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As ground, when parch'd with summer's heat
As o'er the dial flits the rapid shade.
As the fair flow'r which shuns the golden day
Asleep in Jesus! blessed sleep .
At anchor laid, remote from home.
At evening to myself I say. .
At length the worst is o'er, and thou art laid
Awake my soul, stretch every nerve.
Awake, sweet harp of Judah, wake .

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Be it my only wisdom here.
Be this your joy; the path you tread
Be undismay'd; thy God is present here
Behold a Stranger at the door
Blessed, holy, spotless Lamb. .
Blessed spirit! now at rest .
Blest Saviour, on my soul impress .
Blest they who walk with God .
Breathe thoughts of pity o'er a brother's fall
Brother, thou art gone before us .
But day by day, and year by year . .
But O! what offering shall I give.
But raising first to heaven the eye.
But see! a light divides the gloom.
But whence the sudden beam that shoots along
But where, my soul, and what shall be thy fate
But who shall see the glorious day .
By cool Siloam's shady rill . ..

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Cast down, but not destroy'd, I bless the hand
Chamber of sickness ! much to thee I owe .
Chase every shade of doubt away .
Charity! decent, modest, easy, kind.
Child of dust, corruption's son .
Child of heaven, by me restored .
Children of God, who pacing slow..
Christ in His glory! oh, the thought

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Christ once, a victor bleeding
Clothed with Thy Son, Thou glorious Majesty .
Come blessed Spirit, Source of light.
Come, holy Spirit, calm my mind .
Come, Holy Spirit, come . .
Come to Calvary's holy mountain .
Conquer in this! though powers of earth and hell.

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Daughter of Zion, from the dust ,
Dear is the hallow'd morn to me
Death found strange beauty on that cherub brow
Death is the crown of life .
Deathless principle, arise . .
Did Christ o'er sinners weep.
Divine Historian of man's heart
Dread Omnipresent! who dost dwell
Draw near, ye weary, bowed, and broken-hearted .

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Earth! guard what we commit in holy trust
E’en as the needle that directs the hour .
Exertion, vigilance, a man in arms. .

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Faith, like a simple unsuspecting child
Far are the wings of intellect astray.
Far from the world, O Lord, I flee.
Father! forgive the heart that clings
Father! I want a thankful heart
Father of all ! in whom alone
Father of eternal grace
Father of light, whose loveliest name is Love
Father of mercies ! till the day-spring rise.
Flowers! when the Saviour's calm benignant eye.
For ever! what a volume lies
Forbid it, Lord, that we .
Forgive, blest shade, the tributary tear .
Forsake me not, my God, my heart is sinking
From Calvary a cry was heard . . .

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From each terrestrial bondage set me free .
From every stormy wind that blows.
From the deepest deep of sin.
Full many a flow'r is scatter'd by the breeze

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Give me, Lord, a truthful heart .

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Give me the wings of faith to rise.

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God of all grace and majesty. .

God of my life! Thy boundless grace
Go to dark Gethsemane . .

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Grant me, eternal Lord, Thy light to cheer.
Great God of pity and of love .
Great God! what do I see and hear.

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Great Prophet of Thy church! 'tis Thine
Guard well thy thoughts : our thoughts are heard in heaven 13

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Happy soul! thy days are ended .

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Happy_the heart where graces reign
Hark, my soul, it is the Lord. .
Hark! 'tis the breeze of twilight calling .
Hark! universal nature shook and groan'd.
Hast thou not, in the lone wood's shade .
Haste, haste! a man by nature is in haste.
He, a man of woes
He came, the sweet Angel my Father assign'd
He comes ! with sudden stroke to smite
He that wept, and died to save .
He was a man of sorrows-He .
He who for men their surety stood .
Hear, Lord, the voice of my desire.
Heard'st thou that shout? It rent the vaulted skies
Heirs of unending life. ,
Help me, my Father, to resign
Her angel's face, as the great eye of heaven
His eye, which comprehending in one view .
Ho! every one that thirsts, draw nigh ..

omforter ! descend

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Holy Redeemer ! born to save
Hope, like the glimmering taper's light .
Hope of the just, how heavenly is thy power
Hope thou in God! to a dying hour.
Hope, with uplifted foot, set free from earth
How blest the righteous when he dies
How cheering the thought that the spirits in bliss.
How dreadful is the sinner's fate . .
How hardly man this lesson learns.
How many blessed groups this hour are bending.
How our hearts burnt within us at the scene
How poor, how rich, how abject, how august
How shall I follow Him I serve . ..
How strange is heavenly love .
How sweet the name of Jesus sounds
How sweet to the soul are the breathings of peace
How sweet to wait upon the Lord.
How sweetly flow'd the Gospel's sound
How unlike the man that groan'd on Calvary
Humility! the sweetest, loveliest flower .

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I bow me low within the Gospel's fane
I come my Lord, to offer up to Thee
I feel that name my inmost thoughts controul
I have called Thee Abba, Father .
I have no skill the snare to shun
I heard a voice of silvery sweetness . .
I love to think of Heaven, where I shall meet
I see the Judge enthron'd! the flaming guard
I was a stricken deer that left the herd
I would, though frail and weak .
If human kindness meets return ..
If, where around our holiest things .
Immortal! Ages past, yet nothing gone
Immortal Hope takes comfort i
In deep affliction's troubled hour .
In heaven, that holy happy place ,

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In Jesus seen, my God is love .
In life, in death, a voice is heard ,
In life's closing hour, when the trembling soul Aies
In suffering be Thy love my peace.
In sweet servitude and golden bonds
In the cross of Christ I glory
In those lone hours when musing grief ,
In trouble and in grief, O God .
In vain our fancy strives to paint .
In youth and beauty's mantling bloom she shone.
Is Christ divided? What can part . .
Is it not bliss, where'er the eye can rove .
Is that a death-bed where the Christian lies
Is there a heart which ne'er has known
Is there an eye that never wept .
It is the one true light ..
It was no path of flowers . .

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Keep thy heart pure, seek not the world's applause

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Lift not thou the wailing voice
Light beams upon my inward eye.
Light for the ancient race . .
Light is the yoke that, lined with love
Lighten our darkness, Lord; our eyes are veild
Like morning, when her early breeze
Like the rivers, time is gliding .
Lord, I accept with grateful heart,
Lord, I feel a carnal mind .
Lord, my soul hath heard Thy voice.

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