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No. Date.
118 1846 Manual of Infantry Drill, Rules and Regulations.
119 1846 Draft of University Bill by Hon. W. H. Draper.
120 1846

Endowment Bill by Hon. W. H. Draper. 121 1846

Bill by Mr. Hall of Peterborough. 122 1846

School Bill in Ms., copied by J. G. H. 123 1846 Rev. Dr. Ryerson's Remarks and Suggestions on School Bill. 124 1846

First Report on a System of Public Instruction for U. C. 125 1846 Memorial of Board of Trade, Toronto, in regard to Cheap Postage. 126 1846 Sir Wm. Logan's Geological Report for the year 1845-46. 127 1846 Correspondence in regard to the Welland Canal. 128

1847 Draft of School Bill for Cities and Towns. 129 1849 Hon. R. Baldwin's Second University Bill. 130 1849 Bishop Strachan's Petition against Mr. Baldwin's Bill. 131 1849 Board of Trustees of Queen's College against Mr. Baldwin's Bill. 132 1849 Petition of R. C. Clergy and Laymen against Mr. Baldwin's Bill. 133 1849 Text of the University Act of 1849. 134 1849 Major P. L. Macdougall's Reply to Attack of Mr. P. H. Vane. 135 1849 Bishop Mountain's Thoughts on Annexation. 136 1849 Report on the Survey of the North Shore of Lake Huron. 137 1849 Draft of Bill to raise £100,000 for Common Schools. 138 1849 Draft of Hon. M. Cameron's Abortive School Bill. 139 1849 Hon. M. Cameron's Abortive School Bill as paseed. 140 1850 Canada and the Continental Congress, by Wm. Duane. 141 1850 Draft of School Bill as annotated by Hon. R. Baldwin. 142 1850 Weekly Globe with Discussion on the School Bill of 1850. 143 1850 Criticism on the School Bill of 1850, by Rev. W. H. Landon. 144 1850 Original Ms. Draft of a University Bill by Hon. R. Baldwin. 145 1851 Draft of a University Bill by Hon. H. Sherwood. 146 1851 Draft of a University Bill by Mr. Wm. Boulton.

1852 Rev. Dr. Ryerson's Letter with Ideal Scheme of a University. 148 1852 Hon. W. H. Merritt on Origin, Prospects and Future of Welland Canal. 149 1867 In Chancery : The Attorney Genl. vs. Incorporate Synod of Ontario vs. the

Synod of Toronto and the Rector of St. James, Toronto. (Substitutes). 150 1853 Draft of a Grammar School Bill for U.C. 152 not dated The Hudson Bay Company and the Indian Tribes.



Pamphlets by Public Men, &c. No. of

Name of Writer.

4 The Hon. Joseph Howe, Nova Scotia.
3 The Hon. Alexander Morris, Governor.
3 John G. Bourinot, Ottawa.
2 Edward Jenkins : “Giux's Baby,” Montreal.
2 Hon. Thomas White, Ex-Minister of the Interior.
4 Captain J. C. R. Colomb, England.
2 Thomas Hodgins, K.C., Toronto.
2 Erastus Wiman, New York.
3 A. D. Fordyce, Guelph.
30 Rev. Dr. Ryerson, Toronto.
11 Bishop Strachan, Toronto.

6 Re King's College, Toronto.
15 Sir William Dawson, Montreal.
28 Rev. Dr. Scadding, Toronto.
3 Sir John Macdonald, Kingston.
5 Sir Francis Hicks, Montreal.

No. of

Name of Writer. Pamphlets.

5 Tbomas D’A. Magee, Ottawa.
2 Goldwin Smith, Toronto.
25 Dr. J. George Hodgins, Toronto.
12 Mr. Justice Haliburton, R. G. Haliburton, Hon. Isaac Buchanan, Very Rev. Principal

Grant, George Hague, T. A. Brassey, J. L. Lemoine, W. A. Foster (Canada
First), Hon. David Mills, R. A. Ramsay, Mr. Justice MacLaren, Nicholas Flood

Davin. 5 The Crown and the Cabinet (Anonymous), Verax, (1878), Confederation of the Pro

vince (1868), Hudson's Bay Company. What is it? (1864), Demonstration on the 40th Anniversary of Sir John Macdonald's entry in Pub. Life (1885), Behring Sea

Arbitration (1893). 20 Major Lachlan's State of Education in Canada (1858), Huron College, Dr. E. A.

