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de sall not, Oh that we bosom again; and plucked it ont, that of the fruit of his loius, acbis flesh! we cannot be of his bosom, and, behold, it was cording to the flesh, he would be

turned again as his other flesh. raise up Christ to sit on his vil, 2. When the wicked,

throne: Num. xii, 12. Let her not be as De enemies and my foes, one dead, of whom the flesh is

Rom. 1x, 5. Whose are the on me to eat up my flesh, half consumed when he cometh fathers, and of whom as concernmbled and fell, out of his mother's womb.

ing the flesh Christ came, who is xill, 25. The righteous Job vi, 12. Is my strength the

over all, God blessed for ever.

Amen. bo the satisfying of his strength of stones? or is my Desh t the belly of the wicked of brass?

2 Cor. iv, 11. For we which live

are alway delivered unto death Job xiv, 22. But his flesh upon for Jesus sake, that the life also Ixxii

, 7. The full soul him shall have pain, and his soul of Jesus might be made manifest 1 au honeycomb; but to within him shall mourn. Ty soul every bitter thing

in our mortal flesh. Job xxxill, 25. His fesh shall be Gal. ii, 20. .. And the life

fresher than a child's: he shall re- which I now live in the flesh I 11, 12-16. Prove thy ser-turn to the days of his youth. I begeech thee, ten days;

live by the faith of the Son of God, them give us pulse to eat, Luke xxiv, 39. Behold my hands who loved me, and gave himself a to drink. Then let our and my feet, that it is I myself: for me. mes be looked upon handle me, and see; for a spirit Eph, vi, 5. Servants, be obedient bee, and the countenance hath not flesh and bones, as ye see to them that are your masters hildren that eat of the por me have.

according to the flesh, with fear the king's meat: and as Acts fi, 31. He seeing this before and trembling, in singleness of *, deal with thy servants. spake of the resurrection of your heart, as unto Christ. insented to them in this Christ, that his soul was not left Phil. i, 22, 24. But if I live in the

and proved them ten in helí, neither his flesh did see flesh, this is the fruit of my laAnd at the end of ten days corruption.

bour: yet what I shall choose I wot mtenances appeared fairer

not. Nevertheless to abide in the Eph. V, 29. For no man ever ker in flesh than all the which did eat the portion yet hated his own flesh; but flesh is more needful for you.

nourisheth and cherisheth it, even Col. ii, 1,5. For I would that ye dog's meat. Thus Melzar as the Lord the church.

knew what great conflict I have way the portion of their

for you, and for them at Laodicea, Di the wine that they detok; and gave them NAME OF THE WHOLE and for as many as have not seen

my face in the flesh. For though CORPOREAL PERSON.

I be absent in the flesh, yet am I I Ti 14. Thou shalt eat, Gen. vi, 3. And the LORD said, with you in the spirit, joying and to be satisfied; and thy My spirit shall not always strive beholding your order, and the dom vall be in the midst with man, for that he also is flesh: stedfastness of your faith in and thou shalt take hold, yet his days shall be an hundred Christ.

not deliver; and that and twenty years. ka deliverest will I give

1 Peter iv, 1. Forasmuch then Ps. xvi, 9. Therefore my heart as Christ hath suffered for us in e sword.

is glad, and my glory rejoiceth: the flesh, arm yourselves likewise !T, 6. Blessed are they my flesh also shall rest in hope. with the same mind: for he that lo hunger and thirst after P3. Ivi, 4. In God I will praise

hath suffered in the flesh hath work for they shall be his word, in God I have put my

ceased from sin. trust; I will not fear what desh 11, 21, 27. Jesus answered can do unto me.

NAME OF CORRUPTED HUof sald, Verily, verily, I you, Ye seek me, not be

P8. lxxix, 2. The dead bodies of MAN NATURE, ESPECIALLY ex the miracles, but be thy servants have they given to

IN THE WRITINGS OF be meat unto the fowls of the Büd eat of the loaves, and

Il Labour not for the heaven, the flesh of thy saints un-
Uch perisheth, but for that
to the beasts of the earth.

