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Apocrypba. 20 As the climbing of a sandy way is to the Lord ; and there is nothing so much the feet of the aged, so is a wife full of words worth as a mind well instructed. to a quiet man.

15 A shamefaced and a faithful woman 21 Stumble not at the beauty of a woman, is a double grace, and her continent mind and desire her not for pleasure.

cannot be valued. 22 A woman, if she maintain her hus- 16 As the sun when it ariseth in the high band, is full of anger, impudence, and much heavens ; so is the beauty of a good wife is reproach.

the ordering of her house. 23 A wicked woman abateth the courage 17 As the clear light is upon the holy canmaketh an heavy countenance and a wound- dlestick ; so is the beauty of the face in ripe ed heart : a woman that will not comtort

age. her husband in distress maketh weak hands 18 As the golden pillars are upon the and feeble knees.

sockets of silver ; so are the fair feet with a 24 Of the woman came the beginning of constant heart. sin, and through her we all die.

19 My son, keep the flower of thine

age 25 Give the water no passage ; neither a sound; and give not thy strength to strangers. wicked woman liberty to gad abroad.

20 When thou hast gotten a fruitful posses26 If she go not as thou wouldest have sion through all the field,sow it with thine own her, cut her off from thy flesh, and give her seed, trusting in the goodness of thy stock. a bill of divorce, and let her go.

21 So tby race which thou leavest shall be CHAP. XXVI.

magnified, having the confidence of their good Of good and bad women.

descent. LESSED is the man that hath a virtuous 22 An harlot shall be accounted as spitale,

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in peace.



death to her husband. 2 A virtuous woman rejoiceth her hus- 29 A wicked woman is given as a portion band, and he shall fulfil the years of his life to a wicked man : but a godly woman is

given to him that feareth the Lord. 3 A good wife is a good portion, which 24 A dishonest woman contemneth shame: shall be given in the portion of them that but an honest woman will reverence her hus. fear the Lord.

band. 4 Whether a man be rich or poor, if he 25 A shameless woman shall be accounted have a good heart toward the Lord, he shall at as a dog; but she that is shamefaced will all times rejoice with a cheerful countenance. fear the Lord.

5 There be three things that mine heart 26 A woman that honoureth her husband feareth ; and for the fourth I was sore afraid : shall be judged wise of all ; but she that disthe slander of a city, the gathering together honoureth him in her pride shall be counted of an unruly multitude, and a false accusa- ungodly of all. tion : all these are worse than death.

loud crying woman and a scold shall 6 But a grief of heart and sorrow is a be sought out to drive away the enemies. woman that is jealous over another woman, 28 There be two things that grieve my and a scourge of the tongue which commu- heart; and the third maketh me angry: a nicateth with all.

man of war that suffereth poverty; and men 7 An evil wife is a yoke shaken to and of understanding that are not set by; and fro : he that hath hold of her is as though one that returneth from righteousness to sin ; he held a scorpion.

the Lord prepareth such an one for the sword. 8 A drunken woman and a gadder abroad 29 A merchant shall hardly keep himself causeth great anger, and she will not cover from doing wrong: and an huckster shall her own shame.

not be freed from sin. 9 The whoredom of a woman may be

CHAP. XXVII. known in her haughty looks and eyelids. 1 Of sins in selling and buying. 25 He that 10 If thy daughter be shameless, keep her diggetb a pit shall fall into it.

ANY overmuch liberty.

and he that seeketh for abundance 11 Watch over an impudent eye : and will turn his eyes away. marvel not if she trespass against thee.

2 As a nail sticketh fast between the join12 She will open her mouth as a thirsty | ings of the stones ; so doth sin stick close traveller when he hath found a fountain, and between buying and selling. drink of every water near her : by every 3 Unless a man hold himself diligently in hedge she will sit down, and open her quiver the fear of the Lord, his house shall soon be against every arrow.

overthrown. 13 The grace of a wife delighteth her hus 4 As when one sifteth with a sieve, the band, and her discretion will fatten his bones. | refuse remaineth ; so the filth of man in his

14 A silent and loving woman is a gift of talk.

investmaicilibertyahe abuse herself through MANY ha ebained for From albumazerce




Apocrypba. 5 The furnace prøveth the potter's ves- 28 Mockery and reproach are from the sels; so the trial of man is in his reasoning, proud; but vengeance, as a lion, shall lie in

6 The fruit declareth if the tree have been wait for them. dressed; so is the utterance of a conceit in 29 They that rejoice at the fall of the the heart of man.

righteous shall be taken in the snare; and an7 Praise no man before thou hearest him guish shall consume them before they die. speak; for this is the trial of men.

