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up fools.

Cuar. XXXIV.

Apocrypha. . he cursed and brought low, and turned out of their places.

ing are vain and false : and dreams lift 13 As the clay is in the potter's hand, to Yashion it at his pleasure: so man is in the 2 Whoso regardeth dreams is like him hand of him that made him, to render to that catcheth at a shadow, and followeth afthem as liketh him best.

ter the wind. 14 Good is set against evil, and life against 3 The vision of dreams is the resemblance death: so is the godly against the sinner, and of one thing to another, even as the likeness the sinner against the godly.

of a face to a face. 15 So look upon all the works of the 4 Of an unclean thing what can be cleansMost High ; and there are two and iwo, one ed ? and from that thing which is false what against another.

truth can come? 16 I awaked up last of all, as one that 5 Divinations, and soothsayings, and gathereth after the grape gatherers: by the dreams, are vain : and the heart fancieth, as blessing of the Lord I profited, and filled


a woman's heart in travail. wine press like a gatherer of grapes.

6 Jf they be not sent from the Most High 17 Consider that I laboured not for my in thy visitation, set not thy heart upon them. self only, but for all then that seek learning. 7 For dreams have deceived many, and

18 Hear me, O ye great men of the peo- they have failed that put their trust in them. ple, and hearken with your ears, ye rulers of 8 The law shall be found perfect without the congregation.

lies : and wisdom is perfection to a faithful 19 Give not thy son and wife, thy brother mouth. and friend, power over thee while thou livest, 9 A man that hath travelled knoweth maand give not thy goods to another : lest it ny things; and he that hath much experience repent thee, and thou entreat for the same will declare wisdom. again.

10 He that hath no experience knoweth 20 As long as thou livest and hast breath little : but he that hath travelled is full of in thee, give not thyself over to any.

prudence. 21 For better it is that thy children should 11 When I travelled, I saw many things ; seek to thee, than that thou shouldest stand and I understood more than I can express. to their courtesy.

12 I was oft times in danger of death: yet 22 In all thy works kecp to thyself the I was delivered because of these things. preeminence; leave not a stain in thine hon- 13 I The spirit of those that fear the Lord

shall live; for their hope is in him that saveth 23 At the time when thou shalt end thy them. days, and finish thy life, distribute thine in- 14 Whoso feareth the Lord shall not fear heritance.

nor be afraid ; for he is his hope. 24 Fodder, a wand, and burdens, are for 15 Blessed is the soul of him that feareth the ass; and bread, correction, and work, for the Lord: to whom doth he look ? and who a servant.

is his strength ? 25 If thou set thy servant to labour, thou 16 For the eyes of the Lord are upon shalt find rest : but if thou let him go idle, them that love him, he is their mighty prohe shall seek liberty.

tection and strong stay, a defence from heat, 26 A yoke and á collar do bow the neck: and a cover from the sun at noon, a preserso are tortures and torments for an evil ser- vation from stumbling, and an help from vant.

falling 27 Send him to labour, that he be not idle; 17 He raiseth up the soul, and lighteneth for idleness teacheth much evil.


eyes : he giveth health, life, and blessing. 28 Set him to work, as is fit for him : if 18'q He that sacrificeth of a thing wrong. he be not obedient, put on more heavy fetters. fully gotten, his offering is ridiculous; and

29 But be not excessive toward any; and the gifts of unjust men are not accepted. without discretion do nothing.

19 The Most High is not pleased with 30 If thou have a servant, let him be un- the offerings of the wicked; neither is he pato thee as thyself, because thou hast bought cified for sin by the multitude of sacrifices. him with a price.

20 Whoso bringeth an offering of the 31 If thou have a servant, entreat him as goods of the poor doeth as one that killeth a brother : for thou hast need of him, as of the son before his father's eyes. thine own soul : if thou entreat him evil, and 21 The bread of the needy is their life : he run from thee, which way wilt thou go to he that defraudeth him thereof is a man of seek him ?

blood. CHAP. XXXIV.

22 He that taketh away his neighbour's 1 Of dreams. 13 Tbe praise and blessing of living slayeth him; and he that defraudeth

them tbat fear the Lord. 18 The offering of the labourer of his hire is a blood shedder. the wicked, God acceptetb not.