John iii, 6. That which is born sich endureth unto ever

of the flesh is flesh; and that Prov. iv, 22. For they are life Efe, which the Son of man

unto those that find them, and which is born of the Spirit is sunto you: for him hath health to all their flesh.

spirit. Tather sealed. Eccles. xil, 12. And farther, by were in the flesh, the motions of

Rom. vii, 5, 18, 25. For when we 1,31. Whether therefore these, my son, be admonished: of drink, or whatsoever ye making many books there is no sins, which were by the law, did to the glory of God. end; and much study is a weari-forth fruit unto death. For I know

work in our members to bring under Diet and Dress.) ness of the flesh.

that in me (that is, in my flesh,) Matth. XXVI, 41. Watch and dwelleth no good thing: for to will TITUENT PARTS OF pray, that ye enter not into temp- is present with me; but how to

tation: the spirit indeed is willing, perform that which is good I find BODY. but the flesh is weak.

not. I thank God through Jesus FLESH.

John i, 14. And the Word was Christ our Lord. So then with 1,21. And the LORD God made flesh, and dwelt among us, the mind I myself serve the law a deep sleep to fall upon (and we beheld his glory, the of God; but with the flesh the law and be slept: and he took glory as of the only begotten of of sin. his ribs, and closed up the the Father,) full of grace and

Rom. viii, 3-9. For what the stead thereof. truth.

law could not do, in that it was L. iv, 7. And he said. Put Acts ii, 30. Therefore being a weak through the flesh, God baná into tby bosom again, prophet, 'and knowing that God sending his own Son in the likebe put his hand into his hath sworn with an oath to him, ness of sinful flesh, and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh: That the spirit, and rejoice in Christ | TO DENOTE ALSO AU the righteousness of the law Jesus, and have no confidence in ITY GENERALLY AS IT might be fulfilled in us, who walk the flesh.

VERY COMMON PHR not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. For they that are after

Çol il, 11. In whom also ye are

* ALL FLESH" AND the flesh do mind the things of the circumcised with the circumcision

FLESH." SOMETIMES flesh; but they that are after the made without hands, in putting

KINDRED OR CLOS Spirit the things of the Spirit off the body of the sins of the Por to be carnally minded is flesh, by the circumcision of RELATION AS IN 1 death; but to be spiritually mindChrist.

FOLLOWING EXAMP ed is life and peace. Because the 2 Peter ii, 10, 18. But chiefly Gen. ii, 24. Therefore ! carnal mind is enmity against them that walk after the flesh in man leave his father al God: for it is not subject to the the lus of uncleanness, and de- mother, and shall cleave u law of God, neither indeed can be. spise government.

For wife: and they shall be one So then they that are in the flesh | when they speak great swelling Gen. xxxvii, 27. Come, cannot please God. But ye are words of vanity, they allure us sell him to the Ishim not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, through the lusts of the flesh, and let not our hand by if so be that the Spirit of God through much wantonness, those him; for he is our brother & dwell in you. Now if any man that were clean escaped from flesh. And his brethrer have not the Spirit of Christ, he is them who live in error.

content. none of his.

1 John ii, 16. For all that is in 1 Chron. xl, 1. Then all Rom. xiii, 14. But put ye on the the world, the lust of the flesh, gathered themselves to Lord Jesus Christ, and make not and the lust of the eyes, and the unto Hebron, saying, Beh provision for the flesh, to fulfil the pride of life, is not of the Father, are thy bone and thy flesh lusts thereof. but is of the world.

