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Let every heart exult with joy,

And every voice be song!
2 On Him the Spirit, largely shed,

Exerts its sacred fire;
Wisdom and might, and zeal and love,

His holy breast inspire.
3 He comes! the prisoners to relieve

In Satan's bondage held;
The gates of brass before him burst,

The iron fetters yield. 4. He comes ! from darkening scales of vice

To clear the inward sight,
And on the eye-balls of the blind,

To pour celestial light.
5 He comes! the broken hearts to bind,

The bleeding souls to cure,
And with the treasures of his grace

Enrich the humble poor.
6 The sacred year has now revolved,

Accepted of the Lord, When Heaven's high promise is fulfill'd,

And Israel is restored.
7 Our glad hosannahs, Prince of Peace !

Thy welcome shall proclaim ;
And heaven's exalted arches ring
With thy most honour'd name.

The one thing needful.—Luke x. 42.
1 Why will ye lavish out your years

Amidst a thousand trifling cares?
While in this various range of thought

The one thing needful is forgot ?
2 Why will ye chase the fleeting wind

And famish an immortal mind ?
While angels with regret look down
To see you spurn a heavenly crown?

3 Th’ Eternal God calls from above,

And Jesus pleads his dying love;
Awaken'd conscience gives you pain;

And shall they join their pleas in vain ?
4 Not so your dying eyes shall view

Those objects which ye now pursue;
Not so shall heaven and hell appear,
When the decisive hour is near.

5 Almighty God, thy power impart,

To fix convictions on the heart ;
Thy power unveils the blindest eyes,
And makes the haughtiest scorner wise.


Joy in heaven over repenting sinners.—Luke xv. 7-10.

1 Who can describe the joys that rise

Through all the courts of paradise
To see a prodigal return,

To see an heir of glory born?
2 With joy the Father doth approve

The fruit of his eternal love;
The Son with joy looks down and sees

The purchase of his agonies.
3 The Spirit takes delight to view

The holy soul He form'd anew;
And saints and angels join to sing
The growing empire of their King.

The Prodigal Son.-Luke xv. 11-32.
1 THEE, O‘my God, and King,

My Father, thee I sing !
Hear, well-pleased, the joyous sound,

Praise from earth and heaven receive;
Lost,—I now in Christ am found.

Dead-by faith in Christ I live.



Father, behold thy son;

Through Christ I am thy own:
Stranger long to Thee, and rest,

See the prodigal is come:
Open wide thine arms and breast,

Take the weary wanderer home.
Thine eye observed from far:

Thy pity look'd me near :
Me thy bowels yearn'd to see;

Me thy mercy ran to find,
Empty, poor, and void of Thee,

Hungry, sick, and faint, and blind.
Thou on my neck didst fall,

Thy kiss forgave me all :
Still thy gracious words I hear,

Words that made the Saviour mine:
“ Haste, for him the robe prepare,

“ His be righteousness divine !"


91. The Pharisee and the Publican.—Luke xviii. 10. 1 BEHOLD how sinners disagree,

The Publican and Pharisee!
One doth his righteousness proclaim,

The other owns his guilt and shame. 2 This man at humble distance stands,

And cries for grace with lifted hands;
That boldly rises near the throne,

And talks of duties he has done. 3 The Lord their different language knows,

And different answers He bestows;
The humble soul with grace He crowns,

Whilst on the proud his anger frowns. 4 Dear Father, let me never be

Join'd with the boasting Pharisee;
I have no merits of my own,
But plead the sufferings of thy Son.

Sincerity.-John i. 47.
I Am I an Israelite indeed,

Without a false disguise ?
Have I renounced my sins, and left

My refuges of lies?
2 Say, does my heart unchanged remain

Or is it form'd anew ?
What is the rule by which I walk;

The object I pursue ?
3 Cause me, O God of truth and grace,

My real state to know !
If I am wrong, O set me right;

If right preserve me so.

93. The brazen serpent.-John iii. 14. 1 WHEN poison spreading through their veins

Made Israel mourn their sin, Eternal mercy eased their pains,

And healed the grief within.
2 A brazen serpent high was raised,

Salvation to procure;
The wounded looked, the living praised,

The dying found a cure.
3 Sinners who feel the deadly sting,

And mourn their follies past,
May now their sins and sorrows bring,

And free salvation taste.
4 See Jesus crucified and slain,

Behold him raised on high,
One look will save from endless pain,

O look, and never die!


God is a Spirit.—John iv. 24.
I God is a Spirit just and wise,

He sees our inmost mind;
In vain to heaven we raise our cries,

And leave our souls behind. 2 In spirit and in truth alone

We must present our prayer;
The formal and the false are known

Through the disguise they wear. 3 Their lifted eyes salute the skies,

Their bending knees the ground;
But God abhors the sacrifice,
Where not the heart is found.

Apostacy.-John vi. 67.
I WHEN any turn from Zion's way,

Alas! what numbers do! Methinks I hear my Saviour say,

“ Wilt thou forsake me too?" 2 Ah, Lord! with such a heart as mine,

Unless Thou hold me fast, I feel I must, I shall decline,

And prove like them at last.
3 Yet Thou alone hast power, I know,

To save a wretch like me;
To whom, or whither, could I go,

If I should turn from Thee? 4 Beyond a doubt I rest assured

Thou art the Christ of God, Who has eternal life secured

By promise and by blood.
5 No voice but thine can give me rest,

And bid my fears depart;
No love but thine can make me bless'd,

And satisfy my heart.

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