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To Churches, Ministers, and others.

The Publishers wish to excite attention to the many ad-
vantages, wbich this Hymn Book possesses over any other
that has been published in this country

Il contains the whole of the common editions of Watts ;
and all Psalms and Hymns relating to the same subject are
placed together, so as to be seen at one view, thus rendering
it more easy to select appropriate hymns, and also a copious
variety on any subject. The indexes are much enlarged,
in which the common editions have been very deficient But
when it is considered, that the Supplement contains more
than 300 Hymns, on subjects now become common, but for
which no Psalm or Hymn can be found in the common edi.
tions that this selection comprises about 80 Hymns of Dr.
Watıs's own composition, most of which were never publish-
ed in this country-that the Particular Metres in the Selec.
tion enable the choir to sing many tunes of superior merit, for
which there are no metres in Watts-and that it may be
used in connexion with the common editions-the Publishers
flatter themselves that it cannot fail to become the standard
work in the churches.

The work has been highly recommended by many eminent
ministers ; and as the expense of laying aside the old edi.
tions at once, is obviated, numerous societies have readily
introduced it, who'express a strong desire that it may become
general. It may be easily introduced into any society by first
furnishing the pulpit and the singers : The congregation may
then be occasionally entertained with an appropriate hymn
from the Supplement, and individuals procure the book when
they feel disposed.

Distriet of Massachusetts, to wit :

BE IT REMEMBERED, that on the tenth day of August, A. D. 1820, in the
the forty-sixth year of the Independence of the United States of America, James
Loring, Ensign Lincoln, and Thomas Edmands, the said district, have deposited in
this office the title of a Book, the right, whereof they claim as Proprietors, in the
words following, to wit :

“ An Arrangement of the Psalms, Hymns, and Spirtual Songs of the Rev. Isaac
Watts D. D. To which is added a Supplement ; being a Selection of more than three
hundred Hymns from the most approved Authors, on ny great variety of Subjects.
Among which are all the Hymns of Dr. Watts, adapted to public and private worship,
not published in the common editions. With Indexes, very much enlarged and im-
proved, to facilitate the use of the whole in finding Psalms and Hymns, suited to par.
ticular subjects, or occasions. By JAMES M. WINCHELL, A M. Pastor of the First
Baptist Church in Boston"

In conformity to the Act of the Congress of the United States, entitied “ An Act
for the Encouragement of Learning, by securing the Copies of Maps, Charts and Books,
to the Authors and Proprietors of such Copies, during the times therein mentioned :"
also to an Act entitled, “An Act supplementary lo an Act, entilled, An Act for the
Encouragement of Learning, by securing the Copies of Maps, Charts and Boks to the
Authors and Proprietors of such Copies, during the times therein mentioned ; and ex-
tending the Benefits thereof to the Arts of Designing, Engraving and Etching Historic.
al, and other Printa,"

JNO. W. DAVIS, Clerk of the District of Massachusetts


FSHAR 24, 1933


Particular Directions to Ministers and others who take the lend

in public or family Worship.
1. In giving out a Psalm or Hymn where the Arrangement
is used exclusively, it will be necessary to mention the num.
ber of the Arrangement only.

2. Where the common editions of Watts are principally.
used, the number of the Arrangement may be omiited.

3 Where the Arrangement and the common editions are
used promiscuously, it will be necessary to mention the num.
bers of both in the following order.
139 Psalm 1st Part. L. M. being the 40th of the Arrangement.,
35th Hymn. 2d Book. C. M. 218 of the Arrangement.

By a careful observance of the above directions, all confu.
sion or inconvenience in the use of this Arrangement will
be avoided.


THE Psalms and Hymns of the Rev. Dr Watts are so generally esteemed and so extensively circulated, that any apology is deemed unnecessary for this attempt to facilitate the use of them Owing to their promiscuous position in the common editions, and also to the extreme deficiency of the Indexes, the use of them has long been attended with many inconveniences, especially to those leading in public worship. These inconveniences have suggested to many persons, the propriety of an arrangement of the whole, into distinct sec. tions or chapters, according to the different subjects of which they treat, interspersing the Psalnıs and Hymns in one book. Such an arrangement was successfully attempted, some years since, by the. Řev. Dr Rippon, of London ; which met with so great encouragement, as to require four editions in the short space of four years From his labours, it is just to acknowledge, much assistance has been derived in preparing this American edition.

Dr. Watts, bimself, seems to have justified the principle of an arrangement, by following it in several instances. He has judiciously placed together in one book, the Hymns on the Lord's Supper; the advantage of which, is repeatedly experienced at the administration of that ordinance. He has also placed together the Hymns, on Solomon's Songs; the songs to tbe Blessed Trinity ; and the Hosannas to Christ. But if there be any advantage in having these Hymnş arranged under their respective beads, still greater advantage, it is thought, must be derived from having the whole thus arranged.

