint- Graha Munjari ended; but that some of ance with the systems of Hindu astronomy. them are the compilations of still later This opinion has received the sanction of times.". A very interesting questica the celebrated La Place, who observes in would bence arise, which is, wbetber his “ Systême du Monde,” that “the reasoning founded on astronomical or bisIndian Tables shew rather an advanced torical data is entitled to the greatest state of astronomy; but every thing leads credibility; for the data assumed by Mr. to a conclusion that they are not of high Bentley, is rather more than one hundred antiquity."—“ Several elements, such as years after the invasion of India by Mah. the equations of the centre of Jupiter and mud of Ghaznin, from which period, the Mars, are very different in the Indian actual state of India became in a very tables from what they ought to be at the considerable degree know to Muhamısaepoch supposed : the general appearance dan bistorians; and within two hundred of these tables, and above all the conjunc- years after which, the whole of Hindustion of the planets assumed, prove that tan Proper and Bengal had been reduced they have been constructed, or at least under the Muhammadan authority. Thos, corrected, in modern times.” But the according to Mr. Bentley's hypothesis

, last paper on this subject with which Mr. Hindu literature either must bave acBentley has favoured the public, was pub- quired its present form in the short period lished in 1805, since which time, no fur- of one century, while the Hindu princi. ther account of his interesting researches palities were contending for their very has been communicated to the Asiatic existence; or it must owe its origines. Society ; the work, therefore, that is tirely to the peninsula. But the last announced in his prospectus, must, from supposition is contradicted by the Hindus the known abilities and acquirements of themselves. Under these circumstances, the author, afford the greatest gratifica- therefore, it must excite much curiosity tion to all who have directed their atten to ascertain the manner in which Mr. tion to inquiries respecting the origin and Bentley supports an opinion that seems antiquity of nations.

so inconsistent with every thing which has Mr. Bentley has thus stated the con been hitherto discovered respecting the clusion which he thinks irresistibly results Hindus : and should even his researches, from these researches, in the 8th vol. of when critically examined, not convey to the Transactions of the Asiatic Society. others the conviction which they have im“ In the first place, it must be evident, as pressed on his mind, still the data thus the artificial system of Brahma Gupta, furnished, particularly when derived from now called the Calpa of Brahma, and to a language so little known as Sanscrit, which the modern Hindus have artfully will always be of the highest value.transferred their history, is not yet 1300 (Bom. Cour.


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Romance. By the Rev. J. Beresford. The Private Journal of Capt. G. F. 8vo. 14s. Lyon, of H.M.S. Hecla, during the Re

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New Map of Syria, showing the very Preparing for Publication, great additions lately 'made to its Geo The Three Brothers, or the Travels and graphy; on which the ancient as well as Adventures of the Three Sherlers, in Per. the modern names are pointed out, and sia, Russia, Turkey, Spain, &c. Bro.

An Account of the present State of the Kaire, dessinés et mesurés pendant les English Sellers in Albany, South Africa. années 1820, 1821, et 1823; par P. Coste, By Mr. Pringle, of Cape Town.

architecte. 1re livraison. Paris 1824.

Lettre à M. Champollion le jeune, rela

tive à l'affinité du Cophte, avec les langues FRENCH PUBLICATIONS.

du Nord de l'Asie et du Nord-est de l'EuLe Propagateur Haïtien, Journal politique et littéraire, publié par plusieurs

rope, par M. Klaproth. Paris, 1823. Haïtiens. 4to.

Notice Géographique sur le pays de

Nedjd, ou Arabie Centrale, et sur la carte La Chaumière Africaine, ou Histoire de ce pays, comprenant l’Egypte et les d'une famille Française jetée sur la côte autres contrées occupées en 1823 par les occiilentale de l'Afrique, à la suite du nau troupes de Mohammed Aly, Vice-roi frage de la Méduse ; par Mme. Dard née d'Egypte, pour servir à l'intelligence de Charlotte Adélaïde Picard, l'une des nau l'histoire de l'Egypte sous le Gouvernefragées de la Méduse. Paris 1824.

ment de Mohammed Aly; par M. E. Architecture Arabe, ou Monumens du Jomard, de l'Institut. Paris, 1829.