30 Malice and wrath, even these are abom8 If thou followest righteousness, thou shalt | inations; and the sinful man shall have them obtain her, and put her on, as a glorious long both. robe.

CHAP. XXVIII. 9 The birds will resort unto their like; so 1 Against revenge, 8 quarrelling, 10 anger, 15 will truth return unto them that practise in

and backbiting her.

E that revengeth shall find vengeance 10 As the lion lieth in wait for the prey ; so sin for them that work iniquity.

his sins (in remembrance.] 11 The discourse of a godly man is always 2 Forgive thy neighbour the hurt that he with wisdom ; but a fool changeth as the hath done unto thee, 50 shall thy sins also

be forgiven when thou prayest. 12 If thou be among the indiscreet, ob- 3 One man beareth hatred against an. serve the time; but be continually among other, and doth he seek pardon from the men of understanding.

Lord ? 13 The discourse of fools is irksome, and 4 He sheveth no mercy to a man, which their sport is in the wantonness of sin. is like himself: and doth he ask forgiveness

14 The talk of him that sweareth much of his own sins ? maketh the hair stand upright; and their 5 If he that is but flesh nourish hatred, who brawls make one stop his ears.

will entreat for pardon of his sins ? 15 The strife of the proud is bloodshed- 6 Remember thy end, and let enmity cease; ding, and their revilings are grievous to the [remember) corruption and death, and abide

in the commandments. 16 Whoso discovereth secrets loseth his 7 Remember the commandments, and bear credit ; and shall never find a friend to his no malice to thy neighbour : (remember] the mind.

covenant of the Highest, and wink at ig17 Love thy friend, and be faithful unto him: but if thou bewrayest his secrets, fol- 8 ( Abstain from strife, and thou shalt dilow no more after him.

minish thy sins : for a furious man will kin18 For as a man hath destroyed his enemy; | dle strife. so hast thou lost the love of thy neighbour. 9 A sinful man disquieteth friends, and

19 As one that leiteth a bird go out of his maketh debate among them that be at peace. hand, so hast thou let thy neighbour go, and 10 , As the matter of the fire is, so it burnshalt not get him again.

eth : and as a man's strength is, so is his 20 Follow after him no more, for he is too

and according to his riches his anger far off; he is as a roe escaped out of the snare. riseth ; and the stronger they are which con

21 As for a wound, it may be bound up ; tend, the more they will be inflamed. and after reviling there may be reconcile- 11 An hasty contention kindlech a fire : ment: but he that bewrayeth secrets is with and an hasty tighting sheddeth blood. out hope.

12 If thou blow the spark, it shall burn : 22 He that winketh with the eyes work if thou spit upon it, it shall be quenched : and eth evil : and he that knoweth him will de- both these come out of thy mouth. part from him.

13 Curse the whisperer and double tongu23 When thou art present, he will speaked : for such have destroyed many that were sweetly, and will admire thy words : but at

at peace. the last he will writhe his mouth, and slander 14 A backbiting tongue hath disquieted thy sayings.

many, and driven them from nation to na24 I have hated many things, but nothing tion : strong cities hath it pulled down, and like him ; for the Lord will hate him. overthrown the houses of great men.

25 [ Whoso casteth a stone on high cast- 15 | A backbiting tongue hath cast out eth it on his own head ; and a deceitful stroke virtuous women, and deprived them of their shall make wounds.

labours. 26 Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein : 16 Whoso hearkeneth unto it shall never and he that setteth a trap shall be taken find rest, and never dwell quietly. therein.

17 The stroke of the whip maketh marks. 27 He that worketh mischief, it shall fall in the flesh : but the stroke of the tongue upon him, and he shall not know whence it breaketh the bones. someth,

18 Many have fallen by the edge of the


wrath ;

Hnedighetourmend the village strengtheneth Shame.