Neh. v, 5. Yet now our 1 Cor. , 5. To deliver such an

Jude 7, 8, 23. Even as Sodom as the flesh of our brethr one unto Satan for the destruc- and Gomorrha, and the cities children as their childre tion of the flesh, that the spirit about them in like manner, giv. 10, we bring into bonda may, be saved in the day of the ing themselves over to fornica- sons and our daughters Lord Jesus.

tion, and going after strange flesh, servants, and some of our 2 Cor.1, 17. When I therefore was are set forth for an example, ters are brought unto o thus minded, did I use lightness? suffering the vengeance of eternal already: neither is it in ou or the things that I purpose, do I fire. Likewise also these filthy to redeem them; for oth purpose according to the flesh, dreamers defile the flesh, despise have our lands and vineya that with me there should be yea dominion, and speak evil of digni. yea, and nay nay? ties. And others save with fear, bread to the hungry, a

Isa. Iviil, 7. Is it not to d 2 Cor. x, 2. But I beseech you, ing even the garment spotted by out to thy house? when the

pulling them out of the fire; hat- thou bring the poor that I that I may not be bold when I am

the flesh. present with that confidence,

the naked, that thou cor wherewith I think to be bold

and that thou hide not against some, which think of us USED TO SIGNIFY WHAT IS

from thine own flesh? as if we walked according to the

Eph. v, 30. For we are nu flesh.


of his body, of his flesh, an TO HUMANITY AS IN THE bones, Gal. v, 16-21. This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall

PHRASES "AFTER THE not fulfil the lusts of the flesh, FLES" AND "IN THE

BONE. For the flesh lusteth against the


Judges xix, 29. And w Spirit, and the Spirit against the

was come into his house, 1 flesh; and these are contrary the

John viii, 15. Ye judge after the

a knife, and laid hold on one to the other so that ye can- flesh; I judge no man.

cubine, and divided her, 1 not do the things that ye would. Rom. ii, 28. For he is not a

with her bones, into twelve But if ye be led of the Spirit, ye Jew, which is one outwardly; and sent her into all the a are not under the law. Now the neither is that circumcision, which Israel. works of the flesh are manifest, is outward in the flesh.

Job il, 5. But put fort which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lascivious

1 Çor. I, 26. For ye see your his flesh, and he will curso

hand now, and touch his bi ness. Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, calling, brethren, how that not

thy face. variance, emulations, wrath, many wise men after the flesh, strife, seditions, heresies. Envy: not many mighty, not many

Exek. xxxvii, 7. So I pray

as I was commanded; am Ings, murders, drunkenness, re- noble, are called. vellings, and such like: of the 1 Cor. vii, 28. But and if thon behold a shaking, and the

prophesied, there was a nal which I tell you before, as I have marry, thou hast not sinned; and also told you in time past, that if a virgin marry, she hath not

came together, bone to his they which do such things shall sinned. Nevertheless such shall John xix, 36. For these not inherit the kingdom of God. have trouble in the flesh: but I were done, that the sc Eph. 11, 3. Among whom also sparo you.

should be fulfilled, A bone we all had our conversation in 2 Cor. v, 16. Wherefore hence- shall not be broken. times past in the lusts of our flesh, I forth kuow we no man after the fulfilling the desires of the flesh flesh: yea, though we have known

Job iv, 14. Fear came up and of the

mind; and were by na- Christ after the flesh, yet now and trembling, which mi ture the children of wrath, even henceforth know we him no more. my bones to sbake. as others.

2 Cor. xl, 18. Seeing that many Job xxi, 24. His breasts a Phu. iil, 3. For we are the cir- glory after the flesh, I will glory of milk, and his bones are cumcision, which worship God in I also.

ened with marrow.

XIV, 20. He keepeth all | OFTEN REFERRED TO AS

their bones, and burled them an. bones not one of them is

der a tree at Jabesh, and fasted THE SEAT OF PAIN AND ken.

seven days. 1,& Make me to hear joy DISEASE, ESPECIALLY IN

2 Sam. xxi, 12-14. And David gladness that the bones which


went and took the bones of Saul I bast broken may rejoice. Job xx, 11. His bones are full and the bones of Jonathan his

son from the men of Jabeshhee, ili, & It shall be health to of the sin of his youth, which shall

gilead, which had stolen them Davel , and marrow to thy lie down with him in the dust.

from the street of Beth-shan, Job xxxiii,19,21. He is chastened

where the Philistines had hanged www. xil, 4. A virtuous woman also with pain upon his bed, and stown to her husband: but the multitude of his bones with them, when the Philistines had

slain Saul in Gilboa: And he test maketh ashamed is as strong pain. His flesh is conOP in bis bones. sumed away, that it cannot be brought up from thence the bones

of Saul and the bones of Jonathan XIV, 30. A sound heart is seen; and his bones that were not

his son; and they gathered the of the flesh: but envy the seen stick out.

bones of them that were hanged. of the bones.

