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Return the Men of Keilah intended to make him for this Benefaction

152 Chap. XV. David flies to the Wilderness of

Ziph, where he hath an Interview with
Jonathan. The Ziphites inform Saul of

his Haunts, who eagerly pursues him 161 Chap. XVI. The Vineyards of Engedi, in all

probability, planted by David. The Ad

venture of the Cave explained 173 Chap. XVII. Samuel's Death and Charaéter.

David sojourns in the Wilderness of Paran.

A Conjecture concerning Orpheus 188 Chap. XVIII. The Adventure of Nabal re

counted at large. Mr. Bayle's Cenfure of David's Conduct on this Occasion conhidered

• 207 Chap. XIX. David goes into Saul's Camp in

the dead of the Night with one Com

panion. What ensued thereupon 226 Chap. XX. Mr. Bayle's Objections to this

Part of the Sacred History considered 239 Chap. XXI. David flies to Achith King of * Gath ; from thence be removes to Ziklag. Mr. Bayle's Cenfure of his Conduet bere

253 Chap. XXII. The Philistines engage in a new . War against Saul. David invited to it.


Saul's Adventure with the Pythoness at

264 Chap. XXIII. Other Opinions upon this Head examined

275 Chap. XXIV. David goes with Achish to the

Rendezvous of the Philistine Army at Apheck. The Philistine Lords would fuffer him to go no farther. What ensued thereupon

301 Chap. XXV. The Battle of Mount Gilboa 319 Chap. XXVI. A short Essay upon the Cha

raster of Jonathan Chap. XXVII. Objections answered; and Rea

Sons, urged, to hoew, that the Battle of Mount Gilboa was fought on the next Day

after Saul's consulting the Pythoness 337 Chap. XXVIII. David receives an Account

of Saul and Jonathan's Death. His Lamentation upon that Head




Historical Account

Of the LIFE and REIGN of King DAVID.

CHAP. I. An Account of Saul's Rejection, and David's Designation to the Throne.

THEN the decree of divine

rejection and deposition was pass’d upon Saul, for his deli

berate and obstinate disobedience in relation to Amalek, David was, by a very express and particular designation of Almighty God, (such a designation as plainly thews its divine original) appointed to succeed him.

It will not be amiss to explain this matter a little more fully.


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