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266. T. 36.

267.* T: 14%. LORD Jesus Christ, if thou wert not my Saviour,

HERE come I, my Shepherd, athirst Were not thy blood still pleading in

after thee; Where should I, poorest among all the In mercy receive me, for mercy's my

plea: needy,

Find succor ready! The word thou hast spoken, 2. What should I do, a sinner vile and Can never be broken; wretched,

(stretched, Thou know'st I am needy, and greatly Were not thy arms of love to me out distrest, But thou my Refuge art, my Consola- Thou callest the weary to come and tion,

And whole Salvation. find rest.

my favor.



be gone;


T, 106.

6 Tho' waves and storms go o'er my

head, Now I have found the ground Tho'strength, and health, and friends

wherein, Sure my soul's anchor

may remain; Tho' joys be wither'd all and dead; Ev'n Christ, who to atone for sin, Tho' ev'ry comfort be withdrawn; Was as a 'spotless victim slain ;

Stedfast on


soul relies, Whose inercy shall unshaken stay

Jesus, thy mercy never dies, When heav'n and earth are fled away,

7 Fix'd on this ground may I remain, 2 O Lord, thy everlasting grace Tho' my heart fail, and flesh decay;

Our scanty thought surpasseth far : This anchor shall my soul sustain, Thou show'st maternal tenderness,

When earth's foundations melt a

taway: Thy arnis of love still open are, Mercy's full pow'r I then shall prove, Thy heart o'er sinners can't but break, Lov'd with an everlasting love ! Whether thy grace they slight or take. 3 God in man's death takes no delight; In holy writ it is avow'd


T. 22.
Each soul may grace and life obtain,
In him, who left his glory bright,

That Christ was Israel's Cov'nant-God,
Took flesh, and dy'd, and rose again: The Church's everlasting Head,
And now he knocks times numberless God of the living and the dead."
At our hearts' door, and offers grace. 2 All things were made by Christ, the
4 O Love! thou bottomless abyss !

Word, My sins are swallow'd up in thee;

By Christ was man to life restor'd; Cover'd is my unrighteousness,

The Prophets, strong in faith and bold, From condemnation now I'm free: His coming in the flesh foretold. Since Jesus' blood, thro’earth and skies, 3 No wonder therefore that we read,

Mercy, free boundless mercy!" cries. Abra’m to see his day was glad ; 5 By faith I plunge into this sea,

Isaiah too his glory saw, Here is my hope, my joy, my rest;

And spoke of him with joy and awe. Hither, when sin assails, I fee, 4 'Tis sure that by his bitter pain,

I look into my Saviour's breast : He for mankind did life obtain, Away, sad doubt, and anxious fear Did for his church on earth atone, Mercy” is all that's written there. And for the ransom'd round the throne.

past relief,

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5 We love the Lamb of God who dy'd: 4 Then shall we go from strength to Whoever seeketh ought beside,

strength Belongs not to our company;

From grace to greater grace; obin Christ is our All eternally.

From each degree of faith to more, 6 Our theme within the church shall

Till we behold thy face.
Christ's wounds, his griefs and agony !


T. 106.
Our theme when to the world we call, From life and grace, (this we are bold
His blood, the ransom paid for all. Before an erring world t' assert,)

Nothing one moment doth withhold 270. T. 22.

A man, but his unwilling heart: FAITH'comes by hearing God's record In our dear Lord there's no delay, Concerning Jesus Christ the Lord;

Fix'd is his will, and plain his way. The happy means, which heav'n hath 2 Should any one of serious frame, blest

That long hath seem'd to seek his face, To bring us to the gospel-rest. His tedious tasks and trials name, 2 The joyful sound is news of grace, Wesay, "No, Christ requires them not,

Preparatory steps of grace ; frem Redemption of a fallen race, Thro' Jesus' righteousness divine,

And this fine web a false heart wrought.” Which bright from faith to faith doth 3 Should any think he's so hemm’d in shine.

With sin, as to be

Alas! he knows not, that the sin,
3 The promise of immortal bliss
We have in Christ our Righteousness; If to the cross we lift our eye,

Which binds his soul, is unbelief:
By this our righteousness is bought,

Then sin and Satan soon must ily. decey Faith pleads that right, but buys

it not.

4 Ready our Saviour is indeed, 4 True faith receives the offer'd good His glorious work in all to do; taw And promise seald with Jesus' blood : To ev'ry one it must be said, Faith gives no title to the bliss,

“ Thou hadst been happy long ago, ! But takes the Saviour's righteousness. Hadst thou in faith cast all thy care 5 In the Redeemer, as my Head,

On Jesus Christ, who heareth pray'r.
The cov'nant is established:
In him the promises are Yea,

273. T. 22.
In him Amen, and not in me.

By various maxims, forms and rules,

That pass for wisdom in the schools, 271. T. 14.