Apocrypba. sword: but not so many as have fallen by 12 Shut up alms in thy store houses : and the tongue.

it shall deliver thee from all affliction. 19 Well is he that is defended from it, and 13 It shall fight for thee against thine enhath not passed through the venom thereof; emies better than a mighty shield and strong who hath not drawn the yoke thereof, nor spear. hath been bound in her bands.

14 An honest man is surety for his neigh20 For the yoke thereof is a yoke of iron, bour : but he that is impudent will forsake and the bands thereof are bands of brass. him.

21 The death thereof is an evil death, the 15 Forget not the friendship of thy surety, grave were better than it.

for he hath given his life for thee. 22 It shall not have rule over them that 16 A sinner will overthrow the good es. fear God, neither shall they be burned with tate of his surety : the flame thereof.

17 And he that is of an unthankful mind 23 Such as forsake the Lord shall fall into will leave him [in danger) that delivered him. it; and it shall burn in them, and not be 18 Suretiship hath undone many of good quenched; it shall be sent upon them as a estate, and shaken them as a wave of the lion, and devour them as a leopard.

sea : mighty men hath it driven from their 24 Look that thou hedge thy possession houses, so that they wandered among strange about with thorns, and bind up thy silver and nations. gold :

19 A wicked man transgressing the com25 And weigh thy words in a balance, | mandments of the Lord shall fall into sureand make a door and bar for thy mouth. tiship : and he that undertaketh and follow

26 Beware thou slide not by it, lest thou eth other men's business for gain shall fall fall before him that lieth in wait.

into suits. CHAP. XXIX.

20 Help thy neighbour according to thy 1 We must shew mercy and lend : 4 but the power, and beware that thou thyself fall not

borrower must not defraud the Lender. 9 Of | into the same. giving alias.

21 The chief thing for life is water, and E that is merciful will lend unto his bread, and clothing, and an house to cover his hand keepeth the commandments.

22 Better is the life of a poor man in a 2 Lend to thy neighbour in time of his mean cottage, than delicate fare in another need, and pay thou thy neighbour again in man's house. due season.

23 Be it little or much, hold thee content. 3 Keep thy word, and deal faithfully with ed, that thou hear not the reproach of thy him, and thou shalt always find the thing house. that is necessary for thee.

24 For it is a miserable life to go from 4 Many, when a thing was lent them, house to house : for where thou art a stranreckoned it to be found, and put them to ger, thou darest not open thy mouth. trouble that helped them.

25 Thou shalt entertain, and feast, and 5 Till he hath received, he will kiss a man's have no thanks: moreover, thou shalt hear band ; and for his neighbour's money he i bitter words : will speak submissly : but when he should 26 Come, thou stranger, and furnish a tarepay, he will prolong the time, and return ble, and feed me of that thou hast ready. words of grief, and complain of the time. 27 Give place, thou stranger, to an hou

6 If he prevail, he shall hardly receive the ourable man ; my brother cometh to be lodghalf, and he will count as if he had found it: 1 ed, and I have need of mine house. if not, he hath deprived him of his money, 28 These things are grievous to a man of and he hath gotten him an enemy without understanding; the upbraiding of house room, cause : he payeth him with cursings and rail. || and reproaching of the lender. ings; and for honour he will pay him disgrace.

CHAP. XXX. 7 Many therefore have refused to lend for i 1 It is good to correct our children, 7 and not to other men's ill dealing, fearing tobe defrauded. be 100 fond of them. 14 Health is better than

8 Yet have thou patience with a man in wealıb. poor estate, and delay not to shew him mere: Heel the rod, that he may bave joy of

SE that loveth his son causeth him oft to 9 | Help the poor for the commandment's sake, and turn him not away because of his him in the end. poverty.

2 He that chastiseth his son shall have joy 10 Lose thy money for thy brother and || in him, and shall rejoice in him among his thy friend, and let it not rust under a stone acquaintance. to be lost.

9 He that teacheth his son grieveth the 11 Lay up thy treasure according to the enemy: and before his friends he shall recommandments of the Most Higli, and it shall | joice of him. bring thee more profit than gold,

4 Though his father die, yet he is as though

Apocrypba. .
Chap. XXXI.