Asiatic intelligence.



cause this explanation and instruction to

be made public, and that you will institute GOVERNMENT ORDER. prosecutions against all persons in any way LOANS TO NATIVE PRINCES.

contravening the law as thus explained.” Political Department, Oct. 17, 1823.

By command of the Right Honourable The following extract from a letter from

the Governor General in Council, the Hon. the Court of Directors, under

Geo. SWINTON, date the 9th April 1823, is ordered to be

Sec. to the Govt. published for general information. Par. 3. “ You will observe that we

COURT MARTIAL are advised by these high legal authori. ties, that the restriction contained in the

ON LIEUT. C. H. HERIOT, 4th REGT. L.C. 30th Section of the Act 13 Geo. III. Head-Quarters, Cawnpore, Oct. 24, 1823. Cap. 63, which restrains the rate of inte. At an European General Court Marrest to 12 per cent., extends to contracts tial assembled at Neemuch, on Friday, the made as well in those parts of the East 5th day of September 1823, of which Indies, which are not under the Govern Lieutenant Colonel Penny, 2d battalion ment of the East-India Company, as in 16th Regiment Native Infantry, is Presithose which are; the same restriction ex dent, Lieutenant Charles William Heriot tends to loans made to native Princes and of the 4th Regiment Light Cavalry was arGovernments in the East-Indies, as well raigned upon the undermentioned charges, as to those made to individuals, whether viz. the contracts for such loans be made or Ist. “ For having at Neemuch, shortly carried into execution within or beyond after the closing of a Monthly Military the territories under the Government of Court, assembled on or about the 12th of the East-India Company. That the same November 1822, and before which certain restriction extends to loans made under a bazar debts of his (Lieutenant Heriot's) licence from the Governments in India, became the subject of investigation, falsepursuant to the 37th Geo. III. Cap. 142, ly stated to Captain Engleheart, the PresiSec. 28, and that it is not lawful for a dent of the said Court, that Lieutenant mercantile or banking partnership, con Colonel Lumley, the Commanding Offisisting partly of natives of India, and cer of the Station, had promised to tear partly of European-born subjects of his the proceedings of the Court the moment Majesty, to make a loan to a native they were received, such assertion being a prince, contrary to the Provisions of 37 direct violation of truth and highly dis.. Geo. III. Cap. 142, Sect. 28, whether graceful to the character of an officerand the contract for such loan be made or gentleman. carried into execution, within or beyond 2d. “ For conduct unbecoming thechathe territories under the Government of racter of an officer and gentleman, in the East-India Company, that in either having on or about the 11th of November case the contract of the house would be 1822, beaten and ill-treated and suffered void, and that the European-born partners to be ill-treated, a native butcher who had would be liable to be prosecuted for a mis- applied for payment of his bill, previous demeanour.

to his (Lieutenant Heriot's) leaving the Par. 4. “ We desire that you will station, and which demand was subseAsiatic Journ. -No 109


quently adjudged by the said Monthly CIVIL APPOINTMENTS. Court to be just and reasonable.

Judicial Department. 3d. “ For having at the same time and

Oct. 9. Mr. S. G. Palmer, Assistant to place, on the occasion of the said native Magistrate avd to Collector of Sarun. butcher expressing his intention of com

Nov. 6. Mr. S. Paxton, Register of plaining to the general officer commanding Zillah Court at Furrackabad. the division, of the ill-usage he had re Dec. 4. Mr. T. R. Davidson, Second ceived, made use of the following ex Register of 24 Pergannahs. pressions :- You have no business to

Mr. James Armstrong, Second ditto of mention the General's name here, he has Zillalı Court at Rajeshahy. no business with my private affairs,' or Mr. Augustus Prinsep, Register of ditto words to that effect; such conduct being ditto Agrah. highly disrespectful and contemptuous to 11. Mr.W. Dampier, Assistant to Magisthe authority of his superior officer, and

trate and to Collector of Dacca. subversive of military discipline.”

