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England. By the Rev. J. Mil- Plan of the Society, with a List ner, D. D. F. S. A. 6s.

of Officers. 1s. Report of a Deputation from Short Remarks on the alarmthe Hibernian Society, respect- ing Increase of the Dissenters. ing the Religious State of Ire- By W.C. F.Esq. Is. land. To which is annexed a



tions, of Dr. Watkins's conduct, under the title of Scripture Biography," is in the “ The Economy of a Christian press.

"Life.” The Rev. W. Davy, of A Series of Letters by Mr. Lustleigh, in Devon, has com- Gilbert to the Rev. William pleted his System of Divinity in Bennet, in reply to his Remarks "twenty-six octavo volumes. on a recent Hypothesis respect.

MR, BINGLEY 'has nearly ing the origin of Moral Evil, will ready for publication two small be soon published, volumes, consisting of maxims




OXFORD, Dec. 29, 1807. the Rev. William Tournay, 'HIS day in full convoca- D. D. Warden of Wadham

tion, the Rev. John Par- College, was nominated by the sons, D.D. Master of BaliolCol Vice Chancellor to be one of lege, having been nominated by the Pro-Vice Chancellors for his Grace, the Duke of Port- the same period. land, Chancellor of this Univer- Jan. 1, 1308. This day the sity, was invested with the office Rev. James Thomas Holloway, of Vice Chancellor for the re- and Humphrey Waldo Sibthorp, mainder of the year ensuing, in of Exeter College, were admitthe room of Henry Richards, 'ted Fellows of that Society. D.D. Rector of Exeter College,

7. The Rev. John Cole, deceased : and at the same time D. D. Sub-Rector and Fellow VOL. XIV.

L Chm. Mag. Jan. 1808.


of Exeter College, is unani- vicarage of White Lady Astom, mously elected Rector of that in Worcestershire, void by the Society; and the Rev. Mr. cession of the Rev. H. G. Ver. Read, Sub-Rector of the same.

14. This being the 1st day of A dispensation has passed the Lent Term, the Rev. George Great Seal to enable the Rev. Peloquin Cosserat, and the Rev. Thomas Garnier, LL. B. William Marris, of Exeter Col. hold the Rectory of Alverstoke, lege, and the Rev.John Croome, with that of Bishop's Stoke, both of St. Mary Hall, Bachelors of in Hampshire. Arts, were admitted Masters of The Reverend William Pugh, Arts.

M. A. Fellow of Trinity ColMessrs. James Thomas Ped- lege, Cambridge, is presented ley, James Dean, Joseph Dale, by the Master and Fellows and John Lingard, of Brasenose of that society, to the . Vi. College ; Martin West of Uni- carage of Darfield, in Yorkshire, versity College, and John Bees- void by the death of the Rev. ley, of St. Edmund Hall, were John Lonsdale. admitted Bachelors of Arts. A dispensation has passed the

23. The Rev. James Grif. Great Seal, enabling the Rev. fith, M. A. senior Fellow of Dr. Roberts, Chaplain to the University College, has been Prince of Wales, Rector of unanimously clected Master of Grafton, and Vicar of Much that Society

Marsh, to hold the living of CAMBRIDGE, Jan. 18. Abbey Dore, in the County of The Hulsean prize is this year 'Hereford, under the presentaadjudged to Mr. John Norman tion of the Duke of Norfolk. Pearson, Scholar of Trinity Col. The Rev. Mr. North, son of lege,for his Critical Essay on the the Bishop of Winchester, has ninth Book of Bishop Warbur- been appointed by his Lordship ton's Divine Legation of Mo for this turn, to the valuable ses.

