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ters, loose all my bonds, and bring my soul out of prifon, that I may praise thy name."

4. Lrok to him as a mediator and peace-maker, to remove all enmity and quarrels betwixt God and thy soul, and say, “ Lord stand betwixt me and thy flanning sword, let thy atoning blood tris day quench the fire of thy Father's anger, and bring the news of peace to my soul.”

5. Look to him as an advocate to plead for thy guilty foul: Sav, “ Lord, my crimes are great, and my cause is bad : But never any cause miscarried that thou took in hand: Be thou mine advocate, and let every one of thy wounds this day be as so many open mouths to plead for me ; let thy blood speak, that speakech better things than the blood of Abel.”

6. Look to him as thy refuge-city and hiding place, and say, “ Lord, I fee to thee for my life : For the aa !! venger of blood, the law and justice of God, are at my heels pursuing me; and, if they find me affar off from thee, I am Main without mercy : The clefts of the rock are my only hiding-place : Lord, be a safeguard to me. A heathen could say, when a bird scared by a hawk flew into his bosom: I will not give thee up to thine enemy, seeing thou cameft to me for sanctuary : And surely thou wilt not deliver my soul, when I flee to thee for shelter.”

7. Look to Christ as the ark, that can only save thee from being drowned by the flood of God's wrath : Say, “ Lord, there is no ark to save me but thou alone : 'I am shipwrecked in Adam, and there is no plank but Chrift to bring me to shore : I clasp to thee by the hand of faith. Lord save me, else I perish”.

8. Look to him as a reliever of burdened souls : Say, " Lord, here is a heavy laden finner coming to thee this day for rest : 0, sin is heavier than a millstone, it is weighed down with the law's curses ; and, O how many of these millsones are on my back! Lord, I come this day to roll them upon thee, who art the sure founda. tion that God has laid in Zion, able to bear me and all I can lay upon it: Angels cannot free me of my burden, for the burden of one sin has funk many thousands.

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of them to the bottomless pit; the saints cannot do it, they have burden enough of their own; nay, the whole creation cannot bear my burden, for it is already groaning under the weight of me and it : But, Lord, thou art the mighty one on whom finners help is laid, and hast promised rest to such as come to thee. Lord, let all my burdens fall off this day, that I may be at freedom to run the ways of thy commandments."

9. Look to him as a rich and bountiful helper of the needy: Say, “ Lord, pity a needy beggar this day, that is going to the feaft-house to wait for a crumb; thou haft supplied many: and I have heard a good report of thy bounty : Never came there a poorer wretch to thy door than I : is there not a penny of grace left to help me, not a crumb to keep in my life ? Lord, let me not go from thy treasure house without an alms, there is bread enough in thy house and to spare, let me not go without a crumb..

10. Look to him as a prophet and teacher, that can open thine eyes, and give thee gracious discoveries of his truths and ways : Say, “ Lord I have heard much of thee by the hearing of the ear, but little have mine eyes seen of thee : I have been long in Christ's school, but little proficiency have I made : Lord, come this day and teach me to profit ; let my eyes be opened, that in this ordinance I may see the heinous nature of fin, the severity of divine justice, the greatness of divine love, the beauty of Christ, the preciousness of fouls, the excellency of the remedy provided for finners, &c."

11. Look to him as thy head and husband, with whom you are this day to feal a marriage-covenant: Say, “ Lord, though I be a most deformed, black and unworthy bride, and have nothing but poverty, debt and danger to recommend me to thee ; yet fince thou, who art the chief among ten thousands are content to match with me; O give me a heart to consent willingly to the bargain, and say, My beloved is mine, and I am his. Lord, help me cheerfully to say, Amen to the covenant, and all the articles of it, that I was reviewing and renewing yesternight: O let the marriage knot this day be cast, that fin or fatan, death or hell, may never


be able to loose again : Let him this day kiss me with the kifles of his mouth : O for sweet communion and fellowship with him at his own table : Lord, she wme a token fo; good, let me as a seal upon thine arm; ma-. nifest thyself to me, as thou dost not to the world."

