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Swiss fight for any Christian prince for pay, n 355
Tales, meaning of, n

Talisman, explained, n

Te deum, Turk's account of, n

Thanksgiving by the rebels often when they
were defeated, a

Transmigration of the soul, doctrine of, * 196
Trigon, what, a

Tuscan running horse, whose jockey-rider is
all spurs, explained, *

Vane, Sir Henry, account of his principles, n 275
Uxbridge treaty, the occasion of its breaking
off, a

Waller, Sir William, account of his defeat at
Roundway-down, #

Wallingford House committee, #

Whittington, the story of, n

Widow, Indian, burnt with the dead body of
her husband, .

Witchcraft, belief of it prevails in India, a 182
Witches numbers that suffered,

method of detecting them, a


Lancashire, account of, R

Withers, the poet, account of,


Zoroaster, account of,


Books now publishing by B. and R. Crosby and Co. Stationers Court, Paternoster Row.

8. d. A new Family Herbal, or complete system of

Medical Botany ; being a particular account of the Nature and Properties of the various Plants used in Medicine, Diet, and the Arts. By ROBERT JOHN THORNTON, M. D: The Plants drawn from nature by Henderson, and engraved on wood by Thomas Bewick. Octavo, price 31 s. 6d. A few copies on royal

paper for

Modern London : being the History and present State of the British Metropolis, faithfully drawn up from the most authentic materials, and illustrated with a series of highly finished engravings, on a plan entirely new.

In one large and elegant volume, 4to. embellished with fifty-four copper-plates," thirty one of which are coloured, boards.

69 0 N.B. It has been the intention of the editors of

the present splendid and valuable work to exhibit London as it is, and to furnish Englishmen and Foreigners, with a systematic, complete and elegant performance, worthy to occupy a place in a Nobleman's or Gentle. man's Library, by the side of Mr. Pennant's work, which it should be understood, treats only of the Antiquities and former State of

London. Flowers of Literature; or, Characteristic Sketches of Human Nature and Modern Manners : consisting of Essays, Anecdotes, Tales, Narratives, Curious Stories, &c. &c. from the most celebrated Productions; calcu. lated to instruct as well as to amuse and enliven the imagination: also Portraits and Bio

graphy of many popular Characters. N.B.Sets of 7 volumes are now become veryscarce,

but every volume forms a complete Work, and abounds with a diversity of amusing subjects. May be had separate, each

6 0

Genuine Guide to Health ; or Practical Essays

on the Preservation of Health, with the most effectual means of preventing and curing diseases; also strictures on Regimen, and the Management of Invalids. To which are added, Observations on Intemperance, and the best means of preventing its baneful consequences By T. F. CHURCHILL, M. D. Author of the Remembrancer, &c. &c. price, sewed,

4 0 The little volume before us is most excellent in

its kind, and deserves the encouragement which its rapid sale already gives promises of."

Lady's Museum, June, 1810. Nisbet's Medical Guide to the principal Wa.

tering Places of Great Britain, containing a view of the Medicinal Effects of the Waters of each place, I2mo. boards,

5 6 The Naval Plutarch, or Lives of Britain's Heroes;

drawn up as examples for the imitation of youth. By the Rev. Dr. BURNEY, Master of the Naval Academy at Portsmouth. With portraits, 78. 6d. bound and lettered, or on fine paper, handsomely bound,

10 6 The British Neptune, or Naval History of Great

Britain, from the earliest records to the pre-
sent time. By the Rev. Dr. BURNEY, Mas-
ter of the Naval Academy at Portsmouth ;
with Views of great Engagements. Price 78.
od, bound and lettered, or on fine paper,
handsomely bound.

10 Pott's Compendious Law Dictionary, of the

Terms and the Law itself, 12mo. A New
Edition. A few Copies are printed on farge
paper, with margin for observations, &c.

R. Wilks, Printer, Chancery-lane.

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