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Obey my voice, and walk in all my 2 The holy, spotless Lamb of God,

Who freely gave his life and blood,
I'll grant to thee in heav'nly, realms a For all my num'rous sins t'atone,

I for my Lord and Saviour own.
8 His Holy Spirit we receive, 3 In him I trust for evermore,
And on our Saviour's word believe ; He hath expung'd the dreadful score
We trust in his atoning death, Of all my guilt; this done away,
As the foundation of our faith, I need not fear the judgment day.
And in his robe of righteousness ar-

4 Therefore my Saviour's blood & death
Are 'midst-his chosen richly comforted. And shall remain, when called hence,

Is here the substance of my faith ; -
9 The humble sinner's shame we feel, My only hope and confidence.
And pow'r divine to do God's will,

5 For should I e'er so faithful prove,
These are combin'd in ev'ry heart

Serve my kind Lord with zeal and love,
That in Christ's' merits hath a part;
No more, for want of strength, good Nore'er from his commandments

And spend my life for him I serve,
motions die,

Since Jesus gives us constant victory.
10 We rest in Christ, and yet desire, Then shall I have this only plea:

6 Yet when my Saviour I shall see,
Because his love our hearts doth fire,
To serve his cause with all our might, Thro’the Lamb's ransomentrancegain."

" Here is a sinner, who would fain
And deem our Saviour's burden light;
Don't we succeed, we think ourselves 17 Thus Abraham was sav'd by grace,
to blame,

Believing in Christ's righteousness ;
And if we do, we praise bis holy name. And all the ransom'd saints in light,
11 Should self-complacency take place, In this blest song of praise unite:
When we review our faithfulness,

8 " All pow'r and glory doth pertain
We're soon with inward shame bow'd Unto the Lamb, for he was slain;

And hath redeem'd us by his blood,
Forget ourselves, and freely own, And made us kingsand Priests to God."
That Jesus works in us whate'er is good,
And thank him for the pow'r he hath 9 While here on earth I still remain,

This doctrine firmly I'll maintain ;

And both in word and deed proclaim
12 Grace is the only wish and pray'r, The pow'r of Jesus' saving name.
Of all those who God's children are;
They meditate by night and day, 10 Lord Jesus Christ, all praise to thee!
How they may true obedience pay

That thou didst deign a man to be,
To Jesus, who redeem'd us by his death; And foreach soul which thou hast made
And grace unmerited supports their Hast an eternal ransom paid.

11 O King of glory, Christ the Lord !
God's only Son, eternal Word!

Let all the world thy mercy see,
T. 22.

And bless those who believe in thee.
THE Saviour's blood and righteousness 12 Thy incarnation, wounds and death,
My beauty is, my glorious dress ; I will confess while I have breath,
Thus well array'd, I need not fear, Till I shall see thee face to face,
When in his presence I appear. Arrayed with thy righteousness.

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T. 590.

When Christ himself to us doth mand

fest, GRACE! grace ! O that's a welcome And we in him find comfort, peace, sound!

and rest! A joyful sound to all, Who clearly see, and deeply feel

2 When in the soul this blessed truth The mis'ry of the fall :

resounds, Who rightly know the wretched state That in Christ's death, for sinners life Of sinners void of grace,

abounds; Ere Christ selects them to enjoy

Oh, how doth this refresh the fainting In heav'nly realms a place.

heart, 2 Grace ! how exceeding great to those And bid all anxious doubts and fears Who ready to despair,

depart. Asham'd confess, and truly know 3 For such poor sinners, who of nought How vile and weak they are !

can boast, Yetgrace, freegrace, most sweetly calls, Who think themselves irreparably “ Directly come, who will,

lost, Just as you are, for Christ receives

Who groan beneath sin's heavy galling Poor helpless sinners still."

load, 3 All we, who now are his, were first The Lamb of God hath 'shed his prea Deeply convinc'd of sin;

oious blood. Each felt the plague of his own heart 4 Virtue goes forth from him, he gives The leprosy within:

us grace Then life and righteousness divine, With confidence his Father to address,

Thro' faith, to us were giv'n; And then we holdly may to all de Thus we a happy people are,

clare, Joint-heirs with Christ of heav'n.

That we, thro' faith in Christ, God's 4. Now, dearest Lord, we inly pray,

children are.
That in thy service we
May active, true and faithful prove,
Deriving strength from thee:

O may we still in thee abide,
For babes we are most weak,

WHEN a sinner in affliction Poor sinners still, who without thee

Mourneth on account of sin, Can nought think, act, or speak.