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DIRECTION III. LABOUR, O communicant, to get thy soul put in a right and suitable frame for approaching God's holy table, and entertaining thy Saviour there : Now the cry is making, “ The Bridegroom cometh, go ye forth to meet him ;" prepare the palace of your hearts for hiin; cleanse, sweep and wash them ; get them adorned and perfumed with the graces of the Spirit. Is Christ gone to prepare a place for you, and will you not prepare a place for him ? Set up a throne for Christ, go forth to meet him with acclamation and praise, receive him gladly, set the crown on his head, and swear allegiance to him, and say, as the men of Israel said to Gideon, Judges vii. 22. “ Rule thou over us, for thou hart delivered us out of the hand of Midian," O but Christ hath delivered us out of the hand of Satan, a far worse oppressor than Midian. Let us welcome him, and compass him about with songs of deliverance. O communicants, deal not with Christ as his country-men the Jews did, John i. II. “ He came unto his own, but his own received him not:" When he came into the world, there was no room allowed for him any where but in the manger, and thither was he thrust. O deal not so with your Saviour ; think not a foul stall good enough for Christ, but make clean your hearts, and give him the best room, yea, the upper room there ; O send the key of your hearts this morning to Christ, saying, “ Lord, take thy choice where to ly: Alas, I may fay with the Centurion, “I am not worthy that thou shouldst come under my roof.” My soul is a ruinous, smoky, and defiled cottage, thou hast not a fit place with me to lay my head ; But, I thou that didst not disdain to lie in a manger among beasts, and to be entertained in the house of Simon the leper, come into my soul,


Tepair the house, and prepare an upper room for thyself, that I may eat the passover with thee. Lord, speak the word, and thy servant's heart shall he healed, cleansed, end made'hoiy, soft, and pliable, fit for thy use and service. Lord, none can mend my heart but thou who madest it: I put it into thy hands : Lord, make it as thou wouldst have it.

Queft. What is that frame and disposition of soul that we should come with to the communion-table ?

Ans. Take these directions concerning it.

1. Come to it with a holy awe and reverence of God. Were you going to a prince's table, you would go to it with some awe and concern; and, will you have none when you go to the table of the great Jehovah, who is your judge, searches the heart, and observes all your actions ? He is a God that is very jealous of his honour, and will not be mocked; you ought to come to this table with a holy dread and reverence, adoring the holiness and justice of God manifested in the sufferings of Christ. How vehemently did he hate fin, that he would not pity or spare his dear Son when he cried to him ; but seeing he had undertaken to pay our debt, and drink our cup, the least farthing or drop he would not abate him? Tho' the finner be spared, yet fin must be punished to the uttermoft; our cautioner paid dearly for it. We ought to adore his justice, saying with the men of Bethshemesh,

Sam. vi. 20.“ Who is able to stand before this holy Lord God?" There is no standing but at Christ's back, our blefled cautioner, “ in whom God is well pleased.”

II. Come with holy fear and jealousy over yourselves, left you be found unwelcome guests, and draw down the guilt of unworthy communicating upon yourselves; cry, « Lord, keep me from wounding Christ and my own foul this day ; let me not betray the Son of God with a kifs ;" « deliver me from blood-guiltiness, and from drinking damnation.” O what if I want the weddinggarment,“ when the king comes in to view the guests."

III. Come with brokenness of heart for fin, the cause of Chriff's sufferings.' Look on your pride, passion, hypocrisy, covetousness, malice, lying, swearing, &c. as Christ's only tormentors : Behold how they pressed him


down in the garden, till he swate blood ; see them binding the cross on Christ's back; see them nailing his hands, piercing his temples, and grieving his heart; see them buffeting and spitting on him; see them making him

groan, weep, and roar out his complaint, “ My God, my í God, why hast thou forsaken me?" It was on us this tra

gedy should have been acted, on us these vials of wrath should have been poured, “ For he was wounded for our transgressions, and bruised for our iniquities,” Ifa. lii. 5. O shall we see Christ's heart-streaming blood, and ous eyes not drop tears? Shall we see him stretched out and nailed for us, and our hearts not bleed? Oh, it was my fins that made them nails, they drove them in, they thruit in the spear, yea, they killed the Lord of life; and, shall I not mourn? Did you see a malefactor, that had committed twenty murders, used like Christ, your hearts would be concerned : And, will you not be affected to behold the innocent Lamb of God so abused by your fins ? “ Look on him ye have pierced, and mourn." This paftover must be eaten with bitter herbs. Sow in tears, if you would reap in joy. A weeping communicant is a very pleasing light to both God and man: A broken-hearted weeping finner will suit well with a bruised and bleeding Saviour.

IV. Come with burning love and affection to Chrifl. This is a feast only for the friends and lovers of Chrift, Cant. v. I. Without love ye have nothing to do here. O believer, is thy heart cold when Christ's love is warm? Will you not recompence love with love? Can you behold Christ on a cross, dying with love in his heart, and smiles in his looks; can you see his bleeding arms open to embrace you, the spear reaching his heart, and his affections streaming' out to you in blood, and that when you were enemies to him, and haters of him, and hot be ravished with his love? Can you behold his wounds, or put your finger into the print of the nails, and not be sick of love, and cry out with Thomas, “ My. Lord, and my God ?" Can you view him that is the chief among ten thousand, yea, among an hundred thousand, and among all the thousands in heaven and carth, and your hearts not love him? Turn over all



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