I strove my passion to restrain;
HAIL, Alpha and Omega, hail!

But all my efforts prov'd in vain.
Thou Author of our faith,

2 But since my Saviour I have known,

rules My

all reduc'd to one ; The Finisher of all our hopes,

To keep my Lord, by faith, in view, The Truth, the Life, the Path.

This strength supplies, and motives too. 2 Hail, First and Last, thougreat I AM! 3 I see him lead a suffring life, In whom we live and move; Patient, amidst reproach and strife; little spark of faith, And from his pattern courage

take And fill our hearts with love.

To bear and suffer for his sake. 3 O let that faith which thou hast taught 4 Upon the cross I see him bleed, Be treasur'd in our breast;

And by the sight from guilt am freed; The evidence of unseen joys,

This sight destroys the life of sin, The substance of our rest. And quickens heav'nly life within,


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T. 14.


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5 To look to Jesus as he'rose

275. Confirms my faith, my

foes; Satan I shame and overcome,

HEAL us, Immanuel, here we are, By pointing to my Saviour's tomb. Waiting to feel thy touch; 6 Exalted on his glorious throne,

Deep wounded souls to thee repair,
I see him make my cause his own;

And, Saviour, we are such.
Then all anxious cares subside, 2 Our faith is feeble, we confess,
For Jesus lives, and will provide. We faintly trust thy word;
7 I see him look with pity down,

But wilt thou pity us the less?
And hold in view the conqu’rors crown;

Be that far from thee, Lord! If press'd with griefs and cares before, 3 Remember him who once apply'd,“ My soul revives, nor asks for more. With trembling, for relief; 8 By faith I see the hour at hand

“ Lord, I believe," with tears he cry'd, When in his presence I shall stand;

“ O help my unbelief.' Then it will be my endless bliss,

4 She too, who touch'd thee in the To see him where, and as he is.

And healing virtue stole,

Was answer'd, “Daughter, go in peace,
T. 11.

Thy faith hath made thee whole." LAMB of God, who thee receive,

5 Concealdamidst the gath'ring throng, Who in thee desire to live,

She would have shunn'd thine eyes; Cry by day and night to thee,

And if her faith was firm and strong, As thou art, so let us be.

Strong were her doubts likewise. 2 Fix, O fix our wav'ring mind, To thy cross us firmly bind:

6 Like her, with hopes and fears, we Gladly now we would be clean;

come, Cleanse our hearts from ev'ry sin.

To touch thee if we may;

Oh! send us not despairing home, 3 Dust and ashes tho wę be,

Send none unheal'd away.
'Full of guilt and misery;
Thine we are, thou Son of God,
Take the purchase of thy blood.


T. 184. 4. Sinners who in thee believe

O JESUS, 'fore whose radiation
Everlasting life receive;
They with joy behold thy face,

The seraphim must cover'd stand, Triumph in thy pard'ning grace.

When, in their awful ministration,

They wait for thy supreme command: 5 Life deriving from thy death, How can this body's eyes, dim-sighted, They proceed from faith to faith, Which by sin's gloomy misery Walk the new, the living way And earthly shadows are benighted, Leading to eternal day.

Endure thy glorious light to see! 6 Blest are they who follow thee,

2 Yet let by faith my penetration While this light of life they see;

Reach ev'n within the sanctuary; Filled with thy sacred love

Thy mercy


my They thy quick’ning power prove.


May this uphold and strengthen me. 7 Praise on earth to thee be giv'n, Reach unto me thy sceptre gracious, Never-ceasing praise in heav'n; Wholow, like Esther,'fore thee bow, Boundless wisdom, pow'r divine,


“ I will be to thee propitious, Love unspeakable are thine!

And loving kindness to thee show."

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30 Jesus, show thy great compassion The flame of love shall break forth

Unto the soul that pants for thee; stronger,
Hear thou my humble supplication, When here my pulse no longer beats.

My God, be merciful to me!
I know thou art with pity filled


T. 14
To sinners who thy mercy crave; MISTAKEN souls! that dream of
My pardon by thy blood is sealed,

I know 'twas shed my soul to save.

And make their empty boast
4 I recommend myself for ever

Of inward joys, and sins forgiv'n,
To thee, with filial confidence; While they are slaves to lust.
I pray, O Lord, regard in favor 2 Vain are our fancies, airy flights,

My tears, and humble penitence; If faith bę cold and dead;
I throthy death am justified,

None but a living pow'r unites
No condemnation is in me;

To Christ the living Head,
I shall remain to thee allied
Since I am reconcil'd to thee.