Feels the Spirit's deep conviction, 5 We thirst, O Lord; give us this day,

But no pow'r of faith within ; To taste more of thy grace,

2 While a flood of tears is gushing, More of that stream which from the rock - Where shall I find Jesus, where?"

Flow'd thro' the wilderness, While the troubled soul is wishing, Tis grace alone that feeds our souls, - O that he


Grace keeps us inly poor
And Oh! that nothing but thy grace

3 In a moment stands before us May rule us evermore!

Jesus with his pierced side;
Now we find, that he's desirous

Us from wrath to screen and hide.
T. 583.

4 Thus, the soul at once obtaineth O WHAT a depth of love and bound Pardon from the sinner's Friend;

To true happiness attaineth,
The gospel-light to sinful men displays, And to life which hath no end.

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T. 16.

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283. *

less grace

285.* T, 14.


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15 Then we with pity look on those

Who still in darkness are,
WHAT joy or honor could we have, Inviting them to turn to Christ,
Poiluted as we are,

And in his


If not the holy Lamb of God
Our joy and honor were !

6 For we, thra' grace, are taught to

2 Of nothing we have ever done

Each sinner that we see
To boast could we desire,
When he to judge us shall appear,

May pardon, thro’ Christ's precious

blood, Whose eyes are flames of fire.

Obtain, as well as we. 3 None is so holy, pure and just,

17 For Jesus' pardon, love and grace, So perfected in love,

Produce an humble shame,
That his best plea, or self-defence,

And us excite with thankfulness
Of any weight could prove,

His goodness to proclaim.
4 Nor is there


other way
Into the holy place,
But Christ, who took away our sins,

287. T. 14.
His blood and righteousness.

WITH glorious clouds encompassid 5. Weknow the righteousness complete

round, Which he procur'd for all;

Whom angels

, dimly see,
We know the kind reception giv'n, Will the Unsearchable be found,
To the poor prodigal.

Will God appear to ine?
6 Weknow the Shepherd's love,who left

2 Will he forsake his throne above, The ninety-nine behind,

Himself to worms impart?
And thro' thé desart anxious went,

Answer thou Man of grief and love,
The hundredth sheep to find.

And speak it to my heart! 7 To him poor sinners may appeal

3 In manifested love explain
With all their misery;

Thy wonderful design;
The angels joy to see them come,

What meant the suff'ring Son of man?
Christ calleth: 6 Come to me.'

The streaming blood divine ?
286. *
T. 14.

4. Didst thou not in our flesh appear, HAPPY the souls who contrite are,

And live and die below,
Them Jesus doth invite,

That I might now perceive thee near,
And gives to everlasting bliss

And my Redeemer know?
A never-failing right. 19. 5 Come then, and to my soul reveal
2 Tho' comforted, they still distrust The heights and depths of grace,

Their own untoward heart; The wounds, which all my sorrows
And wonder, that the Lord to them heal,
Such mercy could impart.

That dear disfigurd face.
3 To world and sin they bid adieu, 6 Before my eyes of faith, confest
His pardon daily prove,

Stand forth a slaughter'd Lamb;
Desiring larger draughts to drink Array me in salvation's vest,
Of Jesus' dying love.

Declare to me thy name.
4 When thus the blessings of his blood |7 Jehovah in thy person show,

Jehovah crucify'd:
Yea, from the fulness of his grace,

And then the pard'ning God I know,
Take daily fresh supply:

And feel bis blood applyido


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And merits we enjoy.

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T. 9o.



saw my

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8 I view the Lamb in his own light, 13 Sure never till my latest breath
Whom angels dimly see:

Can I forget that look ;
And gaze, transported at the sight, It seem'd to charge me with his death,
To all eternity.

Tho' not a word he spoke,

4 My conscience felt, and own'd the O CAN it be that I should gain An int'rest in the Saviour's blood ?

And plung'd me in despair ;

I sins his blood had spilt,
Dy'd he for me, who caus’d his pain ?

And help'd to nail him there.
For me, to make my peace with God?
Amazing love ! how can it be, 5 Alas! I knew not what I did;
That Jesus deign'd to die for me? But now my tears are vain ;
2 'Tis mystry all; my Maker dies ! Where shall my trembling soul be hid?
Who can explore his vast design?

For I the Lord have slain.
In vain the highest seraph tries 6 A second look he gave, which said,

To sound the depths of love divine; "I freely all forgive;
When this became my only plea This blood is for thy ransom paid,
He freely pardon'd sinful me.

