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HYMN 263.

HYMN 265.
To thee we raise our grateful songs, Eternal God, in whom we live,
And praise thy glorious name;

In whom we are and move,
Thy love, O Lord, inspires our tongues, The glory, power, and praise receive
Thy mercy to proclaim.

Of thy creating love.
Great Source of light, indulgent God, Let all the bright angelic throng
How rich thy mercies are !

Give thanks to God on high,
Teach us to spread thy name abroad, While earth repeats the joyful song,
And all thy truth declare.

Which echoes through the sky. O glorious Sun of Righteousness, Let each of all thy creatures be, Diffuse thy beams divine ;

Of all thy ransomed race, May we behold thy lovely face,

Devoted heart and mind to thee, And in thy image shine.

For thy redeeming grace. May thy pure light on Zion shine.

The grace on sinful men bestowed, The clouds of sin dispel;

Ye heavenly choirs proclaim,
That peace, and life, and joy divine, And cry, Salvation to our God!
In every heart may dwell.

Salvation to the Lamb !
May we be drawn to thee, O Lord, Thou author of redeeming grace,
By blessings from above,

May all thy saints adore
United by the three-fold cord

Thy saving truth, and ever bless Of faith and hope and love.

Thy heart-renewing power. So shall we feel the kindling glow Not angel-spirits can conceive, Of thy celestial fire;

Thy love's ecstatic height;
And while we journey here below, And we alone by faith receive,
To thy abode aspire.

Its renovating light.
May that bright day roll swiftly on Eternal and unchanging Lord,
When thou shalt reign below;

Let all the hosts above,
And all beneath the circling sun, Let all the sons of men record
Thy full salvation know.

Thy universal love. For this, O Lord, may every heart When time and earth are fled away, In constant prayer ascend,

Before thy glorious face, Till all shall see thee as thou art, Mankind shall sing, in endless day, And praise thee without end.

The glories of thy grace.

HYMN 264.

HYMN 266. What glorious tidings do I hear

Hark! 'tis the prophet of the skies From my Redeemer's tongue !

Proclaims redemption near ! I can no longer silence bear,

The night of death and bondage flies, I'll burst into a song. ,

The dawning tints appear.
The blind receive their sight with joy; o Zion, from thy shades of gloom,
The lame are now restored ;

Awake to glorious day!
The dumb their loosen'd tongues employ; Thy desert wastes with verdure bloom,
The deaf can hear the word.

Thy shadows flee away!
The dead are raised to life anew, The gladdening news, conveyed afar,
By renovating grace;

Remotest nations hear;
The glorious gospel's preached to you, To welcome in the Morning Star,
The poor of Adam's race.

The ransomed tribes appear.
O wondrous type of things divine,' The wilderness shall hear his voice,
When Christ displays his love,

For full salvation flows,
To raise from woe the sinking mind, And Sharon's desert shall rejoice
To reign with him above !

And blossom as the rose.

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93 HYMN 268.

HYMN 271. Begin, my soul, the lofty lay;

Lord, thou hast won ;-at length, I yield; Let each enraptured thought obey, My heart, by mighty grace compelled, And praise thy Maker's name;

Surrenders all to thee: Lo! heaven and earth, and seas and skies, Against thy terrors long ( strove, In one melodious concert rise, ? But who can stand against thy love ? To swell the gladdening theme.

Love conquers even me.



Thou heaven of heavens, his vast abode, If thou hadst bid thy thunders roll,
Ye clouds, proclaim your Maker, God; And lightnings flash to blast my soul,
Ye thunders, speak his power;

I still had stubborn been :
Lo! on the lightning's rapid wings, But mercy has my heart subdued,
In triumph rides the King of kings; A bleeding Saviour I have viewed,
Astonished worlds adore.

And now I hate my sin.
Ye deeps, with roaring billows, rise, . Now, Lord, I would be thine alone,
To join the thunder of the skies;

O take possession of thine own,
Praise him who bids you roll:

For thou hast set me free; His praise in softer notes declare,

Released from sin, at thy command Each whispering breeze of yielding air, See all my powers in waiting stand, And breathe it to the soul.

To be employed by thee.
Let man, by nobler passions swayed,
The feeling heart, the reasoning head,

HYMN 272.
In heavenly praise employ:

Arise, and hail the happy day; Spread the Creator's name around, Cast all low cares of life away, Till heaven's wide arch repeat the sound, And thought of meaner things : The general burst of joy.

This day, to cure our deadly woes,

The Sun of Righteousness arose,
HYMN 269.

With healing in his wings.
Jehovah spake! wide chaos heard,

If angels, on that happy morn, And bowing to his sovereign word, The Saviour of the world was born, Confusion, darkness fled;

Poured forth their joyful songs, While from the deep, the void profound, Much more should we, of human race, Celestial splendors shone around,

Adore the wonders of his grace, And new-born beauties spread.

To whom that grace belongs. Up rose the sun in cloudless light, O, then, let heaven and earth rejoice, And at meridian strength and height, Let every creature join his voice,

Beamed from his radiant throne; To hymn the happy day, The moon was robed in silver rays, When Jesus triumphed o'er his foes, And mild, reflecting solar blaze;

As from the shades of death he rose, Bright gem'd the starry zone.

Life's sceptre wide to sway. “ Let these be signs"-Jehovah said:

HYMN 273.
From pole to pole the signs were spread,
And mortals bade them hail !

O let your mingling voices rise
For wisdom, love, and power shall be In grateful rapture to the skies,
Thy signs, O Lord, and lead to thee, And hail a Saviour's birth;
Beyond death's cloudy vale.

Let songs of joy the day proclaim,

When Jesus all-triumphant came,
HYMN 270.

With peace to bless the earth.
All glory to our God above,

• He came to comfort the distressed, For all the tokens of his love,

To give the weary mourner rest, By all mankind be given ;

And bind the broken heart; Let every heart in praise ascend,

To spread the light of truth around, And every note of rapture blend, And to the world's remotest bound, With songs of joy in heaven.

The heavenly gift impart.

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heav'n may here begin,

A heav'n of holy joy, A heav'n of holy joy.

HYMN 275. Although the vine its fruit deny ; Though from the fold the flock decay, The budding fig-tree droop and die; Though herds, long famished, die away No oil the olive field;

Around the empty stallYet will I trust me in my God,

My so'ul above the wreck shall rise, Yea, bend rejoicing to his rod,

For better joys are in the skies,And by his grace be healed.

There God is all in all,
Though fields in verdure once arrayed, In God, my strength, howe'er distrest,
Beneath the spoiler's hand be laid, I yet will hope, and calmly rest,
Or parched by scorching beam;

Nay, triumph in his love ;
I'll joy in Him whose ways are just, I know that fruits immortal grow,
And evermore His mercy trust-

And rivers of salvation flow,
For mercy is supreme.

In my bright home above,

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HYMN 276.

HYMN 278.
My God, thy boundless love I praise ; Parent of good, thy works of might
How bright on high its glories blaze! I trace with wonder and delight!
How sweetly bloom below!

Thy name is all divine; It streams from thine eternal throne; All that is bright in earth or sky, Through heaven its joys forever run, That warms the heart,or charms the eye, And all the earth o'erflow.

Is thine, entirely thine.

'Tis love that paints the purple morn, Since all we see, or feel or know, And bids the clouds, in air upborne, Of thee and thine in earth below, Their genial drops distil;

Is so divinely bright,-
In every vernal beam it glows,

How must thy glories shine above,
And breathes in every gale that blows, In thy unfading world of love,
And glides in every rill.

The world of life and light !

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