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L. M.
Opening hymn.
CREAT God! behold, before thy throne
U A band of children lowly bend;
Thy face we seek, thy name we own,

And pray that thou wilt be our Friend. 2 Thy Holy Spirit's aid impart,

That he may teach us how to pray;
Make us sincere, and let each heart

Delight to tread in wisdom's way.
3 O let thy grace our souls renew,

And seal a sense of pardon tbere;
Teach us thy will to know and do,

And let us all thy image bear.

L. M. A blessing sought upon the lesson. 0

WRITE upon my mem'ry, Lord,

The texts and doctrines of thy word;
That I may break thy laws no more,
But love thee better than before !
2 With thoughts of Christ, and things divine,
Fill up this foolisb heart of mine;
That, hoping pardon through his blood,
I may lie down and wake with God.

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S. M.
NCE more, before we part,

i name ;
Record his mercies, every heart;

Sing, every tongue, the same.
2 May we receive his word,

And feed thereon and grow;
Go on to seek, and know the Lord,

And practise what we know.

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C. M.
Anniversary hymn.
Wur annual tribute pay

JE now to Christ, the Saviour King,
In sweet hosannas here we sing,

For bis life-cheering ray:
0, let the heavenly chorus rise,

On this our festal day;
And wake the concord of the skies

With this our joyous lay.
2 Another year has run its round,

Since last we gather'd here;
And still the precious gospel sound

Invites our list’ning ear:
But many Sabbath hours are gone,

of kind instruction given;
0, may the lessons we have learn'd

Guide us to Christ and heaven.

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5th P. M. 4 lines 18.
Sabbath-school anniversary.
ELCOME to our festival,

Parents, teachers, children, all;
God has spared us through the year,
And in mercy brings us here.
2 All unite to praise our God,
For his grace on us bestow'd;
Hallow'd be the songs we raise-
Happy songs of grateful praise.
3 God, who dwells beyond the sky,
Turns on us a gracious eye;
Still prolonge our day of grace;
Gives us time to seek his face.

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4 But while thus our hearts rejoice, We must hear his warning voice, Seek the way of peace and truth, In the early days of youth.

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8th P. M. 87, 87, 47. A blessing sought for the Sunday-school.

who didst with love and blessing, Gather Zion's babes to thee; Still a Saviour's love expressing, Now the babes of Zion see;

Bless the labours
That would bring them up for thee.
2 Smile upon our weak endeavour,

Vain, if thou thy smile deny;
Let them rise, to live forever i
Train, O! train them for the sky:

Ne'er may Satan
Plunder Zion's nursery.
8 Lord, with humble fervour bending,

We thy blessing would entreat;
Let thy Spirit, now descending,
Make the toils of learning sweet;

Straight to Zion
Guide the young inquirer's feet.

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5th P. M. 4 lines 78. Meeting for charity. ITTLE ruin-drops feed the rill ; Brooks the broader rivers fill;

Rivers swell the ocean's tide.


اگر ان کی نی موت کو عام با

So the dew-drops gather'd here, Mites from willing childhood's band, Shall those streams of bounty cheer

That with greenness clothe the land.

3 With that sea of love shall blend

Which the gospel's grace doth pour, And the name of Jesus send

E'en to earth's remotest shore.


7th P. M. 8 linda is. Children at the gate of heaven. TITTLE travellers, Zionward,

L Each one entering into rest, In the kingdom of your Lord,

In the mansions of the blest; There, to welcome, Jesus waits,

Gives the crowns his followers winLift your beads, ye golden gates!

Let the little travellers in!

2 Who are they whose little feet,

Pacing life's dark journey through, Now have reach'd that heavenly seat,

They had ever kept in view ! "I from Greenland's frozen land;"

I from India's sultry plsin;" “I from Afric's barren sand;"

I from islands of the main."

3." All our earth;ly journey past

, Every tear and pain gone by, Here together met at last,

At the portal of the sky!
Each the welcome .COM' ewaits,

Conquerors over death and sin!"
Lift your heads, ye golden gates!

Let the little travellers in!

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