I die, that thou may'st live." 3 He left his Father's throne above,

7 Thus, while his death my sin displays So free, so infinite his grace!

In all its blackest hue, Compelld by everlasting love,

(Such is the mystery of grace) He bled for Adam's helpless race ; It seals my pardon too. 'Tis

mercy all, immense and free, I know that Jesus saved me.

8 With pleasing grief and mournful joy,

My spirit now is fill'd, 4 Long my imprison'd spirit lay That I should such a life destroy,

Fast bound in sin and nature's night; Yet live by him I killd. His eyes diffus'd a quick’ning ray, l' woke, the dungeon flam'd with

290. T. 582. light,

Not all the blood of beasts My chains fell off immediately,

On Jewish altars slain,
I rose, went forth, my heart was free. Could give the guilty conscience peace,
5 No condemnation now I dread,

Or wash away the stain.
Jesus, and all in him, is mine: 2 Christ, the true Paschal Lamb,
Alive in him my living Head,

Takes all our sins away;
And cloth'd in righteousness divine, A sacrifice of nobler name,
Now humbly I approach the throne, And richer blood than they.
And claim the crown thro’ Christ my 3. My faith would lay the hand

On that dear head of thine,'

While like a penitent I stand,
T. 14..

And there confess


sin. IN evil long I took delight, 4 Lord, I look back to see Unaw'd by shame or fear,

The burdens thou didst bear,
Till a new object struck my sight, When hanging on the shameful tree;

And stopp'd my wild career. And know my guilt was there.
2 I saw One hanging on a tree, 5 Believing we rejoice
In agonies and blood,

Our curse he did remove;
Who fix'd his languid eyes on me, Webless the Lamb with cheerful voice,
As near his cross I stood.

And sing his bleeding love.

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T. 151:

13 I'll never cease repeating
How lost was my condition,

My numberless complaints,

But ever be intreating
Till Jesus made me whole!
There is but one Physician

Thee, glorious King of saints,

To form me in thine image,
Can cure a sin-sick soul!
Near unto death he found me,

And fill my soul with love,

Till I to thee my homage
And snatch'd me from the grave;
To tell to all around me,

Pay with the saints above.
His wond'rous pow'r to save,

294. T. 22.
2 A dying, risen, Jesus,
Seen by the eye of faith,

The one thing needful, that good part,
At once from danger frees us, Which Mary chose with all her heart,

And saves the soul from death: I would pursue with heart and mind,
Come then, to this Physician, And seek unweary'd till I find.
His help he'll freely give,

2 Hidden in Christ the treasure lies, He makes no hard condition,

That goodly pearl of so great price; 'Tis only-look and live.

No other way but Christ there is 292. T. 96. To endless happiness and bliss.

3 But Oh, I'm blind and ignorant,
O Thou, who pardon canst impart,
Thy pard’ning grace I wish to feel; Thy Holy Spirit, Lord, I want,

To guide me in the narrow road
Give life, unto my lifeless heart,

That leads to happiness and God.
And diseases kindly heal :

my Hear, Jesus, hear my feeble moan, 4 My mind enlighten with thy light, And me as thine in mercy own.

That'I may understand aright

The glorious gospel-mystery,
2 Vain are all other helps beside,

Which shows the wayto heav'n and thee.
Such favours only from thee flow;
Other physicians have I try'd, 5 O Jesus Christ, my Lord and God,
Yet only worse and worse I


Who hast redeem'd me by thy blood;
Give me by faith on thee to lean, By faith unite my heart to thee,
And unto me:

« Be thou clean." That we may never parted be.
: T. 151.


T. 58.
My Lord, how great the favor, THE more forgiveness thou dost deign
That I a sinner poor,

Can, thro' thy blood's sweet savor, The more thou art belov'd, most gra-
Approach thy mercy-door!

cious Lord : And find an open passage

We are all great sinners, before thee,
Unto the throne of grace,

Then wait the welcome message O therefore grant to us


and That bids me go in peace.


To love thee much. 2 In my forlorn condition,

2 How merciful art thou, O God of Who else could give me aid ?

love! Where could I meet compassion,

How doth each needy soul thy comBut in the church's Head?

forts prove! In mercy, O receive me,

Who to thee can render due compenThou God, who hearest pray'r !

sation ? From ev'ry evil save me,

In heav'n and earth thy mercy and Dispel each needless fear.

compassion Unequall'd are !


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