23 Wben one buildeth, and another pull


behold us :


Apocrypba. eth down, what profit have they then but || High shall behold to judge righteously, and labour ?

execute judgment. 24 When one prayeth, and another curs- 18 For the Lord will not be slack, neither eth, whose voice will the Lord hear? will the Mighty be patient toward them, till

25 He that washeth himself after the touch- he have smitten in sunder the loins of the ing of a dead body, if he touch it again, unmerciful, and repayed vengeance to the what availeth his washing ?

heathen ; till he have taken away the multi26 So it is with a man that fasteth for his tude of the proud, and broken the sceptre of sins, and goeth again, and doeth the same : the unrighteous; who will hear his prayer ? or what doth his 19 Till he have rendered to every man achumbling profit him?

cording to his deeds, and to the works of men CHAP. XXXV.

according to their devices; till he have judg. 1 Sacrifices pleasing to God. 14 The prayer of cd the cause of his people, and made them to

the futberless, of the widow, and of the bumble rejoice in his mercy. in spirit.

20 Mercy is seasonable in the time of af. H Η E that keepeth the law bringeth offerings niction, as clouds of rain in the time of

enough : he that taketh heed to the drought. commandment offereth a peace offering.

CHAP. XXXVI. 2 He that requiteth a good turn offereth 1 A prayer for the churcb against the errziu fine flour ; and he that giveth alms sacrificeth tbercof : 18 A good beart and a froteerd. praise.


AVE mercy upon us, O Lord God of all, 3 To depart from wickedness is a thing and pleasing to the Lord ; and to forsake un- 2 And send thy fear upon all the nations righteousness is a propitiation.

chat seek not after thee. 4 Thou shalt not appear empty before the 3 Lift up thy hand against the strange naLord.

tions, and let them see thy power. 5 For all these things [are to be done) be- 4 As thou wast sanctified in us hefore cause of the commandment.

them : so be thou magnified among them be6 The offering of the righteous maketh fore us. the altar fat, and the sweet savour thereof is 5 And let them know thee, as we bare before the Most High.

known thee, that there is no God but only 7 The sacrifice of a just man is acceptable, thou, O God. and the memorial thereol shall never be for- 6 Shew new signs, and make other strange gotten.

wonders : glorify thy hand and thy right 8 Give the Lord his honour with a good arm, that they may set forth thy wonderous eye, and diminish not the first fruits of thine works. bands.

7 Raise up indignation, and pour out 9 In all thy gifts shew a cheerful counte- wrath : take away the adversary, and destroy Dance, and dedicate thy tithes with gladness. the enemy.

10 Give unto the Most High according as 8 Make the time short, remember the cor. he hath enriched thee; and as thou hast got- enant, and let them declare thy wonderful ten, give with a cheerful eye.

works. 11 For the Lord recompenseth, and will 9 Let him that escapeth be consumed by give thee seven times as much.

the rage of the fire; and let them perish thai 12 Do not think to corrupt with gifts ; oppress the people. for such he will not receive : and trust not 10 Smite in sunder the heads of the rulers to unrighteous sacrifices ; for the Lord is of the heathen, that say, 'There is none other judge, and with him is no respect of per- || but we.

11 Gather all the tribes of Jacob together, 13 He will not accept any person against and inherit thou them, as from the beginning. a poor man, but will hear the prayer of the 12 O Lord, have mercy upon the people oppressed.

that is called by thy name, and upon Israel, 14 | He will not despise the supplication whom thou hast named thy first born. of the fatherless ; nor the widow, when she 13 O be merciful unto Jerusalem, thy holy poureth out her complaint.

city, the place of thy rest. 15 Do not the tears run down the wid- 14 Fill Sion with thine unspeakable orze ow's cheeks ? and is not her cry against him cles, and thy people with thy glory. that causeth them to fall ?

15 Give testimony unto those that thou 16 He that serveth the Lord shall be ac- hast possessed from the beginning, and raise cepted with favour, and his prayer shall up prophets that have been in thy name. reach unto the clouds.

