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L. M. Carthage. [b]

Christ's Sufferings and Exaltation. p1 NOW let our mournful songs record

I The dying sorrows of our Lord; When he complain'd in tears and blood,

As one forsaken of his God. e 2 The Jews beheld him thus forlorn,

And shook their heads, and laugh'd in scorn; d 'He rescu'd others from the grave;

Now let him try himself to save. . 3 “This is the man did once pretend 'God was his Father and his Friend ; "If God the blessed lov'd him so,

Why doth he fail to help him now?" 0 4 Barbarous people! cruel priests !

How they stood round like savage beasts!
Like lions gaping to devour,

When God had left him in their power. p 5 They wound his head, his hands, his feet,

Till streams of blood each other meet;
By lot his garments they divide,
And mock the pangs in which he died.
-6 But God his Father heard his cry;
o Rais'd from the dead, he reigns on high;
--The nations learn his righteousness,

And humble sinners taste his grace.
PSALM 23. L. M. Green's. Islington. [*]

God our Shepherd.
1 M Y Shepherd is the living Lord;

NI Now shall my wants be well supply'd, His providence and holy word Become my safety and my guide. 2 In pastures where salvation grows He makes me feed, he makes me rest; There living water gently flows, And all the food's divinely blest. p 3 My wand'ring feet his ways mistake; -But he restores my soul to peace, o And leads me, for his mercy's sake,

In the fair paths of righteousness. p 4 Though I walk through the gloomy vale,

Where death and all its terrours are :


My heart and hope shall never fail,
o For God my Shepherd's with me there.
e 5 Amidst the darkness and the deeps,
-Thou art my comfort, thou my stay:
o Thy staff supports my feeble steps,

Thy rod directs my doubtful way.
e [6 The sons of earth, and sons of hell,
Gaze at thy goodness and repine,
To see my table spread so well,


in How I rejoice, when on my head

Thy Spirit condescends to rest! o 'Tis a divine anointing shed,

Like oil of gladness at a feast.]
s 8 Surely the mercies of the Lord

Attend his household all their days;
There will I dwell, to hear his word,
To seek his face, and sing his praise.

C. M. Barby. [*]
1[TMY Shepherd will supply my need;

NI Jehovah is his name:
In pastures fresh he makes me feed,

Beside the living stream.
0 2 He brings my wand'ring spirit back,

When I forsake his ways;
And leads me, for his mercy's sake,

In paths of truth and grace. e 3 When I walk through the shades of death,

Thy presence is my stay;
A word of thy supporting breath

Drives all my fears away.
-4 Thy hand, in spite of all my foes,

Doth still my table spread; o My cup with blessings overflows,

Thine oil anoints my head. -5 The sure provisions of my God

Attend me all my days; e O may thy house be my abode,

And all my work be praise ! --6 There would I find a settled rest,

While others go and come; No more a stranger or a guest,

But like a child at home.)



S. M. Aylesbury. Dover. [*]

God's tender Care of his people. 1. THE Lord my Shepherd is,

1 I shall be well supply'd : Since he is mine, and I am his,

What can I want beside ? 2 He leads me to the place,

Where heavenly pasture grows,
Where living waters gently pass,
0 And full salvation flows.
e 3 If e'er I go astray,

He doth my soul reclaim;
And guides me in his own right way,

For his most holy' name. 4 While he affords his aid,

I cannot yield to fear! e Tho' I should walk through death's dark shade, 0 My Shepherd 's with me there. s 5 In spite of all my foes,

Thou dost my table spread; My cup with blessings overflows,

And joy exalts my head. 6 The bounties of thy love

Shall crown my foll'wing days;
Nor from thy house will I remove,

Nor cease to speak thy praise.
PSALM 24. C. M. Abridge. Bedford. [*7

Dwelling with God.
i THE earth for ever is the Lord's,

1 With Adam's num’rous race; He rais'd its arches o’er the floods,

And built it on the seas. e 2 But who among the sons of men

May visit thine abode ? d He who has hands from mischief clean,

Whose heart is right with God.
3 This is the man may rise, and take

The blessings of his grace;
This is the lot of those who seek

The God of Jacob's face.
04 Now let our soul's immortal powers

To meet the Lord prepare ;


And menauilding, pelling

o Lift up their everlasting doors;

The King of glory's near. e 5 The King of glory-who can tell

The wonders of his might? --He rules the nations; but to dwell With saints, is his delight.

L. M. Islington. [*] Saints dwell in Heaven : or Christ's Ascensior. di TTHIS spacious earth is all the Lord's,

1 And men and worms,and beasts and birds, -He rais'd the building on the seas,

And gave it for their dwelling place. 0 2 But there's a brighter world on high,

Thy palace, Lord, above the sky: e Who shall ascend that blest abode,

And dwell so near his maker God? d 3 He who abhors and fears to sin,

Whose heart is pure, whose hands are clean;
Him will the Lord, the Saviour bless,

And clothe his soul with righteousness. -4 These are the men, the pious race,

Who seek the God of Jacob's face; o These shall enjoy the blissful sight, And dwell in everlasting light.

: : PAUSE. Oporto. o 5 Rejoice, ye shining worlds on high, --Behold the King of glory nigh! e Who can this King of glory be? o The mighty Lord, the Saviour 's he. -6 Ye heavenly gates, your leaves display,

To make the Lord, the Saviour way; o Laden with spoils from earth and hell,

The Conqu’ror comes with God to dwell. g 7 Rais'd from the dead, he goes before,

He opens heaven's eternal door,
To give his saints a blest abode,
Near their Redeemer and their God.

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Ver. 1–11. Waiting for Pardon and Direction

I My trust is in his name;

e Let not my foes that seek my blood

Still triumph in my shame. p 2 Sin, and the powers of hell,

Persuade me to despair: -Lord, make me know thy covnant well,

That I may 'scape the snare. e 3 From the first dawning light

Till the dark evening rise,
For thy salvation, Lord, I wait,

With ever longing eyes. e4 Remember all thy grace,

And lead me in thy truth;
Forgive the sins of riper days,

And follies of my youth.
--5 The Lord is just and kird ;

The meek shall learn his ways;
And every humble sinner find

The methods of his grace. 06 For his own goodness sake,

He saves my soul from shame; He pardons, (though my-guilt be great,)

Through my Redeemer's name.

S. M. 2nd Part. Dover. [*]

Ver. 12, 14, 10, 13. Divine Instruction. e 1 W HERE shall the man be found,

Y Who fears t offend his GodWho loves the gospels joyful sound,

And trembles at the rod? -2 The Lord will make him know 0 The secrets of his heart; o The wonders of his cov'nant show,

And all his love impart.
- The dealings of his hand

Are truth and mercy still,
With such as to his cov'nant stand,

And love to do his will.
4 Their souls shall dwell at ease,
0 Before their Maker's face;
Their seed shall taste the promises

In their extensive grace.

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