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402 He shall gather the lambs cvith His arm, and carry them in His bosoni.

[DEATH OF A CHILD.] IP TENDER Shepherd, Thou hast stilled 2 p In this world of care and pain, Now Thy little lamb's brief weeping : Lord, Thou wouldst no longer leavehim

Ah, how peaceful, pale, and mild, cres To the sunny, heavenly plain In his narrow bed he's sleeping !

Thou dost now with joy receive him , cres And no sigh of anguish sore

Clothed in robes of spotless white, p Heaves that little bosom more. mf Now he dwells with Thee in light.

3 P Ah, Lord Jesus, grant that we
Where he lives may soon be living,

And the lovely pastures see
That his heavenly food are giving.
cres Then the gain of death we prove,

Though Thou take what most we love. Amen.

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"Whom I shall see for nyself, and mine eyes shall behoid." I P MY life's a shade, my days 3 mf My Lord His angels shall Apace to death decline;

Their golden trumpets sound, cres My Lord is life, He'll raise

At whose most welcome call
My dust again, even mine.

My grave shall be unbound. mf Sweet truth to me! I shall arise, mf Sweet truth to me! I shall arise,

And with these eyes my Saviour see. And with these eyes my Saviour see
p My peaceful grave shall keep 4. I said sometimes with tears,
My bones till that sweet day

Ah me! I'm loath to die!"
I wake from my long sleep,

cres Lord, silence Thou these fears ; And leave my bed of clay.

My life's with Thoe on high. mf Sweet truth to me! I shall arise, inf Sweet truth to me! I shall arise, And with these eyes my Saviour see. And with these eyes my Saviour sez

5 mf Then welcome, harmless grave!

By thee to heaven I'll go;
My Lord His death shall save

Me from the flames below.
f Sweet truth to me! I shall arise,

And with these eyes my Saviour see. Amen.

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(See also “ Jerusalem,” No. 80.) 404

"He hath prepared for them a city." mfJERUSALEM, my happy home, 4 P Why should I shrink at pain and woe, Name ever dear to me,

Or feel at death dismay? When shall my labours have an end cres I've Canaan's goodly land in view, In joy and peace and thee?

f And realms of endless day. nf When shall these eyes thy heaven-huilt 5 mf Apostles, martyrs, prophets, there

And pearly gates behold, (walls Around my Saviour stand ; Res Thy bulwarks with salvation strong, And soon my friends in Christ below And streets of shining gold?

Will join the glorious band. nf There happier bowers than Eden's 6 mf Jerusalem, my happy home,

Nor sin nor sorrow know: [bloom, My soul still pants for thee; Blest seats, through rude and stormy cres Then shall my labours have an end cres I onward press to yo'l (scenes s When I thy joys shall see. Amen.

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2 mf My Father's house on high, 4 p So, when my latest breath

Home of my soul, (cres) how near Shall rend the veil in twain, At times, to faith's foreseeing eye, cres By death I shall escape from death Thy golden gates appear !

f And life eternal gain. Ah, then my spirit faints

mf Knowing as I am known, cres To reach the land I love,

How shall I love that word, f The bright inheritance of saints, And oft repeat before the throne, Jerusalem above!

“For ever with the Lord !" Ame

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Here have we no continuing city, but we seek one to come."

PART I. sp BRIEF lise is here our portion; And Sion, in her anguish, Brief sorrow, short-lived care :

With Babylon must cope ; es The life that knows no ending,

6 mf But He whom now we trust in The tearless life, is there.

Shall then be seen and known, info happy retribution !

And they that know and see Him Short toil, eternal rest:

Shall have Him for their own For mortals and for sinners

7 f Yes! God, our King and portion, A mansion with the blest.

In fulness of His grace, rf There grief is turned to pleasure, We then shall see for ever, Such pleasure as below

And worship face to face. vib No human voice can utter,

8 P O sweet and blessed country, No human heart can know.

The home of God's elect! p And now we fight the battle, cres O sweet and blessed country, cres But then shall wear the crown

That eager hearts expect ! Of full and everlasting

9 P Jesus, in mercy bring us And passionless renown.

To that dear land of rest, And now we watch and struggle, cres Who art, with God the Father, And now we live in hope,

And Spirit, ever blest. Amen.

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