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Matt. Xxi.

Hosanna to the living Lord;
Hosanna to the incarnate Word;
To Christ, Creator, Saviour, King,
Let earth, let heaven, Hosanna sing;

Hosanna, Lord, Hosanna in the highest.

Hosanna, Lord, thine angels cry;
Hosanna, Lord, thy saints reply;
Above, beneath us, and around,
The dead and living swell the sound;

Hosanna, Lord, Hosanna in the highest.

O, Saviour, with protecting care,
Return to this thy house of prayer,
Assembled in thy sacred name,
Where we thy parting promise claim.

Hosanna, Lord, Hosanna in the highest.

But, chiefest, in our cleansed breast,
Eternal, bid thy spirit rest,
And make our secret soul to be
A temple pure, and worthy thee.

Hosanna, Lord, Hosanna in the highest.

So in the last and dreadful day.
When earth and heaven shall melt away,
Thy flock, redeemed from sinful stain,
Shall swell the sound of praise again,

Hosanna, Lord, Hosanna in the highest. SECOND SUNDAY IN ADVENT. John I. The Lord will come, the earth shall quake, The hills their fixed seat forsake; And, withering, from the vaultof night The stars withdraw their feeble light.

The Lord will come, but not the same

As once in lowly form he came,

A silent lamb to slaughter led,

The bruised, the suffering, and the dead.

The Lord will come, a dreadful form,
With wreath of flame, and robe of storm,
On cherub wings, and wings of wind,
Anointed Judge of human-kind.

Can this be He who wont to stray

A pilgrim on the world's highway;

By power oppressed and mocked by pride?

O God, is this the crucified?

Go, tyrants, to the rocks complain,
Go, seek the mountain's cleft in vain;
But faith, victorious o'er the tomb,
Shall sing for joy—the Lord is come.

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