Ps. Vi, 2. Have mercy upon me, And the bones of Saul and Jona Free, 27, 50. The light of the heal me; for my bones are vexed country of Benjamin in Zelah, in

LORD; for I am weak: 0 LORD, than his son buried they in the riceth the heart: and a report maketh the bones

P3. xxii, 14. I am poured out like the sepulchre of Kish his father: water, and all my bones are out and they performed all that the

of joint: my heart is like wax; it king commanded. And after that Pre. Iil, 22. A merry heart is melted in the midst of my God was intreated for the land. good lake a medicine: but a bowels.

1 Kings xiii, 2, 31. And he cried da pirit drieth the bones.

P3. XXXI, 10. For my life is spent against the altar in the word of B. Ivili, 11. And the LORD with grief, and my years with the LORD, and said, O altar, altar,

guide the continually, and sighing: my strength faileth be thus saith the LORD; Behold, á thy soul in drought, and cause of mine iniquity, and my child shall be born unto the Le fat thy bones. .. bones are consumed.

house of David, Josiah by name; I will, 9. Mine heart within

P3. xxxi, 3. When I kept silence, and upon thee shall he offer the La broken because of the pro- my bones waxed old through my priests of the high places that egall my boues shake. roaring all the day long.

burn incense upon thee, and LI, 13. From above hath he

men's bones shall be burnt upon te into my bones, and it say, LORD, who is like unto thee, he had buried him, that he spake

P3. xxxv, 10. All my bones shall thee. And it came to pass, after Kerath against them.

which deliverest the poor from to his sons, saying, When I am Loe, My flesh and my him that is too strong for him, dead, then bury me in the sepulface be made old; he hath yea, the poor and the needy from chre wherein the man of God is him that spoileth him?

buried; lay my bones beside his 1,2 Who hate the good, Ps. xxxviii, 3. There is no bones. bine the evil; who pluck off soundness in my flesh because of

2 Kings xxiil, 14, 16, 18, 20. And ein from off them, and thine anger; neither is there any he brake in pieces the images, Besh from off their bones. rest in my bones because of my and cut down the groves, and sin.

filled their places with the bones ANE AND INDEX OF WHAT

P3. xlli, 10. As with a sword in of men. And as Josiah turned TERMED BY US“

my bones, mine enemies reproach himself, he spied the sepulchres “BLOOD

me; while they say daily unto me, that were there in the mount, and RELATIONSHIP. Where is thy God?

sent, and took the bones out of 1, 23. And Adam said, Ps. cii, 3, 5. For my days are

the sepulchres, and burned them now bone of my bones, consumed' like smoke, and my upon the altar, and polluted it, lesh of my flesh: she shall bones are burned as an hearth. according to the word of the alled Woman, because she By reason of the voice of my LORD which the man of God protaken out of Man.

groaning my bones cleave to my claimed, who proclaimed these Pediges ix, 2. Speak, I pray you, skin.

words. And he said, Let him

alone; let no man ears of all the men of She

move his

bones. Whether is better for you, AND OFTEN REFERS TO alone, with the bones of the pro

So they let his bones ter that all the sons of Jerub

DEAD MEN. thich are threescore and

phet that came out of Samaria. persons, reign over you, or

Gen, 1, 25. And Joseph took an And he slew all the priests of the te reign over you? remem

oath of the children of Israel, say- high places that were there upon Salso that I am your bone and ing, God will surely visit you, and the altars, and burned men's

ye shall carry up my bones from bones upon them, an returned to hence.

