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C. M.
HOLY and reverend is thy name

O thou eternal King:
Thrice holy Lord! the angels cry;

Thrice holy! let us sing.
2 The deepest reverence of the mind,

Pay, 0 our souls to God;
Lift with the hands a holy heart

To his sublime abode. 3 With sacred awe pronounce his name

Whom words nor thoughts can reach; A broken heart shall please him more

Than the best forms of speech.
4 Thou holy God! preserve our souls

From all pollution free;
The pure in heart are thy delight,

And they thy face shall see. 117

L. M.
THINE, Lord, is wisdom, thine alone!

Justice and truth before thee stand:
Yet, nearer to thy sacred throne,

Mercy withholds thy lifted hand. 2 Each evening shows thy tender love:

Each rising morn thy plentenus grace: Thy waken'd wrath doth slowly move;

Thy willing mercy flies apace. 3 To thy benign, indulgent care,

Father, this light, this breath we owe; And all we have, and all we are,

From thee, great Source of being, flow.


4 Thrice holy! thine the kingdom is,

The power omnipotent is thine ;
And when created nature dies,

Thy never-ceasing glories shine. 118

C. M.
FAITHFUL, O Lord, thy mercies are,

A rock that cannot move;
A thousand promises declare

Thy constancy of love.
2 Thou waitest to be gracious still;

Thou dost with sinners bear,
That, saved, we may thy goodness feel,

And all thy grace declare.
3 Its streams the whole creation reach,

3 So plenteous is the store; Enough for all, enough for each,

Enough for evermore. 4 Throughout the universe it reigns; It stands for ever sure;

while thy truth, O God, remains,
a goodness shall endure.
119 is better

C. M.
THY goodness, Lord, our souls confess;

Thy goodness we adore;-
A spring whose blessings never fail;

A sea without a shore.
2 Sun, moon, and stars, thy love declare

In every golden ray; Love draws the curtains of the night, wAnd love brings back the day.

3 Thy bounty every season crowns

With all the bliss it yields,
With joyful clusters loads the vines,

With strengthening grain the fields. 4 But chiefly thy compassion, Lord,

Is in the gospel seen;
There, like a sun, thy mercy shines,

Without a cloud between.
5 There, pardon, peace, and holy joy,

Through Jesus' name are given;
He on the cross was lifted high,

That we might reign in heaven. i 120

H. M.
O FOR a shout of joy,

Worthy the theme we sing!
To this divine employ

Our hearts and voices bring;
Sound, sound, through all the earth

The love, th' eternal love of God.
2 Unnumbered myriads stand,

Of seraphs bright and fair,
Or bow at thy right hand,

And pay their homage there;
But strive in vain with loudest chord,
To sound thy wondrous love, O Lord.

T 3 Yet sinners saved by grace,

In songs of lower key,
In every age and place,

Have sung the mystery;
Have told, in strains of sweet accord,
Thy love, thy sovereign love, O Lord.

4 Though earth and hell assail,

And doubts and fears arise,
The weakest shall prevail,

And grasp the heavenly prize,
And through an endless age record
Thy love, thy changeless love, O Lord.


C. M.
ORD, thou art good! all nature shows

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Thy bounty through creation flows,

Full, free, and unconfined.
2 The whole in every part proclaims

Thy infinite good will;
It shines in stars, and flows in streams,

And bursts from every hill.
3 We view it o'er the spreading main,

And heavens which spread more wide; It drops in gentle showers of rain,

And rolls in every tide. 4 Through the whole earth it pours supplies,

Spreads joy through every part:
O may such love attract our eyes,

And captivate our heart !
5 Our highest admiration raise,

Our best affections move!
Employ our tongues in songs of praise,

And fill our souls with love!

122 L. M. 6 lines. GREAT God of wonders, all thy ways


But the bright glories of thy grace
Beyond thine other wonders shine.

Who is a pardoning God like thee?

Or who has grace so rich and free? 2 Pardon— from an offended God!

Pardon-for sins of deepest dye! Pardon-bestowed through Jesus' blood! Pardon—that brings us rebels nigh.

Where is the pardoning God like thee?

Or where the grace so rich and free? 3 O may

this glorious, matchless love This godlike miracle of graceTeach mortal tongues, like those above, To raise this song of lofty praise.

Who is a pardoning God like thee?

Or who has grace so rich and free? 123

C. M.
GOD! how wonderful thou art,

Thy Majesty, how bright!
How beautiful thy mercy-seat

In depths of burning light!
2 How dread are thine eternal years,

O everlasting Lord !
By prostrate spirits day and night

Unceasingly adored!
3 How beautiful, how beautiful

The sight of thee must be, Thine endless wisdom, boundless power,

And glorious purity! 4 O how we fear thee, Living God!

With deepest, tenderest fears,

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