Mastership of the Hospital of The Rev. William Okes, of St. Cross. The right of preCaius College, has been elected sentation to this preferment is a senior Fellow of that Society. alternate with the King, the

The Rev. William Leigh, Archbishop of Canterbury, and LL. B. has been promoted to the Bishop of the diocese. the Deanry of Hereford, on the The Rev. Isaac Bacon, M. A. death of Dr. Wetherell:

Fellow of Queen's College, OxThe Rev. Edward Christopher ford, has been presented by that Dowdeswell, D. D. has been Society to the Rectoryof Bletchpromoted to the dignity of a ingdon, in Oxfordshire, void by Canon of the Cathedral of Christ the death of the Rev. James Church, Oxford, void by the Coward, B.D. 'translation of the Right Rev. The Prince of Wales has apEdward Venables Vernon, Bi- pointed the Rev. John Cross shop of Carlisle, to the Arch- Morphew, M. A. of King's Colbishopric of York.

lege, Cambridge, and Rector The Rev. Charles Neve, of Walpole St. Peter, and of B. D, has been instituted to the Clay, next the Sea, Norfolk, one of his domestic chaplains. The Rev. Samuel Birch, B.A.

The Rev. David_Mathias, is presented by the Chancellor M. A. and a Senior Fellow of to the United Rectories of St. Brasenose College, Oxford, is Mary Woolnoth, and St. Mary presented by the Right Rev. Mountchurch Haw, in the city Principal and Fellows of that of London; void by the death of house, to the Rectory of St. Ma- the Rev. John Newton. ry, Whitechapel.

The Rev. Daniel Williams The Rev. M. Rowlandson, has been inducted to the VicarM. A. Chaplain to the Bishop of age of Romsey, Hants, (of Chester, has been collated to the which he has been the exemliving of Warminster, Wilts, plary curate thirty-five years) on by the Bishop of Salisbury, the presentation of the Dean

The Rev. J. Radcliffe, one of and Chapter of Winchester. the Minor Canons of Canter- The Rev. E. B. James, M. A. bury, has been presented by the of Magdalen College, Oxford, Dean and Chapter of that Ca. is appointed a Surrogate to grant thedral, to the United Rectories marriage licenses in that city. of St. Andrew and St. Mary The Rev. Charles Phillott, Bredman, in Canterbury. M.A. Student of Christ Church,

The Rev. James Tomlin, Oxford, and Curate of the PaM. A. Fellow of Queen's Col- rish of St. Michael's, Bath, has lege, Oxford, has been appoint. been presented by the Marquis ed by Earl Grey, one of his of Bath, to the Rectory of Lordship's domestic Chaplains. Kingston Deverell.

Monthly Obituary.

N the 82nd year of his age, anonymous writer, on account

D. D. Dean of Hereford, Pre. before the University, on the bendary of Westminster, and 30th of January, and in which Master of University College, he maintained the doctrine of Oxford. He was a native of passive.obedience.

But he was Durham, and was bred in the well defended by his friend Mr. College of which he became Horne (afterwards President of Master. He took the degree of Magdalen College, and Bishop M. A. in 1750; and accumu. of Norwich,) in these words. lated those of B. and D.D. in “ What would the author have 1764. He served the office of “had him preach the principles Vice Chancellor in 1769. Dean 66 of resistance that brought the Wetherell was one of the early “ blessed martyr to the block ? Hutchinsonians at Oxford, and a doctrine which might justly in 1756, was attacked by an 6 have brought upon him the

of a

“ animadversion of his superi- and others, what might be of “ors; for certainly his majesty use for compiling a new Lexi“ can have no security from con. How much judgment they “men of such principles. The had at this early period, to ren“ Church of England disclaims der their papers valuable, we 6 them, and in her homilies has dare not say ; but such as they 1 answered all the pleas for re, were, the fruits of a faithful and 6 bellion, that ever were, or can

laborious scrutiny, a copy of “ be brought; and determined them was handed to the learned - this point fully and fairly from Mr. Parkhurst, late of the Uni“ Scripture: and to them I refer versity of Cambridge, an emia 6 the reader, as the only system nent labourer in the same vine“ of politics a Christian need to yard, to'whom the public hava

study, in order to "live a quiet since been greatly indebted for "and peaceable life, in humble three editions of his Hebrew “ obedience to the king, and all Lexicon." " that are in authority under To have been the friend of « him.' If this writer will tell Bishop Horne through life, and 6 me the mischief done by pas- to be so spoken of by the venera• sive obedience, I will tell him ble Jones, is no ordinary praiso,

the mischief done by resist- At Oxford, in the 61st year ance, and will enter the com- of his


in consequence “parison with him as soon as violento paralytic seizure, the «he pleases." Apology for cer- Reverend Henry Richards, D.D. tain gentlemen in the University Rector of Exeter, College, and of Oxford, 2nd edition, p. 37. Vice-chancellor of that Univer:

