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Donations from individuals,
Received froin the American Bible Society,

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MISSION TO GERMANY. Received from the American Bible Society,



Donations from societies and individuals,
Received from the American Tract Society,

Do. from the War Department, for education purposes,
Do. from the do. do., for the Ojibwas,


300,00 1,500,00 750,00



Received donations from churches, associations, societies and individuals,


PREMIUM AND DISCOUNT, Received interest on temporary loans and dividends on bank stock,


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The undersigned have examined the foregoing account, and find the same properly youched and correctly cast; and there is at this date in the hands of the Treasurer, a balance of one hundred and sixty-two dollars and one cent.


, } Auditing Committee. Boston, April 20, 1836.

In addition to the above, the Treasurer has received from the Rev. Jesse Mercer, D.D., of Georgia, President of the Board, a donation of FIFTY SHARES in the United States Bank, for a permanent fund for the support of the executive officers of the Board.

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preaching, miracles, sufferings, death, burial, resurrection, and ascension of

Jesus Christ, and that those who beJOURNAL OF MR. KINCAID.

lieve in Jesus, the Almighty Savior, (Continued from p. 100.)

are buried in the water and then raised May 24, 1835. Lord's-day morning, up again, to signify that they are no at an early hour, the native brethren longer the children of the world, but came together, and had considerable the children of God by faith in Christ. conversation, before the time for public This man appeared very well, and I worship. Preached from 1 Peter 1: cannot but hope the Spirit of God is 15, “ But, as he which hath called you teaching him. is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of 25. Gave away 27 tracts to as many conversation.” After service, inform persons. ed the church, that they had now had 26. Gave away 20 tracts. Had considerable time to read and reflect several very fair disputants, and some on the subject of choosing one of their of them, I trust, went away with a good number for a deacon. They had read impression. what was said on this subject in the 27. Intended to call on prince Acts of the Apostles and in St. Paul's Mekara, but was so thronged all day, Epistles. I told them it was important with Burmans and Mussulmans, that I to make special prayer to God, on this could not get time to eat. Just at occasion, that they might be directed evening, two men from the prince callin choosing a man full of faith, of love, ed with a message for books, for his and of wisdom. Appointed next Wed seven daughters. "I sent the two eldest, nesday for the members to meet, and each a bound copy of the Digest, and let me know their choice, when I in- to each one the View, and the Three tend to set him apart according to the Sciences. The books I gave their rules of the gospel.

brother the other day, have been read In the afternoon an elderly man call- with much interest, and the daughters ed, and told me he had become a wor- begged their father to get books for shipper of the eternal God. He has them. This is a very amiable family, been at the house several times before and our prayer is, that the Holy Spirit in the course of a year, (he says,) and I may impart to them that knowledge recollect conversing with him once, which will make them heirs of a better though he made no direct reply to what and more enduring country: The I said. He states that the words he church met according to appointment; heard, sunk into his heart, and the two but there were so many strangers in tracts I gave him he has read every the house, we were obliged to postpone day since ; that he immediately left off the meeting to another day. the worship of idols, and stopped giving offerings to the priests. I asked him if Tract Influence—Prince Mekara – Viens

- Retrospect. he truly believed in the living God and in Jesus Christ the Savior of sinners. 28. Though but few visiters called He replied “yes," then inquired, during the day, yet among them were " What is baptism?” I told him of the two boys, about 16 years old, who apcoming into the world, and of the peared qo ke interesting. I had consid

erable conversation with them about a pure and holy religion, different from the way of life. They live in the


other." country, several days' journey from 29. Gave away 20 tracts and one Ava, and are here now on account of book. Just at evening, we called at the king's festival. Their parents the house of Ko Gwa. Six native had charged thein to get some of the Christians live in this compound. The sacred books. Some months ago, a good old inan and his wife took us into man from this city visited their village; their house, called the other Christians, he had the View, and all the people and their relatives, and expressed much read it, or heard it read, and, ever since, gratitude for our calling on them. they have been anxious to know more There are seven families in the comabout “that God who is free from im- pound, all relatives of Ko Gwa. We perfection.” I gave them the Acts of had considerable conversation, and the Apostles, View, and Balance, and were much gratified with the neat and commended them and the whole village orderly manner in which every thing to the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. appeared around them. Left these It seems that tracts are finding their Christian friends at dark, and on our way into distant parts of the country ; | way home through the city thought of and there scattering those seeds of the providence of God in bringing us knowledge which will ultimately purify here, and in watching over us in times this land of all its abominations.-At 5 of extremity, and of the still more wono'clock called on prince Mekara. He derful grace of God in opening the examined the orrery, called the prin-hearts of the heathen, to receive the cess, one of his daughters, and his two word of life. We have seen enough sons, and explained to them the solar this evening, in the conversation of system, particularly the diurnal and these redeemed Burmans, to make us annual revolutions of the earth. He feel that it is not in vain to preach the then said, “What do you think about gospel to the heathen. the planets being inhabited ?" There 30. Among our visiters to-day, were is much reason to believe they are in- eight Yiens, three men, and five wohabited. " And what reasons do you men. They came probably out of cugive ?" From the best observations, riosity, having never seen white people they appear to be fitted up with just as before. Their prince is tributary to much design for the support and com- the king of Ava, and is now here on acfort of created beings, as the earth we count of the festival. I have never inhabit, and it is difficult to conceive seen any of the Yiens before, and if I why they were created unless it was may judge of them by this specimen, to be the abode of intelligent beings. they are a fine-looking race of people. “ Yes, this is the only reasonable con. They are stout and well-proportioned, clusion, if we say there is an eternal their complexion a shade darker than God, who created and governs all the Burmans' and their dress entirely things; and this is a doctrine I like.” different. The dress of the men does “ Now I will ask you about the law of not differ materially from that of the God; do the good go immediately into Shans, but the female dress is different heaven when they die, and do the from any thing else of the kind I have wicked go immediately into hell?” ever seen in the East. The lower