Meredith on Short School Time and Military Drill (1845), English Language by

Rev. H. Esson and 16 other Pamphlets. 194 Pamphlets, one by Alexander Galt.

Old Newspapers.

Date. 1728 1893 1895 1875 1800

1716 1821 1848 1828 1828

Pennsylvania Gazette.
Upper Canada Gazette, or American Oracle
Times : Cours Du Sems, May 11th.

June 15th and Supplement.
Ulster County Gazette, containing an account of the Death and Burial of Genl. George

Washington, with account of his Death and Funeral, with illustrated Pictures of

the Funeral and of Mount Vernon. Irish Farmers Journal (in part). The Dublin Journal. The Canadian Royalist and Special of 1812. (3) The Loyalist, 3 Nos. and in one part, York. (6) The Gore Gazette, Ancaster. The Brockville Gazette. The Canadian Freeman, York. The Christian Guardian, Toronto. The Correspondent & Advocate, Toronto. The Christian Guardian Supplement, Toronto. The Patriot, Toronto. The Watchman, London. The Quebec Gazette. 25 Old Newspapers. 18 Pictures of National Treasures at the Record Office, England, and 5 Scottish National



1828 1835 1837 1837 1838 1841 1852


Pamphlets on Various Public Questions.
No. of

General Subject of the Pamphlets.
Imperial Government and the Colonies.
16 The Question of Imperial Federation.
8 Military Defence of the Colonies.
8 Various, on Military Affairs.
8 Various, relating to the Colonies.
8 The Future Destiny of Canada.
16 Condition and Resources of Canada.
16 Emigration and Colonization.

No. of Pamphlets.

General Subject of the Pamphlets. 25 Condition and Treatment of the Indians. 78 Relating to the Clergy Reserve Question. 12 British Columbia and Manitoba. 9 Canada and her Relation to the United States. 5 Various United States Topics. 16 Canadian Historical Pamphlets in French. 11 Biographies of Noted French Canadians in French. 14 Papers relating to the Hudson Bay.

Miscellaneous. 250 Pamphlet.

Two Books, containing 223 Letters, written by J.G.H. to the “New York Commercial

Advertiser," from 1850 to 1858.
One Book, containing 32 Letters to the “Mail” on “Religious Items,” and 68 on

“Educational Notes,” from 1872 to 1879.
Ten Manuscript Letters to “New York Commercial Advertiser.”


Journal : From Cornwall to Canada in 1841. Oshawa, Ont. From the Pedlar Collection.

K Kingston Collection, being a miscellaneous collection of pamphlets, reports, letters, speeches,

&c., consisting of 356 entries, by the Kindness of the Reverend Stearne Tighe, Librarian

and his colleagues of the Diocese of Kingston, Ont. Kossuth, in New-England. From Mr. Henry Totten, Toronto.

L Legislature of Upper Canada and of Ontario, 1792-1901, List of the Members of, by Frank

Yeigh, Toronto. Letter: William Lyon MacKenzie, Toronto, to Rev. T. Webster, Norwich, respecting general

elections, &c. Letters Patent, authorizing Sheriff of Hastings to hold a Fair at Stoco. From Lt. Col. W. A. Ponton, Belleville, Ont.

M Mace, Facts regarding, from Lt. Col. Chas. Clarke, Clerk of Legislative Assembly, of Ontario. McLean, Hon. Chf. Justice : Papers of. Malden, Fort, and the Old Fort Days, by Thomas Natress, B.A., Amherstburg. Mallon, J. W., Inspector of Legal Offices, contributed by :-Minutes of the Annual Meetings ofe

the County Court Clerks' Association, 1880, 1896, 1898, 1900, 1905.