Jerusalem. 1 &am. Y, 1. Then came all the les of Israel to David unto

Exod. xiii, 19. And Moses took 2 Chron. xxxiv, 6. And he burnt bleon, and spake, saying, Be

the bones of Joseph with him: for the bones of the priests upon we are thy bone and thy he had straitly sworn the chil their altars, and cleansed Judah

dren of Israel, saying, God will and Jerusalem.

surely visit you; and ye shall carry 2 San. Xir, 12. Ye are my breth- up my bones away hence with the LORD, they shall bring out the

Jer. viii, 1. At that time, waith Je are tny bones and my you. wab: wherefore then are yo the

bones of the kings of Judah, and is to bring back the king?

Josh. xxiv, 32. And the bones of the bones of his princes, and the

Joseph, which the children of bones of the priests, and the bones Eph. V, 80. For we are mem-Israel brought up out of Egypt, of the prophets, and the bones of bers of his body, of his flesh, and buried they in Shechem.

a my bones.

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the inhabitants of Jerusalem, out 1 Sam. XXXI, 13. And they took of their graves.

bi bla bones.

Ezek. vi, 5. And I will lay they are like jewels, the work of the brother's blood crieth r dead carcases of the children of hands of a cunning workman. from the ground. Israel before their idols; and I will

Col. ii, 19. And not holding the Deut. xvii, 8. If there scatter your bones round about head, from which all the body by matter too hard for thee your altars.

joints and bands having nour- ment, between blood an Ezek. xxxvii, 1, 3-5, 11. The ishment ministered, and knit between plea and plea, hand of the LORD was upon me, together, increaseth with the tween stroke and strol and carried me out in the spirit of increase of God.

matters of controversy w the Lord, and set me down in the

Heb. iv, 12. For the word of God gates: then shalt thou a midst of the valley which was full is quick, and powerful, and sharp- get thee up into the pla of bones. And he said unto me, er than any two-edged sword, the LORD thy God shall c Son of man, can these bones live? piercing even to the dividing And I answered, O Lord God, asunder of soul and spirit, and of cried aloud, and cut th

1 Kings xviii, 28. A thou knowest. Again he said unthe joints and marrow.

after their manner wit. to me, Prophesy upon these bones, and say unto them, Oye dry

and lancets, till the blooi bones, hear the word of the LORD.


out upon them. Thus saith the Lord God unto Exod. xxii, 27. For that is his

P3. Iviii, 10. The righte these bones; Behold, I will cause covering only, it is his raiment for rejoice when he seeth ti breath to enter into you, and ye his skin: wherein shall he sleep? ance: he shall wash his it shall live: Then said he unto me, and it shall come to pass, when he blood of the wicked. Son of man, these bones aro the crieth unto me, that I will hear; Ps. Ixxii, 14. He shall whole house of Israel: behold, for I am gracious.

their soul from deceit and they say, Our bones are dried,

Job xvi, 15. I have sewed sack- and precious shall their and our hope is lost: we are cut cloth upon my skin, and deflled in his sight. off for our parts. my horn in the dust.

Ezek. xvi, 6, 9. And Ezek. xxxix, 15.

And the pas- Job xviii, 13. It shall devour the passed by thee, and 1 sengers that pass through the strength of his skin: even the first-polluted in thine own bic land, when any seeth a n's born of death shall devour his unto thee when thou tra bone, then shall he set up a sign strength.

blood, Live; yea, I said t by it, till the buriers have buried it in the valley of Hamon-gog.

Job xix, 20. My bone cleaveth when thou wast in thy bic

to my skin and to my flesh, and I Then washed I thee wit Amos il, 1. Thus saith the LORD; am escaped with the skin of my yea, I throughly wash For three transgressions of Moab, teeth.

thy blood from thee, and and for four, I will not turn away

ed thee with oil.

Job xxx, 30. My skin is black the punishment thereof;because he upon me, and my bones are burn- Ezek. xxxviii, 22. Ad burned the bones of the king of ed with heat.

plead against him with Edom into lime.