They do. “You say they do; then garment is plaited very full, like a why, in the end of the world, is there a lady's dress, and is fastened round the judgment day ? " " If the righteous go waist. The upper garment is a jacket, immediately into happiness, and the with short sleeves, fitting close around wicked into misery, at the time of the neck, and reaching to the lower death, I do not understand why there garment. The jacket has three fringes should be a judgment day." Your nicely wrought and ornamented, one highness has doubtless read those pas- around the neck, one a little below, sages which speak of the resurrection and the third around the bottom. Each of the dead. 'In the end of the world, one had a band (formed of a great numthe dead, both small and great, will ber of black cords) fastened round the come forth from their graves, and stand waist. Their clothes are made of dark before the judgment seat of Christ, the blue cotton. Their dress indicates spirits and bodies being again united. more cultivated and chaste feelings Then, in one vast assembly, each one than what belong to Burmans. One will be judged according to the deeds of the men could read and speak Burdone in the body. Every thing I man well, and he interpreted what I read in your books, I admire. It is said of God and his law. He told me


there were many in the city they came and paganism, with all its imposing from, who could read Burman, and they forms, and gaudy trappings, crumbled wished to take tracts to them, and there under their feet. I have preached the they could have them translated into same gospel in this city, that Paul their own language ; so I gave each one preached in Athens, and that Peter a tract, and to the learned, two tracts preached on the day of Pentecost, yet and the Acts of the Apostles. May we how different the result. The gospel not hope that these sacred pages will remains unchanged; idolatry and debe blessed, and that dark, distant land, a pravity are the same in all ages; why, land not as yet known on maps, will then, it may be asked, do not the same now be visited by that light which shall results follow the preaching of the gosincrease till the whole earth is full of pel in Burmah, that did in the Roman the knowledge of God? Had I a good empire? In the days of the Apostles, Burman assistant, I would send him on there was more singleness of purpose, to explore this field, and to preach the more faith, more love. Along with unblessed gospel in this hitherto unvisited ceasing faithfulness, there was the region. I would delight to be imyself prayer of faith ; so that while Paul the bearer of the glad tidings of salva- planted and A pollos watered, God gave tion, but alas, here are millions sitting the increase. I am conscious of often in the shadow of death, and to these feeling discouraged, and therefore often the gospel must be preached. Who preaching with hardly any hope of sucwill carry the gospel to the Shans? cess. This, to say the least, is in oppoWho to the Yiens? Who to the Chi-sition to the spirit of the gospel. That nese? Who to the Kathayers ? some good has been done is true: that

At evening, we passed through that much more should have been done, is part of the city where the new palace equally true. Within a few days past, is built. The Me-a-wa-de Woon-gee, I have read over with care the Acts of (Moung Sa,) saw us, came out into the the Apostles, for the purpose of learning, street, and would have us stop. He if possible, the secret of preaching the told Mrs. Kincaid he had heard how ill gospel successfully. she had been, and was very glad to see 2. Called just at evening on an officer that she was now able to ride again. in the service of the queen's brother. He said he should expect to see her His wife has been an attentive inquirer, the next time I called at his house. and is seldom absent on the Sabbath. This nobleman, like most great politi- We have much hope that she is really cians, has the art of making people born of God, though she has not courthink he is one of the most sincere and age to be baptized. I have never seen conscientious men in the world, yet he her husband before, and was glad to has repeatedly denied in public, the find that he had heard from his wife a solemn promises he has made me in his good deal about the gospel. He asked own house.

many questions in reference to my 31. Lord's-day morning, preached views of Boodhism, and many others from “I will put my laws into their touching the divine authority of Chrismind, and write them in their hearts; tianity, all of which indicated that he and I will be to them a God, and they had given the subject more than a passshall be to me a people.” Several in ing thought. I hope what he has heard besides the native Christians and school this evening, will find its way into his children.