16 Reward them that wait for thee, and 17 The prayer of the humble pierceth the | let thy prophets be found faithful. clouds : and till it come nigh, he will not be 17 0 Lord, hear the prayer of thy sercomforted; and will not depart, till the Most | vants, according to the blessing of Aar, a



Apocrypba. over thy people, that all they which dwell of finishing work; nor with an idle servant upon the earth may know that thou art the of much business : hearken not unto these in Lord, the eternal God.

any matter of counsel. 18 q The belly devoureth all meats, yet is 12 But be continually with a godly man, one meat better than another.

whom thou knowest to keep the command19 As the palate tasteth divers kinds of ments of the Lord, whose mind is according venison : so doth an heart of understanding to thy mind, and will sorrow with thee, if false speeches.

thou shalt miscarry. 20 A froward heart causeth heaviness : but 13 And let the counsel of thine own heart a man of experience will recompense him. stand: for there is no man mure faithful unto

21 A woman will receive every man, yet thee than it. is one daughter better than another.

14 For a man's mind is sometime wont to 22 The beauty of a woman cheereth the tell him more than seven watchmen, that sit countenance, and a man loveth nothing better. | above in an high tower.

23 If there be kindness, meekness, and 15 And above all this pray to the Most comfort in her tongue, then is not her hus- | High, that he will direct thy way in truth band like other men.

16 Let reason go before every enterprise, 24 He that getteth a wife, beginneth a and counsel before every action. possession, a help like unto himself, and a 17 The countenance is a sign of changing pillar of rest.

of the heart. 25 Where no hedge is, there the posses- 18 Four manner of things appear: good sion is spoiled : and he that hath no wife and evil, life and deaih : but the tongue rulwill wander up and down mourning. eth over them continually.

26 Who will trust a thief well appointed, 19 There is one that is wise and teacheth that skippeth from city to city ? 50 [who many, and yet is unprofitable to himself. will believe) a man that hath no house, and 20 There is one that sheweth wisdom in lodgeth wheresoever the night taketh him? words, and is hated : be shall be destitute of CHAP. XXXVII.

all food. 1 How to know friends and counsellors. 27 21 For grace is not given him from the Learn to refrain thine appetite.

Lord; because he is deprived of all wisdom. VERY friend saith, I am his friend also, 22 Another is wise to himself ; and the

fruits of understanding are commendable in frie in name.

his mouth. 2 Is it not a grief unto death, when a com- 23 A wise man instructeth his people ; and panion and friend is turned to an enemy? the fruits of his understanding fail not.

3 O wicked imagination, whence camest 24 A wise man shall be filled with blessthou in to cover the earth with deceit ? ing; and all they that see him shall count

4 There is a companion, which rejoiceth him happy. in the prosperity of a friend, but in the time 25 The days of the life of man may be of trouble will be against him.

numbered : but the days of Israel are innu5 There is a companion, which helpeth || merable. his friend for the belly, and taketh up the 26 A wise man shall inherit glory among buckler against the enemy.

his people, and his name shall be perpetual. 6 Forget not tly friend in thy mind, and 27 ? My son, prove thy soul in thy life, be not unmindful of him in thy riches. and see what is evil for it, and give not that

7 Every counsellor extolleth counsel ; but there is some that counselleth for himself. 28 For all things are not profitable for all

8 Beware of a counsellor, and know be- men, neither hath every soul pleasure in evfore what need he hath ; for he will counsel

ery thing for himself; lest he cast the lot upon thee, 29 Be not unsatiable in any dainty thing,

9 And say unto thee, Thy way is good : nor too greedy upon meats : and afterward he stand on the other side, to 30 For excess of meats bringeth sickness, see what shall befal thee.

and surfeiting will turn into choler. 10 Consult not with one that suspecteth 31 By surfeiting have many perished ; thee: and hide thy counsel from such as en- but he that taketh heed prolongeth his life.

CHAP. XXXVIII. 11 Neither consult with a woman touch- i Honour due to the physician, and why. 16 How ing her of whom she is jealous ; neither with

to weep and mourn for tbe dead. a coward in matters of war; nor with a mer- ONOUR a physician with the honour chant concerning exchange ; nor with a buyer of selling; nor with an envious man of have of him : for the Lord hath created him. thankfulness ; nor with an unmerciful man 2 For of the Most High comcth healing, touching kindness ; nor with the slothful for and he shall receive honour of the king. any work; nor with an hireling for a year 3 The skill of the physician shall lift up

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vy thee.


