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5th P. M. 4 lines Ts. Children may pray to God.

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God my Maker cares for me;
Gives me clothing, shelter, food,
Gives me all I have of good.
2 He will listen when I pray,
He is with me night and day;
When I sleep and when I wake,
Keeps me safe for Jesus' sake.
3 He who reigns above the sky
Once became as poor as l;
He whose blood for me was shed,
Had not where to lay his head !
4 Though I labour here awhile,
He will bless me with his smile;
And when this short life is past,
I shall rest with Him at last.

L. M.
Against evil words.
A cry,

Assist a child's infirmity;
Nor let me with my lips draw nigh,

While my heart wanders far from thee. 2 Ah! never let me speak & word

But what with all my soul I mean; Or lie to thee, thou glorious Lord,

By whom my every thought is seen. 3 But with submissive lowliners

Should I approach thy glorious throne, How can I hope by words to please,

To please a God" I have not known! 4 I know not what to do or say,

Till thy bless'd Spirit I receive, And Jesus teaches me to pray,

And Jesus teaches me to live.

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P. M. 87, 87.
Jesus our strength.
JESUS, Lord of life and glory,

Friend of children, hear our lays;
Humbly would our souls adore thee,

Sing thy name in hymns of praise.
2 O what debtors to thy kindness

Are we, God of boundless love!
Thousands wander on in blindness,

Strangers to the light above.
3 Jesus, on thine arm relying,

We would tread this earthly vale;
Be our life when we are dying;

Be our strength, when strength shall fail. 4 Let us mount the hills of glory,

Far from sins, and woes, and pains;
There, in perfect songs, adore thee,

And in everlasting strains.

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27th P. M. 4 lines 11s.
The Bible, the word of truth.
"HE Bible-the Biblemore precious than gold,

The hopes and the glories its pages unfolu;
It speaks of salvation--wide opens the door
Its offers are free to the rich and the poor.
2 The Bible--the Bible! blest volume of truth,
How sweetly it smiles on the season of youth;
It bids us seek early the" Pearl of great price,"
Ere the heart is enslaved in the bondage of vice.
8 The Bible-the Bible! the valleys shall ring,
And hill-tops re-echo the notes that we sing
Sur banners, inscribed with its precepts and rules,
Shall long wave in triumph, the joy of our schools.


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P. M. 76, 86, 86, 86
IVe 'll not give up the Bible,
TE'LL not give up the Bible,

Th: blessed staff of boary age,

The guide of early youth:
The sun that sheds & glorious light

O'er every dreary road;
The voice that speaks a Saviour's love,

And calls us home to God.
2 We'll not give up the Bible,

For pleasure or for pain;
We'll buy the truth, and sell it not,

For all that we might gain :
Though man should try to take our priso

By guile or cruel might;
We'll suffer all that man could do,

And God defend the right!
3 We'll not give up the Bible,

But spread it far and wide,
Until its saving voice be heard

Beyond the rolling tide :
Till all shell know its gracious power,

And, with one voice and heart,
Resolve, that from God's sacred word,

We'll never, never part! 35

5th P. M. 4 lina 1. The precious Bible. TOLY Bible! book divine !

art minol

Mine to tell me wbence I came;
Mine, to teach me what I am.
2 Mine, to chide me when I rove;
Mine, to show a Saviour's love;
Mine art thou to guide my feet,
Mine, to judge, condemn, acquit

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3 Mine, to comfort in distress,
If the Holy Spirit bless;
Mine, to show by living faith
Mlan can triumph over death.
4 Mine, to tell of joys to come,
And the rebel sinner'e doom;
O thou precious book divine 1

Precious treasure ! thou art mine! 36

6th P. M. 6 lines 78. Knowledge of the Scriptures.

THAT I, like Timothy,
From mine early infancy,

Till for God mature I grow !
Made unto salvation wise,
Ready for the glorious prize!
9 Jesus, all-redeeming Lord,

Full of truth, and full of grace,
Make me understand thy word ;

Teach me in my youthful days Wonders in thy word to see, Wise through faith which is in thee. 3 Open thou mine eyes of faith;

Open now the book of God; Show me here the sacred path,

Leading to thy blest abode; Wisdom from above impart, Speak the meaning to my heart.

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L M The holy Sabbath. This day belongs to God alono;

He chose the Sabbath for his own And we must neither work nor play, Because it is God's holy day.

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