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To the first edition of AMERICAN POPULAR LESSONS, a prefatory essay was attached. The book was first published in 1820. At that time it was deemed proper to make a brief statement of the progress of popular education in those countries where the English language prevails; and to suggest some improvements in elementary works, and in methods of instruction.

Many improvements have been made in the course of nine years-many more still remain to be effected. But it may be doubted whether an essay in a school book can much promote this object. Certain additions to the lessons are inserted, and the essay has been excluded.

Fifty thousand copies of this book have been circulated, and it is now offered to the public in a form somewhat new. It is hoped that the few additions which have been made, will be found as useful to young minds, as that part of this work which has already been proved to serve the humble purpose for which it was in


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TO DEDICATE, is to offer.

People who write books sometimes dedicate them to great and wise men; sometimes they dedicate them to persons whom they love, and who love them; because the person who writes, believes it will give pleasure to those whom he loves, to read what he has written.

Because I believed that I should give knowledge and pleasure to children, I wrote this book; and I now dedicate it to them. I think they will understand and enjoy what they read and study in other books, more perfectly, for having read this.

They can understand every word in it. It teaches them to examine whatever they see, to think about and to inquire the meaning of what they do not understand.—Every word is explained.

Children can understand the title-page. Title means name-American Popular Lessons.

Popular means belonging to the people-belonging to every body. A catechism written for the children of the " Friends," or for the children who go to the Roman Catholic church, would not be a popular catechism; because all children are not "Friends" or Roman Catho

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