It is even conjectured, by many, that Dr. Watts would have followed this plan throughout, had it early enough occurred to him, and had he published the several parts of his book at the same time. “For," as Dr. Rippon has justly observed, “to have been consistent with himself, he should have distributed the whole work into sections, or none of it; but

setting the example in several chapters, it is presum. ed he has sanctioned the analysis of every part of the work."

With regard to the interspersion of the Psalms among the Hymns, it is only necessary to observe, that this has been done already, to a considerable extent, by Dr. Watts himself. It will be perceived by any one, who will consult the titles of the first and second books of Hymns, that there are, among them, more pieces composed from the Book of Psalms, than there are, either from ihe Gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke or John, or from the important epistle to the Hebrews The intersperion, therefore, of the whole, cannot be considered a just cause of complaint ; especially, when the use of the whole is thereby made easy: for, by a glance of the eye, all the Psalms or Hymns on a particular subject may be immediately perceived.

It may not be improper to observe here, that great care has been taken to preserve the Psalms and Hymns of Dr Watts entire ; at the same time, by a careful comparison of the best editions, both European and American, not a few of the typographical errors, and other alterations, which have been ac. cumulating for years, have been correcied.

It ought also to be distinctly noticed, that the number of each Psalm and Hymn in the common editions, is preserved in a conspicuous place, in this; so that, by referring to the directions, and the Tables of Numbers which follow this Preface, no inconvenience will be occasioned by the promiscuous use of this with the old editions of Watts.

The tunes named uver each Psalm and Hymn, are such as bare received the approbation of some of the best judges of music. For the selection of them, the subscriber acknowl. edges himself chiefly indebted to Mr. Jonathan Huntington, a teacher of music, who cheerfully undertook the task, at the request of the Standing Committee of the Handel and Haydn Society in this town.

The advantages which Ministers and private Christians may derive from this Arrangement ; and especially from the en. larged Indexes both of subjects and scriptures, which are at. tached to it, will, it is thought, best recommend it It is not presumed to be perfect, though it is hoped no errors of mag. nitude have crept into it. Such as it is, it is humbly coma mended to the candour of an enlightened Christian publick ; and especially to the blessing of Him, who is “ fearful in praises,” with a fervent desire that it may be instrumental in promotir.g the interests of piety, and the cause of sacred de. votion.

JAMES M. WINCHELL. Boston, November, 1813.


Note. 1. The Hymns and Psalms may be found, as usual, by the

Index of the first lines.


2. This Table gives the numerical order of the

Editions, and the corresponding numbers in the Arrangement.

Thus, 1st Psalm, C. M. is 380, that is,

380 of the Arrangement ;
2d Psalm, S. M. is 146 of the Arrangement.


C. M. 380
S. M. 378

L. M. 377 2 S. M.

146 C. M. 147

L. M. 127 9

C. M. 281
L. M.

L, M. 362
C. M. 555
C. M. 413
C. M. 600

L. M. 599 7 C.M. 342 . S. M. 54

C. M. 134 Ipt L, M.

564 2 L. M.

190 91 C. M. 647

2 C. M. 10 C. M. 573 1! L.M. 384 12 L. M.

575 C. M. 574 13 L. M. 357

C. M. 355 14 1 C.M. 182 2 C.M. 465

C.M. 450 L, M. 451

16 Ipt L. M.

239 2 L. M. 122 3 L. M. 641 1 C. M. 314

2 C. M. 123 17 S. M. 385

L. M. 386 18 1 L. M. 366

2 L. M. 320

3 L.M. 284 181 C.M. 584

2 C. M. 585 19 1 S. M. 414 2 S. M.

415 L.M. 95

P. M. 96 20 L. M. 577 21 C. M. 592

L. M. 137 22 1 C. M. 120 2 C.M. 138 L. M.

139 23 L.M. 165

C. M. 166

S. M. 167 24 C. M. 452

L.M. 128 25 1 S. M. 328

2 S. M. 289 3 S. M. 353

26 L. M. 391 27 iptC.M.

407 2 C. M. 408 29 L. M. 562 30 1 L. M. 604

L.M. 603 31 1 C.M. 605 32 2 C.M. 347

S, M. 205

C. M. 206 1 L. M. 208

2 L.M. 207 33 1 C. M.

C. M. 2 1 P. M. 61

2 P. M. 1 34 1 L. M. 484

2 L. M. 565 1 C. M. 485

2 C.M. 566 35 1 C.M. 467

2 C.M. 303 36 L. M. 75

C.M. 3
S. M.

36 37 1 C. M.

382 2 C. M. 291

3 C. M. 381 38 C. M. 360 39 1 C. M. 306


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