Mr. Jones, in his life of the sity. He was born at Tawstock, simc excellent prelate, has given a village near Barnstaple, in the the following account of the

con- North of Devon, in the manth nexion between him and the of March 1747 ; and, having subject of this notice.

been educated at Barnstaple “ The Rev. Dr. Wetherell, school, was admitted a Coinmonnow Dean of Hereford, was er of Exeter College, at an earthen a young man in the College ly age, in Michaelmas, Term, of which he is now the worthy 1763. Soon after he had taken Master; and such was his zeal the degree of Bachelor of Arts, at that time in favour of Hebrew he was elected to a fellowship literature, that Mr. Horne, Mr. in that society, on the 30th of Wetherell, and Mr. Martin June 1767. He was admitted a (now Dr.) Fairfax, and a fourth Master of Arts on the 26th of person (Mr. Jones himself] in April 1770; and in compliance imately connected with them with the statutes of his college, áll, sat down for one whole win-proceeded to the degree of Bater, to examine and settle, as far chelor in Divinity on the 9th of as they were able, all the The- November 1781. Having been mala of the Hebrew language : constantly resident in Oxford, writing down their remarks and engaged in discharging the daily, and collecting from Ma- office of Tutor, during a long rius, and Buxtorf, and Pagninus, course of years, he was at lengua


presented by the Rector and dom; and gave specimens of his Fellows, on the 13th of March, knowledge in 1." Specimensand 1794, to the valuable Rectory Parts, containing a History of the of Bushby, in the diocese of County of Kent; and a DissertaLondon, and county of Herts, tion on the Laws, from the reiga at which place he soon after be- of Edward the Confessor, to ESgan to reside. In this retire- ward the First; of a Topograment, however, he did not long phical, Commercial, Civil, and continue, being recalled to the Natural History of South Bri University on occasion of the tain ; with its natural and comdeath of Dr. Stinton, in whose parative progress in trade, arts, room he was elected Rector of polity, population, and shipping. Exeter College on the 23rd of From authentic documents. By : July 1797. In the month of Samuel Henshall, Clerk, M. A. October 1806, he was advanced Fellow of Brazenose College, to the office of Vice-chancellor Oxford, 1798." quarto. 2.“ The of the University of Oxford, Saxon and English Languages to which also he was again no. reciprocally illustrative of each minated, and admitted, at the other; the impracticability of expiration of the year, in Oc- acquiring an accurate knowledge tober last. In the discharge of of Saxon Literature through the this high and arduous trust, his medium of the Latin Phraseoconduct was such as in a very logy exemplified in the errors high degree to conciliate the af- of Hickes, Wilkins, Gibson, and fection and esteem of the Uni- other scholars; and a new mode versity; so that his loss is very suggested of radically studying generally and sincerely la- the Saxon and English Languamented. On Thursday, the ges;" 3. The first number of the 24th, his remains were privately Etymological Organic Reasoner; interred in the chapel of his col. or, Yldest an Radchenistres Gelege, in compliance with the winessa ; Oldest Reckoner's Witdirections of his will; but the nesses; with observations on the Heads of Houses and Proctors works of Mr. White, and Mr. followed him to the grave, as a Tooke ; and one sheet of the just testimony of their regard for Gothic Gospel of St. Matthew, his memory, and respect for the and another of the Saxon Dura office which he bore. After ham Book, in Roman characters, leaving a few legacies of no very and a literal English version, considerable amount to some of 1807," 8vo.; of which he lived his friends, he has bequeathed to publish a second number the the whole residue of his proper- same year. He published, also, ty to Exeter College.

« Strictures on the late Motion Rev. Samuel Henshall, M. A. of the Duke of Leinster, in the rector of St. Mary Stratford Bow, House of Peers, Richard Brin. Middlesex; to which he was sley Sheridan, Esq. in the House presented by Brazenose College, of Commons, and a Paragraphı Oxford, in 1802. He had per- in the Sentimental Chronicle of suaded himself that he was the Opposition, 1799," 8vo. ; and best Saxop scholar in the king “A Sermon, preached in the

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