Mr. John Lewis, Register of Zillah Upon which charges, the Court came to Court at Tipperab. the following decision :

Mr. J. Thomason, an Assistant in office Finding.-" The Court having maturely of Register of Sudder Dewanny Adawlut weighed the evidence for the prosecution, and Nizamut Adawlut. and the matter which the prisoner has alleged in his defence, is of opinion that Dec. 4. Robert Mc Clintock, Exq.. he is guilty of the 1st Charge, and that he Sheriff of Town of Calcutta and its deis also guilty of the 2d Charge, with the pendencies. exception of the words, conduct unbecoming the character of an officer and


PROMOTIONS, &c. " With respect to the 3d Charge, the

Fort William, Nov. 14, 1823. - 16th Court is of opinion that the prisoner is guilty of having used the words imputed Rest. N:1. Ens. F. Hewitt to be Lieut.

from 27th Oct. 1823, vice Macdonald, to him, but acquits him of intentional

deceased. disrespect."

Med. Depart. Assist. Surg. J. Fallow. Sentence.- The Court having found the field to be full Surg. from 27th Sept. prisoner guilty of the 1st Charge, and also

1823, to complete establishment. of so much of the 2d and 3d Charges as is Lieut. J. Paton, 29th N.I., to be a specified in the finding, sentences him, Dep. Assist. Quart. Mast. Gen. of sd class, Lieutenant Charles William Heriot, of

to complete department of Quart.Nast. the 4th Regiment Light Cavalry, to be General of Army. dismissed from the service."

Messrs J. S. Sullivan and A.W. Steart Not Confirmed.

admitted Assist. Surgeons. (Signed) En'. Pager,

Brev. Capt. D. Mason, 25th N.I., and General, Cominander-in-Chief in India. Brev Capt. A. White, 30th N.I., returned

Although the Commander-in-Chief con to do duty without prejudice to rank. curs in the view of this case taken by the Assist. Surg. J. S. Sullivan to perform Court, still he is of opinion that there was Niedical duties of Civil Station of Beerbso decided an irregularity on its part, in hoom, vice Assist. Surg. Carte returned to admitting as evidence, the proceedings of a Military branch of Service. Court of Award, which Court of Award Lieut. Col. J. Paton, Commis. Gen., perhad acted illegally in administering an oath mitted to retire from duties of office, and (though at his own request) to Licutenant appointed to a seat at Military Board. Heriot, by which anomalous proceeding, Lieut.Col, Paton to be an Honorary the prisoner is placed in the position of ap- Aide-de-Camp to Governor General. pearing as an evidence on oath (and that Maj. Cunliffe, Dep. Com. Gen., to be oath illegally administered) against him Commis. General, and Capt. Lumsdaine, self, that His Excellency has determined Assist. Com. Gen., to be Dep.Com. Gen. not to confirm the sentence of the General in succession to Lieut. Col. Paton, retired. Court Martial.

Assist. Com. Gen. Capt. Peach will reLieutenant Heriot is accordingly to be lieve Capt. Lumsdaine from duties of released from his arrest; but having more Supervisor to establishment at Hissar. than sufficiently proved himself unfit to Ordnance Depart. Dep. Com. Lieut. perform the duties of his station, and it L. Burroughs to be Commissary, and having been represented to Sir Edw. L'aget Lieut. E. B. Gowan, of Artillery, to be by the Court that the state of his health a Dep. Commissary of Ordnance, in sucis deplorable, he having been deprived cession to Capt. J. Mc Dowell proceeded of the use of both hands and feet by a pa to Europe. ralytic affection, the Commander-in-Chief Commis. Capt. W. G. Walcott removed has decided to submit to Government, his from Nagpore to Saugor Magazine. recommendation that he may be removed Commis. Lieut. Burroughs posted to to the Invalid Pension List. (Vide p. 660.] Nagpore Magazine.