Records and Reports of the village of Brockton, Ont. Merrill : Collection of papers, chiefly relating to Prince Edward County, Ont., of the late Judg

Merrill, Picton, donated by the Estate through Miss Helen Merrill, Picton.
Mohawk, Iroquois, Alphabet and Numerals : Dictionary, MS. compiled by Miss T. Muriel
Merrill, Toronto.

Niagara Falls : Municipal Power Scheme, P. W. Ellis.
Notes on Early Bowmanville, Ont., by Harry R. Pearce.

Old Mills in Ontario. Contribution from W. Houston, M.A., Toronto.
Orders in Council, Canada : Synopsis of, 1853 to 1863.
Ordnance Lands: Maps and Documents relating to, from the War Office Records.
Oshawa and District Historical Notes and Data, from S. Pedlar, Esq., Toronto.

Peace, Articles of, Concluded by Sir Wm. Johnson, Bart, with the Hurons of Detroit, 1764.
Photograph of Old Fort Henry, Kingston ; wall destroyed since.

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Picton Photographs, 1905.
Pioneer Life, in London Township.
Pioneer Times and Life in the Queen's Bush, contributed by Mr. W. Walsh, Kincardine, Ont.
Place Names : Alphabetical List of, on G. Trunk R. System, A to Evergreen.

Ex. to Zetland.
Portrait of Ermatinger, Edward, St. Thomas, Ont.
Portraits of the Members of the Legislative Assembly of the Promise of Ontario, 1873. Do-

nated by Sir W. P. Howland, K.C.M.G., then Lieutenant Governor. Prince of Wales, or (100th) Royal Canadian Regiment re Original Colors, &c. Proclamation, copy of, Lt.-Gov. Francis Gore, 1806.

R Relations des Jésuites : Notes concerning the, relating to Ontario. ROGERS COLLECTION. This valuable collection, from Lieut.-Colonel R. Z. Rogers, Grafton,

Ont., contains papers, documents, deeds, journals, diaries, military papers, (extensive), and letters concerning the heroic Robert Rogers, commandant of the famous Rogers Rangers. his brother, Lt.-Col. James Rogers, Lt.-Col. Peters, D. M. Rogers, Miss Susan Greely, etc., the Cassady letters, Miss Greely's original MSS. school papers, public, and reports re Bay of Quinte District, &c., &c.

S Saylor : Reminiscences of Adam Hubbs Saylor, Bloomfield, Ont., by T. Murriel Merrill, Toronto. Simcoe, J. G. : Copy of Commission appointing him Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada. Simons, Col. 1. G., Inventory of the papers of, 1795-1830, by H. H. Robertson, Esq., Barrister,

Hamilton, Ont. Six Nations : General Council, &c. 1870. THE SMITH COLLECTION. Donated from the collection of papers of Jno. Smith, Inspector of

Public Schools for the County of Wentworth, Ont. Diary, commenced by Benjamin Smith, Ancaster, on the 1st January, 1798; interesting daily

entries on local affairs made until 1824, by various members of the family, 11 vols foolscap

donated by Mr. J. H. Smith, Inspector of Public Schools for the County of Wentworth. Assessment Rolls and Census of the Township of Binbrook, Ont., for the years 1837-1849. Genealogical Tree of the Cromwell Smith family of Ancaster, Southcote, Ont. Speech, Hon. Joseph Howe, at Detroit Trade Convention.

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W The Washburn Papers. Received from W. R. Haight, Esq., Toronto, comprising :Letters from Simon Washburn to Simeon Washburn, 1817-1837. Letters from Allan Maclean, Kingston, Ont,, to Ebenezer Washburn, 1817-1819. Wills of Simeon Washburn and Abraham Peterson, &c. Deed, Peter Huff to Simeon Washburn. Papers re “The Washburn Treasure." Letters re Merchandise and prices. Daily Journals and Account Books, Deeds of conveyance of sundry lands in Prince Edward County. Letters, Memoranda, &c., re local affairs. Deeds of Sale, Leases, Agreements, Memorials, Warrants. Affidavits, Examinations and Recog

nizances. Portraits, local and public men. Papers of Ebenezer Washburn. Interesting Bills of Lading. Miscellaneous Papers, stin ma of correspondence on personal and public bus Will, copy of, William Yellowhead, Head Chief of the Chippewa Tribe of Indians. From J.

