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| She a forsaken Bed must often bear,
While he can never fail to find her there,
And therefore less excus’d to range elsewhere.
Yet this she ought to suffer and submit:
But when no longer for each other fit,
If Usage base shall just Resentment move,
Or what is worse, Affronts of wand'ring Love;
No Obligation after that remains,
'Tis mean, not just, to wear a Rival's Chains.

Yet Decency requires the wonted Cares
Of Int’rest, Children, and remote Affairs ;
But in her Love, that dear Concern of Life,
She all the while may be another's Wife :
Heav’n that beholds her wrong’d and widow'd Bed,
Permits a Lover in her Husband's stead.

Ifung me at his Feet, his Robes would kiss, And cry’d, Ev’n our base World is just in this ; Amidst our Cenfurcs, Love we gently blame ; And Love sometimes preserves a Female Fame.




What Tie less strong can Woman's Will restrain!
When Honour,Checks,and Conscience plead in vain;
When Parents Threats, and Friends Persuasions fail,
When Int'rest and Ambition scarce prevail,
To bound that Sex when nothing else can move ;
They'll live reserv'd to please the Man they love!

The Spirit then reply'd to all I said,
She may be kind, but not till thou art dead,
Bewail thy Memory, bemoan thy Fate,
Then she will love, when 'tis alas too late :
Of all thy Pains she will no Pity have,
'Till sad Despair has sent thee to the Grave.

Amaz’d, I wak’d in haste,

All trembling at my Doom ;
Dreams oft repeat Adventures past,

And tell our Ills to come.


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Translated by the Earl of MULGR A V E,

and Mr. DRIDE N.

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HEN loose Epistles violate

chafte Eyes, She half confents, who silent

ly denies : How dares a Stranger with

Designs so vain, Marriage and hospitab!c Rights prophane?


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