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262. Adoration.

C.M.D. IN ev'ry place, at ev'ry hour

Tho' poor our worship be,
In weal or woe, in shine or shower,

O Lord, we worship Thee:
We worship Thee in fear by night,

And thoughts of death employ :
But soon as gleams the glorious light,

We worship Thee in joy.
2 In wonder, Lord, we worship Thee,

As on Thy works we gaze;
So various, lovely, vast they be,

We pause in mute amaze.
We worship Thee in hope, when low

Each daily toil we prove;
And when rich fields in fulness flow,

We worship Thee in love. 3 When thunders roll, and whirlwinds fly,

We worship Thee in awe,
And praise, as clears the beauteous sky,

Thy mercy, power, and law.
Thus every hour, in ev'ry place,

Tho' poor our worship be,
In fear, love, wonder, joy, and praise,

O Lord, we worship Thee. 263. Is it well ? C.M. WHEN from the eye rolls down the tear,

And sighs the bosom swell ; Faith calms the Christian's anxious fear,

And tells him, All is well. 2 And in the churchyard's heaving sod,

In every parting knell,

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Obedience hears the appointed rod,

And answers, All is well. 3 Then hope, to cheer the mourners pale,

And every doubt dispel,
Extends to that within the veil,

And whispers, All is well. 4 While changeless love, with childlike trust,

Will on His promise dwell ;
And tho' the flesh descends to dust

Knows still, that All is well :
5 Knows, our Divine Redeemer lives,

Conqueror o'er death and hell:
And in the pledge that token gives,

Feels sure, that All is well. 264. Mid-day.

AND now the sun's meridian beams
1 Their brightest rays unfold,
And fill the air, on every side,

With darts of glittring gold.
2 O Christ, Thou Sun of righteousness,

Far brighter beams are Thine;
Oh may our souls their influence feel,

Those rays of love divine.
3 To God the Father, God the Son,

And God the Holy Ghost,
All glory be from saints on earth,

And from the angel-host. 265. Heb. XIII. 16. QUR gracious God imparts

The blessings we enjoy,

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That gratitude may fill our hearts,
And praise our tongues employ.
2 To every soul is lent

Some talent to improve,
Which oft, alas! is all mispent,
Whilst lukewarm is our love,
3 But soon the time will come,

When we our Lord shall meet!
To give account, for deeds now done,

Before His judgment seat.
4 Then " while 'tis called to-day"
May we the season use;
And by our works' benignant ray

The Gospel light diffuse ! 5 O Saviour, to us send

Thy Spirit's heavenly flame,
That we our all may freely spend,

To praise Thy sacred name !
266. Praise.
HIGH let us swell our tuneful notes,

And join the angelic throng: For angels no such love have known

Tawake a cheerful song.
2 Good will to sinful man is shown,

And peace on earth is given :
For, lo ! th' incarnate Saviour comes

With messages from heaven.
3 Justice and grace, in sweet accord,

His rising beams adorn ;
Let heaven and earth in concert join ;

“ To us a child is born.”

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4 Glory to God in highest strains,

In highest worlds be paid ;
His glory by our lips proclaim'd,

And by our lives display'd. 267. Children's Hymn. REDEEMER, Lord of heaven!

In kindness hear our prayer ; And let Thy grace to us be given,

As we Thy power declare. 2 Thro' all our early days,

May we remember Thee :
And love Thy sacred name to praise,

Whilst vain pursuits we flee. 3 With “humbleness of mind,".

May we instruction learn :
And round our hearts religion bind,

Nor from its precepts turn. 4 With pleasure may we sing,

Whilst sojourning below, Hosanna to our risen King!

Whose mercies ever flow. 268. Psalm CXXXIII. P.M. HOW good, and how joyful, it is to be

- dwelling In bright bonds of unity, comfort, and love: The cares, from each other, of sorrow

dispelling; Enhancing the bliss that descends from

above. 2 'Tis like the rich ointment, that fell, gently

pouring, O'erspreading the raiment of Aaron of old:

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Whilst sweet on the gale, its pure perfumes

were soaring. As th' oil in clear streams girt each long

circling fold. 3 'Tis like the soft dew, that from Hermon

Far sprinkled the summit of fair Zion's head!
Where God, in His goodness, had promised

His blessing :
E'en mercy, and favour, and life from the

dead! 4 May love, in our souls, be then ever

To Christ, our Creator, Redeemer, and

And thus shall true peace, all our hearts be

As loud songs of praise, we triumphantly

sing. 269. House of God. HOW sweet with in Thy holy place

With one accord to sing Thy grace, Besieging Thine attentive ear

With all the force of fervent pray'r. 2 Oh may we love the house of God,

Of peace and joy the blest abode !
Oh, may no angry strife destroy

That sacred peace, that holy joy ! 3 Lord, shower upon us from above

The sacred gift of mutual love;
Each others' wants may we supply,
And reign together in the sky.

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