Apocrypla. he were not dead : for he hath left one be- 2 Watching care will not let a man slumhind him that is like himself.

ber, as a sore disease breaketh sleep. 5 While he lived, he saw and rejoiced in 3 The rich hath great labour in gathering him : and when he died, he was not sorrowful. riches together; and when he resteth, he is

6 He left behind him an avenger against filled with his delicates. his enemies, and one that shall requite kind- 4 The poor laboureth in his poor estate; ness to his friends.

and when he leaveth off, he is still needy. 7 T He that maketh too much of his son 5 He that loveth gold shall not be justified, shall bind up his wounds; and his bowels will and he that followeth corruption shall have be troubled at every cry.

enough thereof. 8 An horse not broken becometh head- 6 Gold hath been the ruin of many, and strong: and a child left to himself will be wilful. their destruction was present.

9 Cocker thy child, and he shall make thee 7 It is a stumbling block unto them that afraid : play with him, and he will bring thee sacrifice unto it, and every fool shall be taken to heaviness.

therewith. 10 Laugh not with him, lest thou have 8 Blessed is the rich that is found without sorrow with him, and lest thou gnash thy blemish, and hath not gone after gold. teeth in the end.

9 Who is he? and we will call him bless11 Give him no liberty in his youth, and ed : for wonderful things hath he done wink not at his follies.

among his people. 12 Bow down his neck while he is young, 10 Who hath been tried thereby, and and beat him on the sides while he is a child, found perfect ? then let him glory. Who lest he wax stubborn, and be disobedient un- might offend, and hath not offended ? or to thee, and so bring sorrow to thine heart. done evil, and hath not done it?

13 Chastise thy son, and hold him to la- 11 His goods shall be established, and the bour, lest his lewd behaviour be an offence | congregation shall declare his alms. unto thee.

12 If thou sit at a bountiful table, be 14 4 Better is the poor, being sound and not greedy upon it, and say not, There is strong of constitution, than a rich man that much meat on it. is afflicted in his body.

13 Remember that a wicked eye is an 15 Health and good estate of body are evil thing: and what is created more wicked above all gold, and a strong body above infi- than an eye? therefore it weepeth upon evnite wealth.

ery occasion. 16 There is no riches above a sound body, 14 Stretch not thine hand whithersoever and no joy above the joy of the heart. it looketh, and thrust it not with him into

17 Death is better than a bitter life or con- the dish. tinual sickness.

15 Judge of thy neighbour by thyself : 18 Delicates poured upon a mouth shut || and be discreet in every point. up are as messes of meat set upon a grave. 16 Eat, as it becometh a man, those things

19 What good doeth the offering unto an which are set before thee; and devour not, idol ? for neither can it eat nor smell : so is lest thou be hated. he that is persecuted of the Lord.

17 Leave off first for manners sake; and 20 He seeth with his eyes and groaneth, be not unsatiable, lest thou offend. as an eunuch that embraceth a virgin and 18 When thou sittest among many, reachi sigheth.

not thine hand out first of all. 21 Give not over thy mind to heaviness, 19 A very little is sufficient for a man well and afflict not thyself in thine own counsel. nurtured, and he fetcheth not his wind short

22 The gladness of the heart is the life of upon his bed. man, and the joyfulness of a man prolongeth 20 Sound sleep cometh of moderate eathis days.

ing: he riseth early, and his wits are with 23 Love thine own soul, and comfort thy him : but the pain of watching, and choler, heart, remove sorrow far from thee: for sor- and pangs of the belly, are with an unsatiable row hath killed


and there is no profit therein.

21 And if thou hast been forced to eat, 24 Envy and wrath shorten the life, and arise, go forth, vomit, and thou shalt have rest. carefulness bringeth age before the time. 22 My son, hear me, and despise me not,

25 A cheerful and good heart will have a and at the last thou shalt find as I told thee : care of his meat and diet.

in all thy works be quick, so shall there no CHAP. XXXI.

sickness come unto thee. 1 Of the desire of ricbes, 12 of moderation and 29 Whoso is liberal of his meat, men shall

excess in eating, or drinking wine. speak well of him; and the report of his good CATCHING for riches consumeth the house keeping will be believed.

flesh, and the care thereof driveth 24 But against him that is a niggard of way sleep

his meat the whole city shall murmur; and




Apocrypha. .