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Dep. Commis. Lieut. E. P. Gowan Lieut. (Brev. Capt.) E. B. Pryce reposted to Magazine at Mhow.

moved from 1st to 2d bat. 26th N. I., and

Lieut. H. Brown, from latter to former Head-Quarters, Oct. 29, 1823.-Officers

bat. posled.--Lieut. Col. Com. U. Yule, C.B.,

Ensigns R. M. Hunter, H. Alpe, W. to 2d regt. N. I.; Lieut. Col. T. D.

W. Blyth, H. 0. Frederick, and H.
Broughton to 2d bat. 10th ditto ; Lieut.

Hunter, directed to join detachment of
Col. G. Richards to list bat. 32d ditto; Europ. Regt. at Dinapore.
Lieut. Col. H. Hodgson to 2d bat, 12th

Cornet T. D. Colyear appointed to do ditto; Lieut. Col. G. Sargent to 1st bat.

duty with 6th L.C. at Keitah. 7th ditto; Maj. C. Ryan and Capt. J.

Ens. E. J. Dickey to do duty with 2d Campbell to 2d, and Lieut. W. Innes to

bat. 10th N.I. at Barrackpore. Ist bat. 12th ditto.

Ens. W. F. Grant to do duty with 1st Lieut. (Brev, Capt.) J. Read removed

bat. 15th N.I. at Cawnpore. from 1st to 2d bat. 12th regt.

Assist. Surgs. Stewart and Clark, doing Lieut. Mackintosh, 2d bat. 22d N.I., duty in Artillery Hospital at Dum Dum, directed to join and do duty with 1st

directed to proceed to Cawnpore, and bat. N.I. at Benares, until arrival of his place themselves under orders of Super. own corps.

intend. Surgeon. Lieut. T. Smith, 34th N. I., Act. Adj.

Assist. Surg. McIsaac, under to Left Wing of 2 bat. 15th regt, to take Superintend. Surg. at Presidency, apcharge of Artillery details at Rohilcund pointed to do duty in Artillery Hospital from Brev. Capt. Dennis, till arrival of

at Dum Dum. an Artillery Officer.

Lieut. E. Malone to act as Adj., to left Lieut. J. Oldham to officiate as Interp. wing of 6th L. C. during its separation and Quart. Mast. to 2d bat. 31st regt.

from Head-Quarters of regt. Oct. 50.-Officers recently admitted,

Lieut. W. H. Whinfield, Adj., and appointed to do duty: Ens. T. Shuldbam

Lieut. W. Payne, Interp. and Quart. with 1st bat. 24th regt. at Muttra ; and

Mast. to 2d bat. 15th N. I., permitted to Ens. H. Kirke with 1st bat. 12th regt. at

exchange appointments. Meerut.

Nov. 17.- Ens. J. S. Browne (lately Oct. 31.- Assist. Surg. Davidson, doing admitted), appointed to do duty with 20 duty with 1st bat. Ist regt., appointed to

bat. 23d regt, at Berhampore. charge of Medical Dépôt at Cawnpore

Lieut. E. Marshall, 1st bat. 31st regt., during absence of Surg. Venour.

directed to do duty at Barrackpore until Lieut. K. F. Mackenzie removed from

arrival of his own bat. 1st to 2d bat. 32d regt., and Lieut. E.

