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munications, Post Paid, directed to the Editors, may be forwarded.
Sold also by Messrs. Cushing and APPLETON, Salem ; Thomas and Whipa

PLE, Newburyport; W. Butler, Northampton; Whiting and Backus,
Albany; GEORGE RICHARDS, Utica; Collins and PERKINS, New-York ;
W. P. FARRAND, Philadelphia ; Isaac Beers and Co. New-Haven ; 0. D.
Cooke, Hartford; BENJAMIN CUMMINGS, Windsor, Vt.; JosephCUSHING,
Amherst, N. H.; Mr. Dayas, Hanover, N. H.; J. KENNEDY, Alexandrie.



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THE design of the Panoplist, the circumstances which occasioned it, and the principles on which it was to be conducted, were made known to the public in the general preface, prefixed to the first number. This work has now had the test of one year's experience. The approbation and patronage it has received are highly gratifying to the Editors, and encourage them to proceed with increased ardour in their laborious and responsible undertaking.

Considering the formidable obstacles which this work had to overcome, its success has surprised its most sanguine friends, and excites their lively gratitude to the Author of all good.

The important design of the Panoplist, in maintaining and disseminating evangelical truth, cannot be fully accomplished without persevering exertions in the Editors, and corresponding patronage from the public. The Editors, from the experience they have acquired, from the increased number and the respectability of writers, and the correspondences they have established both in Europe and America, which enable them to give the earliest accounts of the state of religion throughout the world, can, with a good degree of confidence, in humble dependence on God, pledge themselves to continue the work, at least, as valuable and interesting, as it has been the past year.

On this ground they hope for the continued and active support of all who are concerned to maintain the truth, and diffuse Christian piety and morality.

With these views and hopes, the Editors “commit themselves and their work to Him with whom is the residue of the Spirit, praying that he may lead them into all truth, prevent them from injuring religion by their manner of defending it, and crown their endeavours with that blessing, without which, the most splendid exertions must be ineffectual; but with which, the feeblest services may be productive of the most important effects.”




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Anrica, South, Missions to 29 Dæmons, Pagan, on the

243 Anecdote of Calvin

21 Disputation, thoughts on, Frag.
of Bishop Butler

of Voltaire
ib. Divines, Old, neglect of

52 of Rochester

210 Duelling, resolve of General Asof Bolingbroke 211 sembly against

76 Angel of God's Presence, Christ Dufief, method of teaching lanthe

guage, review of

215 Appleton, Jesse, A. M. review of Dwight's Sermon on Duelling, his sermon 268 notice of .

28 Arts of Error



Excommunicate, on the treat-
Baptist Mission, Bengal
32 ment of an

249 Baptism, on publickly administer- Expediency, dangerous doctrine ing the rite of

of -

159 --- a Treatise on Infant, by

1. Clinton, review of 267 Fragments Bible Society, British, account of 128 Frank, Professor, interesting

29, 121, 170, 265 different editions of, in the

sketch of

64 library at Wurtemburg 131 Buchanan, Walter, A. M. review

G. of his sermon

266 Genealogies, Matthew's and Buckminster's Sermon, Review of 171 Luke's, reconciled

108 C.


Glenorchy, Lady, Memoirs of Candour


Capel, Lord, account of the exe. Hall, Bishop, select thoughts
cution of


210 Catechism, Scripture, Review of 212


84 Charity School in Great Britain 32 Hooker, Asahel, A. M. review of Chinese Literature

his sermon

266 Christ, Contemplations on - 206, 255 Hooker, Rev. Richard, last words Obligations of believers


- 121 to confess him 161

I. the Angel of God's pres- Ignorance

122 111 Immutability of Religion 13, 61 Divinity of · 113 Irenæus, Life of

91, 143 Christopher, St. account of an institution at

J. 177, 222 Church's, Rev. Mr. Explanation

Jay's Sermons, review of . 25, 70 of God's covenant, review of 214 Jerusalem, No. of inhabitants in 170 Coal Mine, remarkable one - 121 Jews in Russia

228 Cockburn, Mrs. Memoirs of 89 Jones, Sir William, Life of, reConflict between the flesh and

view . the Spirit

16 Journal among the Indians, ex. Cooper's Sermons on Predestina

tract from Mr. Sergeant's 270 tion, review of .


K. Correspondence

69 Kicherer's Narrative 29, 78, 173 Courtesy, Christian, nature and Knox's Principles of Eloquence 126 effects of


L. Covenanting with God


Lebanon, Mount, account of · 170 D.

Letters to a Brother, by Con. Dana's Sermon, review of 215

13, 61, 148 Danger of being hardened by sin 154 from Virginia

34 Deaf and Dumb, account of 229 Letter, Extract of a, from London 275 Deluge, Universal, proofs of . 9, 58

from Rev. Sir Henry 105, 150, 253

Moncreiff Wellwood 70 Departure from the truths and

from Rev. John Sergeant spirit of Christianity, on the 309

to one of the editors 227




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