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life; the astonishing miracles which He performed; the interesting parables and discourses which He delivered; the privations and contradiction of sinners which He endured, while He went about doing good; and the dreadful sufferings which He underwent, when His soul was made an offering for sin. They also record the events which accompanied His resurrection from the dead; His ascension into heaven; and the pouring out of the Holy Ghost upon His Apostles on the day of Pentecost, in fulfilment of the promises which He had made to them before His bitter death and passion. The manner in which the doctrine of the Trinity was taught by our blessed Saviour Himself is also here exhibited. The testimony which was borne to our Lord Jesus Christ by His forerunner, previous to His entrance upon His public ministry, and His own declarations respecting His second coming with power and great glory, are likewise brought before us. The Gospels thus afford a great variety of most interesting subjects for contemplation, which are well worthy of our regard; and which, by the blessing of God, may be profitable to us for edification, and admonition, and consolation; the objects proposed by Christian instruction.

The plan which has been usually adopted in the following discourses, is, to give, in the first instance, a familiar explanation or commentary on the whole pas

sage appointed as the Gospel for the day; and then to make some remarks upon the verse which is placed at the head of each Sermon as the text, with the view of bringing home the subject to the hearts and consciences of the hearers. That the blessing of the Holy Spirit may accompany this humble endeavour to promote the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the eternal salvation of those who may read or hear these plain statements of Divine truth, is the fervent prayer of the Author.

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