Lieut. Heaver to act as Adj. to left wing Carte from latter to former bat.

of 2d bat, 10th regt. during its separation Assist. Surg. H. Fraser, attached to

from Head-Quarters of bat. Garrison of Asseergurh, appointed to do

Lieut, H. Raban to act as Adj. to left dutv with Ist bat. 11th regt. at Mhow.

wing of 2d bat. 24th regt., vice Young, Lieut. Vanrenen to act as Adj. to 2d

removed to 34th regt. Nusseree bat, till arrival of Lieut. and

Nov. 19.- Lieut Wood, Ist bat. 11th Adj. Lawrence.

regt., to officiate as Major of Brigade to

Malwa Field Force.
Lieut. Sampson to act as Interp. and
Quart. Mast. to lst bat. 2d regt, until

Lieut. Pollock to act as Adj. and Inarrival of Lieut. Vanzetti.

terp. and Quart. Mast. to 2d bat. 32d regt. Eus. M. Smith, 1st bat. 4th regt., per

until relieved by officers permanently apmitted to do duty with 1st bat. 230 N. I.

pointed to those situations.

Brev. Capt. and Adj. Sibbald to act as

Interp. and Quart. Mast. to 1st bat. 21st Fort William, Nov. 27.-20th Regt. N.I. regt. until arrival of Lieut. McKenley, Lieut. and Brev. Capt. M. A. Bunbury

Lieut. and Adj. Marley to act as In. to be Capt. of a company, and Ens. R.

terp. and Quart. Mast. to 1st bat. 14th Chitty to be Lieut., from 20th Nov. 1823,

regt. during absence of Lieut. Ouseley. in succession to Methven deceased.

Nov. 21. — Lieut. Troup to act as Adj. Capt. E. J. Honywood, 7th regt. L.C.,

to lst bat. 11th regt. to be a Brigade Major from 1st inst., to

Nov. 22.-Assist. Surg. Greig to prosupply a vacaney on establishments

ceed in medical charge of young officers Assist. Surg. John Colvin to perform proceeding to Dinapore, and thence to reMedical Duties of Civil Station of Azim

pair to Cawnpore, and place himself under ghur.

orders of Superintend. Surg. at that Sta

tion. Head-Quarters, Nov. 15.- Ensigns J. Lieut. Burney to act as Adj. to right Tindal and W. Dickson, of Engineers, wing of 2d bat. 19th N.I. during its sepaappointed to do duty with corps of Sappers ration from Head- Quarters of corps, vice and Miners, and directed to join at Cawn- Aldous, on sick leave. pore.

Lieut. and Quart. Mast. Bignell to act


as Adj. to 1st bat. 32d regt., vice Candy Lieut. Stuart to act as Adj. to detached on sick leave.

wing of Ist bat. 7th regt. N.I. Assist. Surg. J. W. Grant, appointed Lieut. Nash to act as Adj. to 2d bat. to relieve Assist. Surg. MeIsaac from 31st regt. duties in Artillery Hospital at Dum Dum, Lieut. Phillips, 1st bat. 28th regt. N.I., and latter officer directed to proceed to to do duty with 2d bat. Toth regt, at Goalpara, and assume medical charge of Barrackpore. detachment at that out-post.

1st Lieut. Horsfield, Artillery regt, Lieut. Griffin to act as Adj. to a detach- posted to 6th comp. Ist bat, of corps. ment of five companies of Ist bat. 8th Capt. S. Watson, 1st bat. 28th N.I., to regt.

do duty with 1st bat. 34th regt. at BeLieut. Ramsay removed to 1st. bat., and Lieut. Neufville to 2d bat. 21st N.I. Lieut. E. A. Campbell, sd L. C., ap.

Lieut. W. G. Cooper removed from 1st pointed Act. Brig. Major to troops in to 2d bat., ard Lieut. C. Chester from 2d Rohilkund, during absence of Brig. Major to 1st bat. 4th regt. N.I.

Casement. Maj. Smith, ist bat 25th N.I., in com Capt. Brown removed from 2d to Ist mand of Ist bat. 32d regt., directed to de bat. 30th regt., and Capt. Land from liver over command of bat. to Senior Offi latter to former bat. cer present, and to proceed to Nussee Ens. E. Meade to do duty with 2d bat. rabad and take command of his own corps. 10th regt. N. I. at Barrackpore. This

arrangement cancels the G. O. attaching Fort William, Dec. 4.-Lieut. W. J. Ens. Meade to Ist. bat. 12th regt. Thompson, 12th regt. N.I., to be a Super Ens. Buncombe removed from 2d to num. Sub-Assist. in Army Commissariat 1st bat. 10th N.I. Department.