Apocrypba. his head : and in the sighit of great men he || that driveth oxen, and is occupied in their lashall be in admiration.

bours, and whose talk is of bullocks ? 4 The Lord liath created medicines out of 26 He giveth his mind to make furrows; the earth; and he that is wise will not abhor and is diligent to give the kine fodder. them.

27 So every carpenter and workmaster, 5 Was not the water made sweet with that laboureth night and day : and they that wood, that the virtue thereof might be cut and grave seals, and are diligent to make known?

great variety, and give themselves to coun6 And he hath given men skill, that he terfeit imagery, and watch to finish a work: might be honcured in his marvellous works 28 The smith also sitting by the anvil, and

7 With such doth he heal (men,) and tak- considering the iron work, the vapour of the eth away their pains.

fire wasteth his flesh, and he fighteth with 8 of such doth the apothecary make a the heat of the furnace: the noise of the hamconfection ; and of his works there is no end; mer and the anvil is ever in his ears, and his and from him is peace over all the earth. eyes look still upon the pattern of the thing

.9 My son, in thy sickness be not negli that he maketh ; he setteth his mind to fingent: but pray unto the Lord, and he will ish his work, and watcheth to polish it permake thee whole.

fectly : 10 Leave off from sin, and order thine 29 So doth the potter sitting at his work, hands aright, and cleanse thy heart from all || and turning the wheel about with his feet, wickedness.

who is always carefully set at his work, and 11 "Give a sweet savour, and a memorial of maketh all his work by number ; fine flour ; and make a fat offering, as not 30 He fashioneth the clay with his arm, being.

and boweth down his strength before his feet; 12 Then give place to the physician, for he applieth himself to lead it over ; and he is the Lord hath created him : let him not go diligent to make clean the furnace : from thee, for thou hast need of him.

31 All these trust to their hands : and ev. 13 There is a time when in their hands ery one is wise in his work. there is good success.

32 Without these cannot a city be inbab14 For they shall also pray unto the Lord,ited : and they shall not dwell wliere they that he would prosper that which they give | will, nor go up and down : for ease and remedy to prolong life.

33 They shall not be sought for in pub15 He that sinneth before his Maker, let lick counsel, nor sit high in the congregation : him fall into the hand of the physician. they shall not sit on the judges seat, nor un.

16 | My son, let tears fall down over the derstand the sentence of judgment : they candead, and begin to lament, as if thou hadst not declare justice and judgment; and they suffered great harm thyself ; and then cover shall not be found where parables are his body according to the custom, and neglect spoken. not his burial.

S4 But they will maintain the state of the 17 Weep bitterly, and make great moan, world, and all) their desire is in the work of and use lamentation, as he is worthy, and their craft. that a day or two, lest thou be evil spoken of

CHAP. XXXIX. and then comiort thyself for thy heaviness. 1 A description of bim that is truly wise. 12

18 For of heaviness cometh death, and the An exhortation to praise God for bis works. heaviness of the heart breaketh strength. BUT he that giveth his mind to the law of

19 In afliction also sorrow remaineth : and the life of the poor is the curse of the meditation therewi, will seek out the wisdom heart.

of all the ancient, and be occupied in proph20 Take no heaviness to heart: drive it l ecies. away, and remember the last end.

2 He will keep the sayings of the renown21 Forget it not, for there is no turning ed men: and where subtil parables are, he again: thou shalt not do him good, but hurt will be there also. thyself.

3 He will seek out the secrets of grave sen22 Remember my judgment : for thine tences, and be conversant in dark parables. also shall be so; yesterday for me,

and to-day 4 He shall serve among great men, and for thee.

appear before princes; he will travel through 23 When the dead is at rest, let his remeni- strange countries; for he hath tried the good brance rest ; and be comforted for him, when and the evil among men. his spirit is departed from him.

5 He will give his heart to resort early to 24 The wisdom of a learned man cometh | the Lord that made him, and will pray beby opportunity of leisure : and he that hath || fore the Most High, and will open his mouth little business shall become wise.

in prayer, and make supplication for his sins 25 How can he get wisdom that holdeth 6 When the great Lord will, he shall be the plough, and that glorieth in the goad, H filled with the spirit of understanding : he

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shall say

Chap. XL.

