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Raised again for our justification. Rom. iv. 25; v. 10; vi. 23.

1 IN Jesus, who was crucified,

Alone we glory and confide;

Let every tongue with joy confess,

The Lord, our strength and righteousness.

2 For us, redemption to obtain,

The spotless Lamb of God was slain ;
Saints, triumph in his glorious name,
Who by his death our foes o'ercame.
3 To banish all our griefs and fears,
For us the great High Priest appears;
Jesus, that suffer'd in our stead,
For ever lives our cause to plead.

4 Behold, enthron'd at God's right hand,
Our powerful Intercessor stand!
The Father's reconciling face
Our joyful souls with rapture trace.

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Praise. Psa. xxx. 4, 5; xlviii. 1; lxvi. 8, 9.

1 HOSANNA ! to the Prince of light,
That cloth'd himself in clay;
Enter'd the iron gates of death,
And tore the bars away.

2 Death is no more the king of dread,
Since our Immanuel rose;
He took the tyrant's sting away,
And spoil'd our hellish foes.

3 Raise your devotion, mortal tongues,
To reach his bless'd abode ;

Sweet be the accents of your songs
To our incarnate God.

4 Bright angels, strike your loudest strings, Your sweetest voices raise;

Let heaven, and all created things,
Sound our Immanuel's praise.

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1 DOST thou thy children's name record Free of thy holy city, Lord?

And are we sinners, call'd to share
The precious privileges there?

2 Shall we receive this grace" in vain?
Shall we our great vocation stain?
Away, ye works in darkness wrought;
Away, each sensual, sinful thought!
3 Our souls, we charge them to excel,
In thinking right and doing well:
Deep let our searching powers engage,
Unbias'd, in the sacred page.

4 Heighten the force of good desire,
To deeds of shining worth aspire;
More firm in fortitude, despise
The world's seducing vanities.

5 Strong and more strong our passions rule, Advancing still in virtue's school;

Contending still with noble strife,
To imitate our Saviour's life.

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The one Living and True God.

1 ETERNAL God! Almighty Cause
Of earth, and seas, and worlds unknown!
All things are subject to thy laws;
All things depend on Thee alone.

2 Thy glorious being singly stands,
Of all within itself possess'd;

By none controll'd in thy commands,
And in thyself supremely bless'd.
3 Worship to thee alone belongs,
Worship to thee alone we give ;
Thine be our hearts, and thine our songs,
And to thy glory may we live.

4 Spread thy great name through every land,
In every heart erect thy throne;
Subdue the world to thy command,
And as Thou art, reign God alone.

117. L. M.

The Ascension of Christ unto Glory. Psa. xlviii. 1, 5; lxviii. 18.

1 CHRIST is gone up, our Lord and King, With shouts of joy and trumpets' sound! To Him repeated praises sing,

And let the cheerful song go round.

2 Your utmost skill in praise be shown
For Him who all the world commands;
Who sits upon his righteous throne,
And spreads his love to distant lands!

3 Ascending high, in triumph, thou
Hast gifts received for sinful men,
And captive led captivity,

That God may dwell on earth again.

4 Even rebels shall partake thy grace,
And humble proselytes repair
To worship at thy dwelling-place,
And all the world pay homage there.

5 For benefits, each day bestow'd,
Be daily his great name adored;
Who is our Saviour and our God,
Of life and death the sovereign Lord.

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Life, Death and Resurrection.

1 ETERNAL God, how frail is man!
Few are the hours, and short the span,
Between the cradle and the grave:
Who can prolong his vital breath?
Who from the bold demands of death
Hath skill to fly or power to save?
2 But let no murmuring heart complain,
That, therefore, man is made in vain,
Nor the Creator's grace distrust;
For though his servants, day by day,
Go to their graves, and turn to clay,
A bright reward awaits the just.
3 Jesus hath made thy purpose known,
A new and better life hath shown,
And we the glorious tidings hear;
For ever blessed be the Lord,
That we can read his holy word,
And find a resurrection there.

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Ascension of Christ. Acts i. 9; iii. 21. 1 Pet. iii. 22.

1 OUR Lord is risen from the dead,
Our Jesus is gone up on high;
The heavenly hosts in anthems loud
Welcome the King of glory nigh.

2 There his triumphal chariot waits,
And angels chant the solemn lay;
"Lift up your heads, ye heavenly gates!
Ye everlasting doors give way


3 Loose all your bars of massy light,
And wide unfold the radiant scene;
He claims those mansions as his right;
Receive the King of glory in!

4 "Who is the King of glory, who?"
The Lord that all his foes o'ercame,
The world, sin, death, and hell o'erthrew,
And Jesus is the conqueror's name.

5 Lo! his triumphal chariot waits,
And angels chant the solemn lay,
"Lift up your heads, ye heavenly gates!
Ye everlasting doors, give way!"

6"Who is this King of glory, who?"
The Lord of boundless power possess'd;
The King of saints and angels too,
God over all, for ever bless'd.

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God is gone up with a shout. Mark xvi. 19. Luke xxiv. 51.

1 CLAP your hands, ye people all,
Praise the God on whom ye call;
Lift your voice and shout his praise,
Triumph in his sovereign grace.

2 Jesus is gone up on high,
Takes his seat above the sky;
Shout the angel choirs aloud,
Echoing to the trump of God!

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