Nov. 26.–Lieut. R. B. Fergusson reAssist. Surg. A Menzies, M.D., at moved from 2d to 1st bat. 32d regt. tached to Civil Station of Ramghur and Lieut. Thoresby, 34th regt., removed now doing duty at Gyah, permitted to re from 2d to 1st bat. turn to military branch of service.

Ens. W. F. Grant appointed to do Lieut. C. W. Heriot, 4th L.C., trans duty with 1st bat. 32d N.I. at Cawnpore, ferred to Pension Establishment, subject instead of Ist bat. 15th regt. to confirmation of Hon, the Court of Lieut. Pennington, European Invalid, Directors.

permitted to reside at Monghyr. Dec. 11.-Ath Regt. L. C. Cornet W. Nov. 27.-16th N.I. Lieut. S. Boileau Benson, to be Lieut. from 4th Dec. 1823, to be Interp. and Quart. Mast. of Ist bat., vice Heriot transferred to Pension Es vice Macdonald, deceased. tablishment.

26th N.1. Lieut. F. Auberjonois to be Assist. Surg. J. Henderson to perform Interp. and Quart. Mast. of 2d bat., vice Medical Duties of Civil Station of Ally Stewart, removed to 31st regt. Ghur, vice Fallowfield promoted.

Sir moor Bat. Lieut. T. Webster, 30th Capt. C. C. Chesney, regt. of Artillery, N.I., to be adj., vice Todd, deceased. to be Superintend. Officer of gentlemen Ens. C. H. Boisragon removed from Cadets in Fort William, vice Capt. Hig- 25th to 10th N.I., as junior, and posted gins, proceeding to Europe on furlough. to 2d bat.

Capt. J. Peckett, corps of Engineers, Ens. A. M. Skinner to do duty with to superintend completion of Mypurrah 2d bat. 10th regt., at Barrackpore. Light-house.

Ens. C. G. Ross, 2d bat. 3d regt., to

do duty with 2d bat. 11th regt. Head-Quarters, Nov. 24. - Ist Lieut. Nov. 28. - Assist. Surg. Child, now Randle Jackson, of Artillery, directed to attached to Artillery at Agra, appointed join Head-quarters of regt. at Dum to medical charge of 2d bat. 16th regt. Dum.

during absence of Assist. Surg. Inglis. Lieut. Col. L. Wiggins posted to 2d Nov. 29.-Lieut. Bowe to officiate as bat. 31st regt., in room of Lieut. Col. Adj. to detached wing of 1st bat. 10th regt: Taylor removed to lst bat. 13th regt. Lieut. Oldfield to act as Adj. to five

Ens. Kennedy, 2d bat. 19th regt., to comps. of Chumparun Light Inf. dedo duty with wing of 2d bat. 20th regt. tached to Rungpore. at Barrackpore, till arrival of his own Lieut. Richardson to act as Adj. to five corps at Midnapore.

comps. of 2d bat. 23d regt. during their Lieut. and Brev. Capt. Williams to act separation from Head-Quarters of bat. as Adj. to left wing of 2d bat. 29th regt. Brev. Capt. and Adj. Gairdner to act as during its separation from right wing. Interp. and Quart. Mast. to 2d bat. 10th

Lieut. Auberjonois to act as Interp. regt. and Quart. Mast. to 2d bat. 26th regt. Lieut. Halford, 2d bat. 21st regt., to

Nov. 25.--Lieut, Wilkinson to act as have charge of 1st and 5th comps. of SapInterp. and Quart. Mast. to 1st bat. 14th pers until an officer belonging to corps N

may join.

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