Apocrypba. the testimonies of his niggardness shall not 14 ( Whoso feareth the Lord will receive be doubted of.

his discipline; and they that seek him early 25 Shew not thy valiantness in wine ; for shall find favour. wine hath destroyed many.

15 He that seeketh the law shall be filled 26 The furnace proveth the edge by dip- therewith : but the hypocrite will be offend. ping : so doth wine the hearts of the proud | ed thereat. by drunkenness.

16 They that fear the Lord shall find 27 Wine is as good as life to a man, if it || judgment, and shall kindle justice as a be drunk moderately : what is life then to light. a man that is without wine? for it was made 17 A sinful man will not be reproved, but to make men glad.

findeth an excuse according to his will. 28 Wine measurably drunk and in season 18 9 A man of counsel will be consider. bringeth gladness of the heart, and cheerful- ate; but a strange and proud man is not ness of the mind :

daunted with ear, even when of himself he 29 But wine drunken with excess maketh | hath done without counsel. bitterness of the mind, with brawling and 19 Do nothing without advice; and wher quarrelling:

thou hast once done, repent not. 30 Drunkenness increaseth the rage of a 20 Go not in a way wherein thou mayest fool till ie oifend: it diminisheth strength, fall, and stumble not among the stones. and maketh wounds.

21 Be not confident in a plain way. 31 Rebuke not thy neiglıbour at the wine, 22 And beware of thine own children. and despise him not in his mirth : give him 23 | In every good work trust thy own no despiteful words, and press not upon him | soul; for this is the keeping of the commandwith urging him to drink.] CHAP. XXXII.

24 He that believeth in the Lord taketh 1 Of his duty that is chief or master in a feast. || heed to the commandment; and he that 14 Of the fear of God. 18 Of counsel. 23

trustcth in him shall fare never the worse. Trust not to any but to thyself, and to God.

CHAP. XXXII. F thou be made the master (of a feast,) lift 1 Tbe safety of bim that fearetb the Lord. 7

Times and seasons are of God. of the rest, take diligent care for them, and "HERE shall no evil happen unto him so sit down.

2 And when thou hast done all thy office, || tion even again he will deliver him. take thy place, that thou mayest be merry 2 A wise man hateth not the law; but he with them, and receive a crown for thy well that is an hypocrite therein is as a ship in a ordering of the feast.

3 Speak, thou that art the elder, for it be- 3 A man of understanding trusteth in the cometh thee, but with sound judgment; and law; and the law is faithful unto him, as an hinder not musick.

oracle. 4 Pour not out words where there is a mu- 4 Prepare what to say, and so thou shalt sician, and shew not forth wisdom out of time. be heard: and bind up instruction, and then

5 A concert of musick in a banquet of || make answer. wine is as a signet of carbuncle set in gold. 5 The heart of the foolish is like a cart

6 As a signet of an emerald set in a work || wheel ; and his thoughts are like a rolling of gold, so is the melody of musick with

axletree. pleasant wine.

6 A stallion horse is as a mocking friend, 7 Speak, young man, if there be need of he neigheth under every one that sitteth upon thee : and yet scarcely when thou art twice | him. asked.

7 f Why doth one day excel another, 8 Let thy speech be short, comprehending when as all the light of every day in the year much in few words; be as one that knoweth is of the sun ? and yet holdeth his tongue.

8 By the knowledge of the Lord they 9 If thou be among great men, make not were distinguished : and he altered seasons thyself equal with them; and when ancient || and feasts. men are in place, use not many words.

9 Some of them hath he made high days, 10 Before the thunder goeth lightning; and and hallowed them, and some of them hath before a shamefaced man shall go favour. he made ordinary days.

11 Rise up betimes, and be not the last ; 10 And all men are from the ground, and but get thee home without delay.

Adam was created of earth. 12 There take thy pastime, and do what 11 In much knowledge the Lord hath dithou wilt: but sin not by proud speech. vided them, and made their ways diverse.

13 And for these things bless him that 12 Some of them hath he blessed and exmade thee, and hath replenished thee with alted, and some of them hath he sanctified, his good things.

and set near himself: but some of them hath



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