Ps. cii, 5. By reason of the voice and with blood; and I Amos vi, 10. And a man's uncle of my groaning my bones cleave upon him, and upon hi shall take him up, and he that to my skin.

and upon the many pe burneth him, to bring out the

are with him, an

Jer. xiii, 23. Can the Ethiopian rain, and great hailsta bones out of the house, and shall say unto him that is by the sides change his skin, or the leopard and brimstone. of the house, Is there yet any his spots? then may ye also do

Zeph, I, 17. And I w with thee? And he shall say, No. good, that are accustomed to do evil.

distress upon men, that t Then shall he say, Hold thy

walk like blind men, tongue: for we may not make Lam. fif, 4. My flesh and my they have sinned aga mention of the name of the LORD. skin hath' he made old; he hath Lord: and their blood Matth. xxiii, 27. Woe unto you, broken my bones.

poured out as dust, a scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!

flesh as the dung. for ye are like unto whited sepul.


Like xxii, 20. Likewise chres, which indeed appear beanti- Job x, 11. Thou hast clothed cup after supper, sayi ful outward, but are within fall of me with skin and flesh, and hast cup is the new testamer dead men's bones, and of all un- fenced me with bones and sinews.blood, which is shed for : cleanness.

JOD xxx, 17. My bones are Acts xvii, 26. And bath JOINTS.

pierced in me in the night season: one blood all nations of

and my sinews take no rest. to dwell on all the ta Dan. V, 6. Then the king's

Isa. xlviii, 4. Because I knew earth, and hath determ countenance was changed, and that thou art obstinate, and thy times before appointed, his thoughts troubled him, so that neck is an iron sinew.

bounds of their habitation the joints of his loins were loosed, and his knees smote one against

Ezek. xxxvii, 6, 8. And I will lay Heb. xii, 4. Ye have not another.

sinews upon yon, and will bring sisted unto blood, stririn. up flesh upon you, and cover you sin.

with skin, and put breath in you, Ps. xxil, 14. I am poured out and ye shall live; and ye shali

Rev. xiv, 20. And the w

was trodden without the like water, and all my bones are know that I am the LORD. And blood came out of the w out of joint. . when I beheld, lo, the sinews and

even unto the horse bri Prov. xxv, 19. Confidence in an the flesh came up upon them, and the space of a thousand unfaithful man in time of trouble the skin covered them above; but

hundred furlonge is like a broken tooth, and a foot there was no breath in them. out of joint. Cant. vil, 1. How beautiful are


OFTEN USED IN CONNI thy feet with shoes, o prince's Gen. iv, 10. And he said, What WITH MURDER daughter! the joints of thy thighs hast thou done? the voice of thy Gen. ix, 6. Whosos

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lood, by man shall his Job xvi, 18. O earth, cover not esses, and after the manner of shed: for in the linage of thou my blood, and let my cry women that shed blood; because le he man. have no place.

they are adulteresses, and blood vil, 4. And bringeth it Ps. ix, 12. When he maketh in- is in their hands. the door of the taber-quisition for blood, he remember

Ezek. XXXVI, 18. Wherefore I the congregation, to offer eth them: he forgetteth not the poured my fury upon them for the ng unto the LORD before cry of the humble.

blood that they had shed upon the mascle of the LORD; blood Ps. Ixxix, 3, 10. Their blood land, and for their idols wherewith Impated into that man; have they shed like water round they had polluted it. shed blood; and that man about Jerusalem; and there was cut off from among his none to bury them. Wherefore

Hosea 1, 4. And the LORD said should the heathen say, Where anto him, Call his name Jezreel; XIV, 33. So ye shall not is their God? let him be known for yet a little while, and I will ke land wherein ye are: among the heathen in our sight avenge the blood of Jezreel upon 1 it defileth the land: and by the revenging of the blood of the house of Jehu, and will cause

to cease the kingdom of the house cannot be cleansed of the thy servants which is shed.

of Israel. Mis shed therein, but by Prov. i, 11, 16. If they say, Come i of him that sbed it.

Matth. xxiii, 35. That upon you with us, let us lay wait for blood, may come all the righteous blood Tix, 10. That innocent let us lurk privily for the innow shed upon the earth, from the not shed in thy land, cent withont cause.

