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Into thy bosom, O my God! Lutasort &

Pour out a long complaint. T 2 This impious heart of mine Iotros:10 pre Could once defy the Lord, hech

Could rush with violence on to sin IWA

In presence of thy sword. do o 3wo How often have I stood, basil tedt aparsa A rebel to the skies, umoto llora

And yet, and yet, О matchless grace!

Thy thunder silent lies. 48 Oh, shall I never feelriotik M I oe

The meltings of thy love ? 9 bob

Am I of such hell-harden'd steel ersal That mercy cannot move?"AHV 5. O'ercome by dying love, bivolto

"Here at thy cross J. lie, dirigio And throw my flesh, my soul, my all, ono And weep, and love, and die. so I . 6 Rise, says the Saviour, rise,

am 10
Behold my wounded veins !5 2970
Here flows a sacred crimson flood, a
Jil To wash away thy stains. Ils V E
7 See, God is reconciled! aid store o

Behold his smiling face luo aid a
Let joyful cherubs clap their wings, T
And sound aloud his grace, it is W A

! *ous! si vin9, DR, (WATTS'S LARICS. 89 C. M. Bath Chapel 26. Salem 139.

Pardon spoken by Christ, Mait. ix, 2.
1 M Y Saviour, let me hear thy voice, 1

1 Pronounce the words of peace 1.4
And all my warmest power's shall joinil

To celebrate thy grace.... . . 2 With gentle'smiles call me thy child," ID

· And speak my sins forgiven; 01611

The accents mild shall charm mine ear. .'"? All like the larps of heaven." !!!! buta


3 Cheerful, where'er thy hand shall lead to

The darkest path I'll tread; .9
Cheerful I'll :quit these mortal shores,

And mingle with the dead. Lon's 4 When dreadfúl guilt is done away, • No other fears we know; hy ste

That hand, which scatters pardons down, - Shall crowns of life bestow.l DÔDDRIDGE.

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90 L. M. Virginia 234. , Kingsbridge 88.

God ready to forgive ; or, Despair sinful. 1 W HAT mean these jealousies and fears ?

W As if the Lord was loth to save,
Or lov'd to see us drench'd in tears,

Or sink with sorrow to the grave: 1
2 Does he want slaves to grace his throne ?

Or rules he by an iron rod ?
Loves he the deep despairing groan?

Is he a tyrant, or a God?
3 Not all the sins which we have wrought

So much his tender bowels grieve,
As this unkind injurious thought, i

That he's unwilling to forgive it
4 What tho' our crimes are black as night,
: Or glowing like the crimson morn!

Immanuel's blood will make them white

As snow thro’ the pure æther borne ' 5 Lord, 'tis amazing grace we own," ;

And well may rebel worm's surprise ;

But, was not thy incarnate Son
. A most amazing sacrifice?
6 I've found a ransom, saith the Lord,...

No humble' penitent shall die:
Lord, we would now believe thy word,
And thy unbounded mercies try!, STOGDON.

91 8.6. 8. Eweli 80. Weston Favel 27.

Adoption; 1 John iii. 14-3. 1 T ET others boast their ancient line,

1 In long succession great ;',.
In the proud list let heroes shine,

And monarchs swell the state; .
Descended from the King of kings, ?,

Each saint a nobler title sings.
2 Pronounce me, gracious God! thy son,

Own me an heir divine;
I'll pity princes on the throne, .

When I can call thee mine; dan
Sceptres and crowns unenvied rise, :

And lose their lustre in mine eyes.
3 Content, obscure, I pass my days,
: To all I meet unknown,
And wait till thou thy child shalt raise,

And seat me near thy throne:
I No name, no honours, here I crave,.

Well pleased with those beyond the grave. 4 Jesus, my, elder brother, lives;

With him I too shall reign ;
Nor sin, nor death, while he survives,

Shall make the promise vain ;''.
In him my title stands secure,, .

And shall, while endless years endure.
5 When hé, in robes divinely bright, .

Shall once again appear,
Thou, too, my soul, shalt shine in light,

And his full image bear:
: - Enough I wait tħ' appointed day;:
Blessd Saviour, haste, and come away,

'risis in. CRUTTENDEN. 92 C. M.: Braintree 25, Stamford 9. ;

Abba, Father, Gal. iv.6. SOVEREIGN of all the worlds on high,

Allow my humble claim; for

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Nor, while a worm would raise its head,

Disdain a Father's name...
2 My Father God! how sweet the sount !

How tender and how dear!on
Not all the harmony of heaven , hul

Could so delight the ear, is: 350
3 Come, sacred Spirit, seal the name

On my expanding heart; mu? Haya
And show that in Jehovah's grace se u

I share a filial part.: sui
4 Cheer'd by a signal so divine, vita

Unwavering I believe ;.., 1 si
And Abba, Father! humbly cry, !?

Nor can the sign deceive. DR. DODDRIDGE.

93 C. M. Otford 106. Follett 181.

True Liberty given by Christ, John viii. 36. 1 H ARK! for 'tis God's own Son that calls

I To life and liberty ; .!! . Transported fall before his feet

Who makes the prisoners free.
2 The cruel bonds of sin he breaks, sum

And breaks old Satan's chain;
Smiling he deals those pardons round,

Which free from endless pain., s
3 Into the captive heart he pours: 1438 te j

His Spirit from on high ;. na • We loose the terrors of the slave,

· And Abba, Father! cry, I LA 4 Shake off your bonds, and sing his grace;

. The sinner's friend proclaim';';
And call on all around to seek

True freedom by his name., 5 Walk on at large, till you attain..? and

Your father's house above;
There shall you wear immortal crowns, I

And sing immortal love,'' DR. DODDRIDGE,

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94 I. 179. Georgia 192. Turth 244. E'

* The Privileges of the Sons of God." ; 1.PLESSED are the sons of God;

D They are bought with Jesu’s blood,
They are ransom'd from the grave,
Life eternal they shall have : in W 4) .

With them number'd may we be, in

Now, and thro' eternity!''. ? 2 God did love them, in his Son,

Long before the world begun; .:
They the seal of this receive,'

When on Jesiis they believe: ". With, &c. 3 They are justified by grace, , sa į!",

They enjoy a solid peace ; ; • . .
All their sins are wash'd away, itse
They shall stand in God's great day: With, &c.
They produce the fruits of grace
In the works of righteousness!
Bom of God, they hate all'sin,

God's pure word remains within : With,&c. 5 They have fellowship with God, it

Thro' the Mediator's blood;tsi
One with God, thro' Jesus one,.. ?!!.

Glory is in them begun 1. With, &c. 6 Tbo? they suffer much on earth,.

Strangers to the worldling's mirth,
Yet they have an inward joy,

Pleasures which can never cloy: With, &c. 7 They alorre are truly blestem; u sted

Heirs of God, joint heirs with Christ'; 1
They with love and peace are fill d'; it ?
They are, by bis Spirit, seal'd:

With them number'd may we be,!

Now; and thro' eternity!! HUMPHREYS. .. 95 316 a 21 : E 2

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