G. Hammond, Esq., Barrister, Orillia, Ont.

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Maps, Plans, etc.

YEAR. 1660. 1703. 1720. 1744. 1744. 1744. 1744. 1746. 1750. 1755. 1755.


1758. 1759.

1759. 1759. 1759. 1763. 1763. 1763. 1763. 1763. 1763. 1763. 1763. 1763. 1763. 1763.

Quebec, Vray Plan du haut et bas de,
Canada ou Nouvelle France, Carte du, by De l'Isle.
Quebec, Plan de la ville de, by Mr. L. de Chaussegros.
Louisiane, Carte de la ; Cours du Mississippi et pais voisins. N. Bellin, Paris.
Nouvelle France ou Canada, Carte de la parte Orientale de la, by N. Bellin, Paris.
Baye de Hudson, Carte de la, by N. Bellin, Paris.
Canada, Carte des lacs du, Pays des Outagamis ou des Renards. N. Bellin, Paris.
Amérique Septentrionale, Carte de l', by Sr. D'Anville, Paris.
Canada, Carte des nouvelles découvertes dans l'ouest du, by Mr. de la Galissonière.
Canada, Louisiane et Terres Anglaises, by D'Anville. Paris.
Amérique Septentrionale, Partie de, qui comprend la Nouvelle France ou Canada,

by Sr. Robert de Vaugondy.
Harkemeis house at the German Flats, Plan and Profile of Retrenched Work

Fort Stanwix built at Oneida Station by Provincial Troops, Plan of.
St. Lawrence River, authentic plan of Seige of Quebec under the command of

Vice-Adml. Saunders and Major Genl. Wolfe.
Fort at Tiendoroga at the head of Lake Champlain, Plan of the.
Fort George with Barracks, &c., Plan of Part of.
Fort at Pittsburgh or DuQuesne, Plan of the New.
New York City, a plan of, (A set of plans and forts in America by Maerschalckm).
Albany City, a plan of.
Schenectady, a plan of.
Fort Fredrick at Albany, a plan of.
Fort Edward, a plan of.
Narrows, Plan of the, about 10 miles from New York.
Retrenched Camp at Fort Ligonier, Plan of the.
Fort Bedford, Plan of.
Blockhouse at the East of Oneda Lake, Sketch of the.
Fort at Saratoga, a plan of the.
Fort William Henry and the English Camps and Retranchments with the French

different Camps.
Royal Block House with the environs at Fort Edward, a plan of the.
Fort and Redoubts at New Crown Point, Plan of the New.
Fort and Redoubts at Crown Point, corresponding with the General Plan, plan

of the New.
Fort at Ogwego Falls, Sketch of the Stockade.
Fort Brewerton at the West End of Oneda Lake, Sketch of.
St. Lawrence River, An Exact Chart of the, from Fort Frontenac to the Island of

Anticosti, showing the Soundings, Rocks, Shoals, &c.
North America, a map of the British Empire in, by S. Dunn.

a New Map of, from the latest Discoveries.

a New and Correct Map of, with the West India Islands divided
according to treaty of Paris of 1763.
America, a New Map of the Whole Continent of, by Robert Sayer, London.
Lake Ontario from Carataque to Niagara, the Northern side of, by Samuel

Lake Ontario, Cessions from the Indians on the North Shore of.
Johnston, plan of, by W. Chewett.
Mecklenburg, original plan of the District of.
Nassau, original plan of, by John Collins.
North America, with the West India Islands, a New Map of, by Laurie &

Whittle, London.
Niagara Falls, a plan of, by John Stegman.

1763. 1763. 1763.

1763. 1763. 1775.

1776. 1778. 1779.

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1786. [ ]

[ ] 1790. 1790. 1790. 1794.


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