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Akt. I. Some Account of the Lives and Writings of Lope Felix

de Vega Carpio, and Guillen de Castro. By Henry

Richard Lord Holland - - - - 1

II. Historical Sketches of the South of India; in an At-

tempt to trace the History of Mysoor; from the

Origin of the Hindoo Government of that State to the

Extinction of the Mahomedan Dynasty in 1799- By

Colonel Mark Wilks - - - - 47

III. The Lives of Haydn and Mozart; with Observations on

the Genius of Metastasio, and the present State of

Music in France and Italy. Translated from the

French of L. A. C. Bombet. With Notes by the Au-

thor of the Sacred Melodies - - - - 73

IV. The History of Brazil. By Robert Southey. Vol. ii. - 99

V. Plan of Parliamentary Reform, in the form of a Cate-

chism, with reasons for each Article; with an Intro-

duction, shewing the necessity of radical, and the

inadequacy of moderate Reform. By Jeremy Ben-

tham, Esq. ------ 123

VI. Relation Historique du Voyage de MM. de Humboldt

et Bonpland. Tome premier, Seconde Partie, conte- .

nant les feuilies 45 a 81, la Table des Matieres et

l'Errata. 4to. - - - - - 135

VII. A practical Inquiry into the Causes of the frequent

Failure of the Operations of Depression, and of the

Extraction of the Cataract, as usually performed; with

the Description of a Series of new and improved Ope-

rations, by the practice of which most of these Causes

of Failure may be avoided. Illustrated by Tables of

the comparative success of the new and old modes of

practice. By Sir William Adams, &c. - - 15S

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