For their blood of righteous Abel unto the he LORD thy God giveth feet run to evil, and make haste blood of Zacharias son of Baraan inheritance, and 80 to shed blood.

chias, whom ye slew between the upon thee,

Jer, il, 34. Also in thy skirts is temple and the altar. , IIV, 26. Now therefore, found the blood of the souls of the

Matth. xxvii, 6. And the chief as the LORD liveth, and poor innocents: I have not found soul liveth, seeing the it by secret search, but upon all priests took the silver pieces, and ith withholden thee from these.

said, It is not lawful for to put

them into the treasury, because it to shed blood, and from Lam. iv, 13, 14. For the sins of is the price of blood. & thyself with' thine own her prophets, and the iniquities

let thine enemies, and of her priests, that have shed the Luke xiii, 1. There were present seek evil to my lord, be blood of the just in the midst of at that season some that told him

her, They have wandered as of the Galilæans, whose blood R. 23. And afterward blind men in the streets, they Pilate had mingled with their Durid heard it, he said, I have polluted themselves with sacrifices. Eteedom are guiltless be- blood, so that men could not touch

Acts v, 28. Saying, Did not we Lead for ever from the their garments.

straitly command you that ye (Abner the son of Ner. Erek. Xvi, 38. And I will judge should not teach in this name? LIT, 11. How much more, thee, as women that break wed- and, behold, ye have filled JeruNieked men have slain a lock and shed blood are judged; salem with your doctrine, and ins person in his own house and I will give thee blood in fury tend to bring this man's blood is bed shall I not there and jealousy.

upon us. Frequire his blood of your Ezek. xviil, 13. Hath given forth

Rev. vi, 10. And they cried with od take you away from upon usury, and hath taken in

a loud voice, saying, How long, 2

crease: shall'he then live? he shall O Lord, holy and true, dost thou 1. XVI, 7, 8. And thus said not live: he hath done all these not judge and avenge our blood when he cursed, Come abominations; he shall surely die; on them that dwell on the earth. ne out, thou bloody man,

his blood shall be upon him. n man of Belial: The LORD

Rev. xvi, 6. For they have shed Ezek. xxii,3,4, 6. Then say thou, the blood of saints and prophets, tamped upon thee all the Thus saith the Lord God; The and thou hast given them blood f the house of Saul, in city sheddeth blood in the midst to drink; for they are worthy. steal thou hast reigned; of it, that her time may come, and Lord hath delivered the maketh idols against herself to

Rev. xviii, 24. And in her was A Into the hand of Absa- defile herself. Thou art become found the blood of prophets, and son; and, behold, thou art guilty in thy blood that thou hast of saints, and of all that were slain In thy mischief, because shed; and hast defiled thyself upon thé earth. ta bloody man.

in thine idols which thou hast 4. IX, 12. And Amasa wal- made; and thou hast caused thy

INNOCENT BLOOD. a blood in the midst of the days to draw near, and art come

(See under Law.) y. And when the man saw even unto thy years: therefore the people stood still, he i have I made thee a reproach unto d Amasa out of the high- the heathen, and a mocking to all FLESH AND BLOOD, to the field, and cast a cloth countries. Behold, the princes or

A TERM FOR HUMANITY. him, when he saw that Israel, every one were in thee to ne that came by bim stood their power to shed blood.

Matth. xvi, 17. And Jesus anEzek. xxiil, 37, 45. That they ed art thou, Simon Bar-jona: for

swered, and said unto him, Blessogs lii, 22, 23. They rose have committed adultery, and ly in the morning, and the blood is in their hands, and with it unto

thee, but

my Father which

flesh and blood hath not revealed Pne upon the water, and their idols have they committed abites saw the water on adultery, and have also caused

is in heaven, her side as red as blood: their sons, whom they bare unto 1 Cor. xv, 50. Now this I say, hey said, This is blood: the me, to pass for them through the brethren, that flesh and blood canare surely slain, and they firé, to devour them. And the not inherit the kingdom of God; saatten one another. now righteous men, they shall judge neither doth corruption inherit ore, Moab, to the spoil.

them after the manner of adulter- | incorruption.

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