Apocrypha. shall pour out wise sentences, and give thanks || godly: so to the sinners they are turned into unto the Lord in his prayer.

evil. 7 He shall direct his counsel and knowl. 28 There be spirits that are created for edge, and in his secrets shall he meditate. vengeance, which in their fury lay on sore

8 He shall shew forth that which he hathstrokes; in the time of destruction they pour learned, and shall glory in the law of the cov- out their force, and appease the wrath of him enant of the Lord.

that made them. 9 Many shall commend his understanding; 29 Fire, and hail, and famine, and death, and so long as the world endureth, it shall || all these were created for vengeance; not be blotted out ; his memorial shall not 30 Teeth of wild beasts, and scorpions, depart away, and his name shall live from serpents, and the sword, punishing the wicked generation to generation.

to destruction. 10 Nacions shall shew forth his wisdom, 31 They shall rejoice in his commandment, and the congregation shall declare his praise. and they shall be ready upon earth, when

11 If he die, he shall leave a greater name need is; and when their time is come, they than a thousand : and if he live, he shall in- shall not transgress his word. crease it.

32 Therefore from the beginning I was 12 q Yet have I more to say, which I have resolved, and thought upon these things, and thought upon; for I am filled as the moon at have left them in writing: the full.

33 All the works of the Lord are good : 13 Hearken unto me, ye holy children, and and he will give every needful thing in due bud forth as a rose growing by the brook of the field :

34 So that a man cannot say, This is worse 14 And give ye a sweet savour as frank- || than that: for in time they shall all be well incense, and nourish as a lily, send forth a approved. smell, and sing a song of praise, bless the 35 And therefore praise ye the Lord with Lord in all his works.

the whole heart and mouth, and bless the 15 Magnify his name, and shew forth his name of the Lord. praise with the songs of your lips, and with

CHAP. XL. harps, and in praising him

after 1 Many miseries in a man's life. 17 A virtuous this manner :

wife and ar bonest friend rejoice tbe beart.

is ing good, and whatsoever he commandeth shall be accomplished in due season,

Adam, from the day that they go out of their 17 And none may say, What is this? mother's womb, till the day that they return wherefore is that? for at time convenient to the mother of all things. they shall all be sought out: at his command- 2 Their imagination of things to come, ment the waters stood as an heap, and at the and the day of death, (trouble] their thoughts, words of his mouth the receptacles of waters. and (cause fear of heart;

18 At his commandment is done whatso- 3 From him that sitteth on a throne of ever pleaseth him; and none can hinder, when | glory, unto him that is humbled in earth and he will save.

ashes; 19 The works of all flesh are before him, 4 From him that weareth purple and a and nothing can be hid from his eyes. crown, unto bim that is clothed with a linen frock.

20 He seeth from everlasting to everlast- 5 Wrath, and envy, trouble, and unquiet. ing; and there is nothing wonderful before ness, fear of death, and anger, and strife, and him.

in the time of rest upon his bed his night sleep, 21 A man need not to say, What is this? do change his knowledge. wherefore is that? for he hath made all things 6 A little or nothing is his rest, and afterfor their uses.

ward he is in his sleep, as in a day of keeping 22 His blessing covered the dry land as a watch, troubled in the vision of his heart, as river, and watered it as a flood.

if he were escaped out of a battle. 23 As he hath turned the waters into salt- 7 When all is safe, he awaketh, and marness: so shall the heathen inherit his wrath. | velleth that the fear was nothing.

24 As his ways are plain unto the holy; 8 (Such things happen) unto all flesh, both so are they stumbling blocks unto the wicked. man and beast, and that is seven fold more

25 For the good are good things created upon sinners. from the beginning: so evil things for sin- 9 Death, and bloodshed, strife, and sword, ners.

calamities, famine tribulation, and the scourge; 26 The principal things for the whole use 10 These things are creaied for the wicked, of man's life are water, fire, iron, and salt, and for their sakes came the flood. flour of wheat, honey, milk, and the blood of 11 All things that are of the earth shall the grape, and oil, and clothing.

turn to the earth again : and that which is of 27 All these things are for good to the the waters doch return into the sea.

16 All the works of the Lord are exceeds Grand'an heavy yoke is upon the sons of

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