3 'Tis faith that changes all the heart,

'Tis faith that works by love,
5 O let thy Spirit still attend me, That bids all sinful joys depart,
Nor from my soul withdraw his light,

And lifts the thoughts above,
Protect, and graciously defend me,
And order all my steps aright;

4 'Tis faith that conquers earth and

That I may, without variation,
By humbly walking in thy ways,

By a celestial pow'r ;
Suit to thy will my conversation,

This is the grace that shall prevail

In the decisive hour.
While here I run my mcrtal race.
6 Give me the armor of the Spirit,

5 True faith obeys its Author's will,

As well as trusts his
Support me with thy pow'rful aid,

Then bold in faith, I need not fear it, A pard’ning God is jealous still
When hostile pow'rs would me in-

For his own holiness. vade,

6 When from the curse he sets us free, Thus will thy kingdom, mighty Saviour, He makes our nature clean;

In which true righteousness is seen, Nor would he send his Son to be
Be further'd by my weak endeavor ; The minister of sin.
There grace and truth for ever reign.

7 His Spirit purifies the heart,
7 D yes, above all else I'll love thee;

And seals our peace with God;
My heart, tho'worthless,bethine own; True holiness nought can impart
Could infinite compassion move thee

But Jesus' cleansing blood.
__ To leave for me thy heav'nly throne?
Then let my heart be dedicated

To thee; fix there thy residence
Till I shall be to heav'n translated,

THO’ev'ry child of God
In joy to see thy, countenance.

Is a new creature,

Yet do we feel the load
8 Lord, while my faith to thee as-

Of sinful nature;
O may thy grace descend to me;.

Which, if by faith we cleáve
Thou art my joy which never endeth,

To Christ our Saviour,
O fill my heart with love to thee.

Can, tho' it cause us grief,
I will adore and love thee longer,

Condemn uš rever.
Than while


heart its throbs re-2 He's merciful and kind peats;

Past all expression;

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T. 37:

If we are but inclin'd

15 Therefore I'll humbly cleave To make confession Of all our sinfulness,

To my Creator,

Who, that my soul might live, His great compassion

Assum'd my nature ; Prompts him to grant us peace, Redeem'd me by his blood, And consolation,

And bitter passion; 3 He grants us, for our tears,

Thanks to the Lamb of God
His oil of gladness;


salvation !
Delivers, heals and cheers,
Dispels our sadness :

279.* T. 184 Yea, tho' our bodies die, His resurrection

WHEN rising winds, and rain de Proves, they shall certainly

scending, Rise to perfection.

A near approaching storm declare, 4 My portion is the Lord,

With trembling speed their wings ex. I seek his favor;

lending, And in his name and word

The birds to hollow trees repair; Confide for ever.

Thus I, in faith with sin oppressed, Nought in the world to me

My refuge take, O Christ to thee; Can yield such pleasure,

Thy wounds, my hiding-place most

blessed, As to be found in thee, O Christ, mny Treasure !

From ev'ry evil shelter me,

T. 97

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4 Should any

virtuous seem to be,

And blameless from his infancy, JESUS, our glorious Head and Chief. And scarcely ever have been try'd Dear Object of our hearts' belief,

By avarice, by lust, or pride, O let us in thy nail-prints see

And therefore think, 'I am a child of Our pardon and election free;

God' And, while we view by faith thy pier- He's deaf and blind, and quite misced side,

takes the road. Call thee our Lord and God, who for us dy'd.

5 All those who, thro' a beam of light, 2 The doctrine of Christ's blood and But enter on a legal strife,

Can see and own they are not right, death,

Amend their former course of life, Imparting life to us thro' faith,

And toil & labor hard from day to day; A myst'ry is, which is reveald To babes, but from the wise conceal'd; Such also miss to happiness the way. Thereby the Saviour's flock on earth 6 But sinners, who, with pungentsmart, is known ;

Bewail the vileness of their heart, Of this the ransom'd sing before God's Mourning because of unbelief, throne.

Of sinners deem themselves the chief, 3 While human nature doth exist,

Despairing of their self-made righteWhile Jesus reigns as Lord and Christ, They maydepend on Jesus'saving grace.

ousness, So long of the whole gospel this From first to last the substance is ; 7 To such he saith, Arise and live, All, to whom God his counsel doth I freely all thy sins forgive, reveal,

I have redeem'd thee, thou art mine, To this as truth divine can set their seal. Thyself in faith to me resign;

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