June 1. Two years have now elapsed since we reached Ava. The Royal Festival closedSecond Interview reflection that I have been two years

with Yiens-Numerous other visiters, in the capital of a great heathen coun

Shans, &c. try, professedly a preacher of the gos 3. About three o'clock in the afterpel, is to me peculiarly solemn. It ap- noon, three beavy guns were fired, to pears to me that I have done very little, intimate that the king and his court and that little in a very imperfect man were about to return to the palace, and ner. “Preach the truth in love,” is a just at dark, guns were fired again, to command on which I have often re- announce that his Majesty had reached flected, but in practice have seldom, if the golden halls. The whole city has ever, reached it. The apostles and been in motion. Princes and princesstheir fellow-laborers preached the truth es of the blood, and tributary princes, in love, and its influence was felt in together with an endless train of the every land where they travelled. nobility, with all the pomp and pride of Heathen philosophy was struck dumb, 1 rank, followed their sovereign at humble


distance. Hundreds of elephants rich-, fore I could leave my seat, and even ly dressed, and horses whose trappings then I was obliged to shut the door, to sparkle with gold and rubies, made up keep the people out, being so entirely a part of the immense mass of animated exhausted that I could speak no longer. matter that accompanied the unadorned Early in the morning twenty-two Shans king. Thus has ended a festival that came; several of them could speak has cost more than two millions, and all Burman well, and they interpreted for in honor of one idol.

the rest. As soon as they were gone, 4. Early in the morning sixteen others came, and then Burmans and Yiens in a body, came to the house, priests, I should judge to the number of and begged for the “sacred books." three hundred. To the greater part I Some of them could read as well as gave tracts, but to a few elderly, grave speak Burman, and they said many of men, the Scripture Extracts. During their great men in the city of Legare, the whole day, had no disputation; and where the prince lives, understand in truth there was no room for it, as I Burman, and that they will translate kept continually reading, passages of the books into the Yien language. I Scripture, and then proclaiming to them read and explained about an hour and the counsel of God. Among the crowd a half, one of their number (an intelli- just at evening, an old man, of an intergent man) being my interpreter. At esting appearance, came forward and the end of every explanation they would begged for the golden Balance, at the break out in conversation among them- same time saying that “last year he selves, as if quite amazed at what they got three tracts, had read them himself, heard. I distributed among them fifty and read them to the people of his tracts, and two copies of Luke and village again and again ; some believed John, also sent to the prince a copy of the doctrine, and some did not, and Luke and John, the View, Balance, having heard that the golden Balance Scripture Extracts, and the Three Sci- was very plain, he wished to get that." ences, and then dismissed them with the One man hearing me read and explain charge to forsake idols, and all sin, and the first part of the third chapter of worship the living God, who made lieav- John's Epistle, wished me to mark that en and earth.

place, and give him the tracts. 5. Had but three visiters during the 11. Had a great number of people till day. Sent Ko Kai and Ko Thla, to near dark. One man defended BoodhSagaing : they had conversation with ism for almost two hours, and if talent, several groups and gave away 60 tracts. zeal, and learning could avail, heathen

7. Lord's-day. Had our usual num- ism does not want a champion. Once ber at worship in the morning, and in in the course of this discussion he bethe afternoon a house full of visiters, came angry, rose up and walked away. among them three officers of consider- I told him I was sorry to see him angry; able rank. One of the officers under for if my arguments were not good, he took to defend Boodhism, but finding should convince me by sound reason. his task difficult, he entrenched himself ing: After a little time he came back, behind a more plausible position, assert- said he was not angry, but was afraid ing that all religions are the same in of going to hell if he listened to such substance, and only differ in outward doctrine, and that all his life he had forms. I told him we could leave the been studying the sacred books; that he forms out of the question, and examine was well convinced the Burman relithe claims which each religion has to gion was true, and now that he was divine authority. He said it was near getting old, he did not wish to become evening and he perceived it would take a heretic : "however," (he said, “I a long time to discuss the subject as I will get one of your books, and examproposed; so he would call some other ine the Law you teach.” I told him day, at an early hour. This was the that religion was true which could not same as to say, “I am quite indifferent be overturned by the wisdom and cunabout what is true, or what is false.” ning of men; all others were false,

9. Gave away 110 tracts, mostly to and those who believed them, believed people of this city.

10. Sent Ko Kai to the Shan vil In the afternoon, five Government lage with 50_tracts, as many of them officers, with all their menials, came in understand Burman and manifest a a crowd, and filled the house. When disposition to hear the gospel.-I have they first came, riding up to the door, not been so thronged before, since last with all their insignia of office, I anticiNovember. It was long after dark, be- pated unwelcome news, but presently

a lie.

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