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62. A Prayer.
BE with me, Lord, where'er I go,

Teach me what Thou would'st have

me do; Suggest whate'er I think or say,

Direct me in the narrow way.
2 Prevent me, lest I harbour pride,

Lest I in mine own strength confide;
Shew me my weakness, let me see

I have my power, my all from Thee. 3 Assist, and teach me how to pray ;

Incline my nature to obey ;
What Thou abhorr'st, that let me flee,

And only love what pleases Thee. 4 O may I never do my will,

But Thine, and only Thine, fulfil :
Let all my time, and all my ways,

Be spent and ended to Thy praise.
63. Walking with God.
OH! for a closer walk with God,

A calm and heavenly frame;
A light to shine upon the road,

That leads me to the Lamb.
2 Where is the blessedness I knew,

When first I saw the Lord ? Where is the soul-refreshing view

Of Jesus and His word ?
3 Return, O holy Dove, return,

Sweet messenger of rest;
I hate the sins that made Thee mourn,

And drove Thee from my breast.

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4 The dearest idol I have known,

Whate'er that idol be,
Help me to tear it from Thy throne,

And worship only Thee.
5 So shall my walk be close with God,

Calm and serene my frame;
So purer light shall mark the road

That leads me to the Lamb.
64. Easter-Day.
GOD is gone up with a merry noise

Of saints that sing on high;
With His own right hand, and His holy


He hath won the victory!
2 Now empty are the courts of Death,

And crush'd thy sting, Despair:
And roses bloom in the desert tomb,

For Jesus hath been there. 3 And He hath tam'd the strength of hell,

And dragg’d him thro' the sky,
And captive behind His chariot-wheel

He hath bound captivity. 4 God is gone up, &c. 65. Harvest. (Psalm LXV.) C.M. GOOD is the Lord, our heavenly King,

Who makes the earth His care:
Visits the pastures every spring,

And bids the grain appear.
2 Good is the Lord ! it is His love

Which makes the earth to yield ;

His clouds drop fatness from above;

He wḥitens every field.
3 Good is the Lord! He gives us bread ;

He gives His people more;
By Him their souls with grace are fed,

A boundless, richer store ! 66. Isaiah XI. 9.

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SPIRIT of mercy, truth, and love,

O shed Thine influence from above, And still from age to age convey

The blessings of this sacred day. 2 In ev'ry clime, by ev'ry tongue,

Be God's redeeming mercy sung;
Let all the list’ning earth be taught

The wonders by the Saviour wrought. 8 Unfailing comfort, heav'nly guide!

Still o'er Thy favour'd church preside :
Let ev'ry heart Thy blessings prove,

Spirit of mercy, truth, and love.
67. I will trust, and not be afraid.

BEGONE, unbelief, my Saviour is near,

And for my relief will surely appear, By prayer let me wrestle, and he will

perform; With Christ in the vessel, I smile at the

storm. 2 Tho’ dark be my way, since He is my

guide, 'Tis mine to obey, 'Tis His to provide :

Tho' cisterns be broken, and creatures all

fail, The word He has spoken shall surely

prevail. 3 His love in time past forbids me think

He'll leave me at last in trouble to sink ; Each sweet Ebenezer I have in review, Confirms His good pleasure to help me

quite through. 4 Determin’d to save, He watch'do'ermy path, When, Satan's blind slave, I sported with

death ;
And can He have taught me to trust in

His name,
And thus far have brought me, to put me

to shame? 5 Why should I complain of want or distress,

Temptation or pain ? He told me no less :
The heirs of salvation, I know from His word,
Thro' much tribulation must follow their

Lord. 6 How bitter that cup no heart can conceive, Which He drank quite up, that sinners

might live! His way was much rougher and darker

than mine; Did Jesus thus suffer, and shall I repine ? 7 Since all that I meet shall work for my good,

The bitter is sweet, the med'cine is food ;
Though painful at present, 'twill cease

before long,
And then, oh! how pleasant the conqueror's


68. Advent Hymn.

P.M. THE chariot! the chariot! its wheels roll

on fire,
As the Lord cometh down in the pomp of

His ire;
Self-moving, it drives on its pathway of

cloud, And the heavens with the burden of God

head are bow'd. 2 The glory! the glory! around Him are

pour'd, The myriads of angels that wait on the

Lord; And the glorified saints, and the martyrs

are there. And all who the palm-wreaths of victory

wear. 3 The trumpet ! the trumpet! the dead have

all heard, Lo, the depths of the stone-covered monu

ment stirr'd ; From the ocean and earth, from the south

pole and north, Lo, the vast generation of ages come forth. 4 The judgment! the judgment! the thrones

are all set, Where the Lamb, and the white-vested

elders are met; All flesh is at once in the sight of the Lord,

And the doom ofeternity hangs on His word. 5 Oh, mercy! oh, mercy! look down from

above, Redeemer, on us Thy sad children, with love;

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