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89. Looking to the Rock from whence ye

were hewn.

C. M.

=YE slaves of sin, redeem'd by blood,
Salvation's theme pursue;
Exalt the sov'reign grace of God,
For such were some of you.

From head to foot defil'd by sin,
Deep in rebellion too;

This awful state mankind are in,
And such were some of you.

"Tis all of sov'reign grace, that ye
Do not as others do,
Who seek the road to misery;
For such were some of you.
Death, in the error of his ways,
The sinner will pursue,

Till God his roving heart shall seize;
And such were some of you.

Whilst they are sinners dead to God,
Ye, highly favour'd few,

Are wash'd from sin in Jesu's blood;
But such were some of



ye are chosen from the rest,
To grace the praise is due:

Be sov'reign love for ever blest;
For such were some of


90. Jesus the Sum and Substance of the Gospel. C. M. JESUS the sum and substance is

Of all the gospel scheme;

In him salvation, all of grace,
Shines with refulgent beam.
Jehovah's councils and decrees,
Before the world begun,
With all the gospel promises,
Respect his only Son.

Prophetic love declar'd his birth,
His mission, and his name,
Ages before, to this our earth,
The friend of sinners came,
Favour'd Isaiah heard him groan,
Saw Justice smite his head,
Oppress'd with sins, but not his own,
And to the slaughter led.

His one great sacrifice complete,
Hath made his Israel free;
The Paschal Lamb by faith they eat,
And this deliv'rance see.

His church he purchas'd with his blood,
And who shall dare condemn?
But ne'er remov'd the wrath of God,
For God was love to them.

91. Stand still, and see the Salvation of God. C. M.

WHEN Israel, for the promis'd land,
Forsook the tyrant's sway,

Then with an high, and outstretch'd hand,
Did God his power display.

Did Pharoah's host, inflam'd with rage,
Pursue with sword and spear?
With God himself they must engage,
He fought for Israel there.
Down to the ocean's deepest bed
The host of Pharoah goes;
The rattling chariots sunk like lead,
With all that God oppose.

Sing, O believer, ransom'd now
With Jesu's precious blood;
Recount thy num'rous sins, and how
They sunk beneath that flood.

No human might or pow'r of thine
Can thee deliv'rance bring;
Yet thou shalt on his arm recline,
And his salvation sing.

Stand still, and see the mighty feats
That God's own arm shall do;
He'll hurl the mighty from their seats,
And his salvation show.

On ev'ry side, from ev'ry foe,

He'll shield and succour thee; Shall Satan, sin, and hell o'erthrow, And thou stand still and see.

. 92. Salvation by Grace.
GOD, in the riches of his grace,
Did from eternity ordain
A seed elect, of Adam's race,
Eternal glory should obtain.

L. M.

God, in the riches of his grace,
Hath Christ exalted over all;
His goings forth, of old, we trace,
The sinner's Surety in the fall.
God, in the riches of his grace,

Hath Abra'm's seed exalted high,
While sinning angels, from his face,
Reserv'd to wrath, in fetters lie.
God, in the riches of his grace,

Hath to the charge of Jesus laid
The sin of all that chosen race,
Whose debt of suff'ring Jesus paid.
God, in the riches of his grace,

Hath, in the gospel, Christ display'd; Whose blood hath seal'd the sinner's peace, And bruis'd th' envenom'd serpent's head. God in the riches of his grace,

We'll to eternity adore;

And wonders still on wonders trace, But ne'er his depth of love explore. 93. Righteousness and Peace kissing each

other. L. M.

SALVATION is for ever nigh

The souls that fear and trust the Lord; And grace, descending from on high, Fresh hopes of glory shall afford.

Mercy and truth on earth are met, [heav'n, Since Christ the Lord came down from By his obedience so complete,

Justice is pleas'd, and peace is giv'n.

Now truth and honour shall abound,
Religion dwell on earth again,
And heav'nly influence bless the ground,
In our Redeemer's gentle reign.

His righteousness is gone before,
To give us free access to God;
Our wand'ring feet shall stray no more,
But mark his steps, and keep the road,


94. Justification by Grace. L. M.
SINNERS are justify'd by grace,
Thro' the Redeemer's righteousness;
This is a glorious robe indeed,
And wrought for Abra'm's chosen seed,

Jehovah in his wise decree,
Did all his chosen people see,
As justify'd in his dear Son,
Long e'er old time his race begun.'

When thro' the Spirit they believe,
The pleasing witness they receive;
And they are freely justify'd,
Thro' the dear Man that groan'd and dy'd.

Ravish'd with Jesu's conq'ring charms,
They sweetly rest in his kind arms;
With joyful wonder they confess,
"Christ is the Lord, our righteousness."

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