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(1, 2, 3, 4.)

N. V.
O PRAISE ye the Lord, Let them His great Name
Prepare your glad voice

Extol in the dance,
His praise in the great

With timbrel and harp
Assembly to sing:

His praises express :
In our great Creator

Who always takes pleasure
Let Israel rejoice;

His saints to advance,
And children of Sion

And with His salvation
Be glad in their King.

The humble to bless.


Dr. BURNEY. Died, 1814.




1.-(1, 2. 6.)

N. V. O PRAISE the Lord in that bless'd place,

From whence His goodness largely flows; Praise Him in heaven, where He His face

Unveil'd in perfect glory shows. Praise Him for all the mighty acts

Which He in our behalf has done : His kindness this return exacts,

With which our praise should equal run. Let all that vital breath enjoy,

The breath He does to them afford, In just returns of praise employ:

Let ev'ry creature praise the Lord.

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CL (II.) COME, praise the Lord, come praise Him,

Within His holy seat; In all His glories praise Him,

And His great acts repeat. As He excelleth, praise Him,

With trumpet and with flute; With harp and psaltery praise Him, With viol and with lute,

Upon the timbrel praise Him,

In song His praise advance; Upon the organs praise Him,

And praise Him in the dance. On tingling cymbals praise Him,

On cymbals loud that sound; And let all creatures praise Him,

In whom life-breath is found.

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