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these in one continuous string extend A. That they may be saved. ing about two miles, but so arranged Q. You know that most of the Chithat almost every variety is attainable nese and most of the world are ignoby walking a few yards. "The temples rant of Jesus Christ. How then can are generally a little out of the crowd they be saved ? of business, and occupy the most eligi A. I suppose the teachers must give ble sites in the city. On entering them books and teach them. the grounds of one whose buildings Q. You know that the teachers can't were rather numerous and richly orna- buy paper, and make books, without mented, my teacher, as I went from money. Will you give any thing to one gate to another, kept crying out help them? “ M-Koo,”.“ M-K00,” (Not go, Not go;}

A. The teacher knows that I get but, desiring to see what I could, 1 but a little money during the year, and kept on till I had examined all within I must send some to my wife and chiland about the premises. I forbear any dren in China, or they could get no description of the buildings, pagodas, rice. But I used to buy something to and idols, since they much resemble offer to the idols every year, and I think those of another wat noticed in a former I can now save something to assist in letter, though . making

to preach the gospel in, and being rather tures ? strongly built they may stand long A. I think they are the word of God. enough to be occupied for that purpose. Q. Do you intend to be governed Examination and Baptism of Chek Ete,

by them? Chek Pay-Chun, and Chek Haw.

A. Yes, so far as I understand them. 20. Sabbath. After service attend- To Chek Pay-Chun. ed to the examination of the three Q. You have heard the answers of Chinamen who last Sabbath requested Chek Ete-are you of the same mind ? baptism. Commenced with Chek Ete, A. Yes. as follows:

Q. Why do you wish to be baptized ? Q. Do you believe on the Lord Je A. Because Jesus Christ has comsus Christ

manded it. A. I think I do.

Q. Can you read the scriptures ?

? Q. Do you trust alone in the God A. A little. of heaven for salvation ?

R. I understand that your children A. Yes.

worship idols-perhaps at some future Q. What do you think of idol-wor- time you will join them. ship?

A. No. I hope they will come A. I think that idols can do nothing, with me, and worship God. and that I shall worship them no more. Q. You are now becoming old, and

Q. If you go to China, where your what will you do when you become disfriends live, who worship idols, will abled to meet the disciples ? they not persecute you if you refuse to A. I can worship God in my own join them?

house. A. I don't know. If they do I shall worship only Jesus Christ.

To Chek Haw. Q. Do you pray daily? A. I do. Q. You have requested baptism, but

Q. How does your mind feel when we can't see your mind and consequentyou pray?

ly cannot know whether you believe in A. Sometimes it feels happy, and Jesus Christ or not. What if we sometimes not.

should not give you baptism? Q. What do you pray for?

A. I should try to worship God A. I know but little about God and while I live, just the same. his Book, and I pray that he would Q. Do you think that you ought teach me. I have sinned much and re- to keep the ten commandments ? pented but little; and I pray for the A. Yes. Holy Spirit to help me repent, and Q. Have you violated any of these trust in Christ.

commands ? Q. Do you pray for any but yourself? A. Yes. Ă. I pray for my family, and for all Q. How then do you expect to be

saved? Q. What do you ask God for, when A. I hope by trusting in Jesus you pray for them?



in many

Q. Do you think it is right to smoke | life. We need an interest in your opium, and drink ardent spirits ? supplications. A. I do not ?

The labors of our Dispensary are Q. Do you think yourself a man of now divided between br. Jones and many sins ? A. Yes.

myself; he taking charge of the patients Q. Do you love to pray?

one week and I the next. I still board A. I think I do.

in his family. We have recently all After this we consulted with the suffered more or less from a prevailing church, whether they should be receiv- influenza, which has been a serious ed into their communion. One of the inconvenience to me for more than two church members replied that the can- weeks; but through the kindness of our didates did not worship idols, and in- merciful Father, I am now nearly well. asmuch as their lives were moral and The climate at this season of the year, their hearts could be seen only by God, though comfortable and since they had requested baptism we respects very pleasant, is nevertheless should be contending with God, if we to be guarded against, as producing refused to receive them. It was there- severe colds, and the attending evils of fore unanimously agreed that they be frequent and sudden changes from hot considered members of the church to cold. after being baptized. These lambs of

Review of the closing year. the flock, though old in years, are weak in faith,and young in knowledge. But 31. While reviewing to-day the we have evidence that they have been incidents connected with my personal taught in the school of Christ, and pray experience during the closing year, I that they may grow in grace and in the have done little but weep and pray. knowledge of the Lord.

The opening year smiled upon me in a 27. This morning, after an interest- heathen land, enjoying the sweets of ing season of religious worship with a full domestic happiness and the privilege of assembly of Chinese, we repaired to the commencing my labors for the heathen. Meinam, where, after prayer by br. Jones, But scarcely one fourth of its days had and singing by the missionary brethren passed before I stood a lonely stranger and sisters, I baptized the three China- by a •companion's grave. From this men who were received as candidates for shock I had scarcely recovered so as to church membership on the last Sabbath. realize my loss, when death, armed The occasion was solemn, and we hope with a barbarian's weapon, stood before may be rendered instructive and profit me, and a watery grave seemed my only able to the attentive company of spec- prospect. But an almighty God saw tators. On returning to the house we my danger-delivered me from the hand celebrated the Lord's Supper with the of the destroyer-healed my woundslittle church, including the newly re- guided me by his good providence to ceived members. We hope the time this place, and has since crowned my may soon come, when it shall not be life with his loving-kindness and tender uncommon for converts from heathen- mercies. He has made me instrumental isın to profess before the world their of healing many of the sick-he has attachment to Christ and his religion. given me a teacher in the native lan

Though the responsibility of super-guage of the heathen, who, in addition intending the affairs of this little church to other desirable qualifications, posis great, and the difficulty of directing sesses a Christian spirit and some them in the way they should go is in- knowledge of the gospel. He has so creased by their limited knowledge of far succeeded my efforts to acquire the gospel truth and their long attachment language that I am enabled to speak a to heathen customs, still, looking to the few words daily to the heathen, in the good Shepherd for direction, I feel a name of Christ and recommendation of pleasure in the little charge, and hope, his religion. He has given me the by divine teaching, to be able tò feed privilege of baptizing three Chinese them with knowledge and understand converts, and committed to my care a ing, and contribute something to their little flock of six humble disciples, growth in grace. I am aware that the with the privilege of feeding them, to relation I sustain to them renders it some little extent, with knowledge and sure that my moral and religious feeling understanding. During a residence of will to a greater or less extent be six months in this insalubrious climate, imbibed by them. Here I have an he has given me perfect health with additional inducement to strive for scarcely an interruption. He has proholiness of heart and righteousness of vided a “ nursing-mother" and Christian

to us,

guide for my helpless child, and that transpired, in connection with my little with a providence as marked as it was flock and the mission. Allow me to merciful; and to crown the whole, has state the latter first:-I and my brethren given the consolations of his Holy and sisters with me, have been sorely Spirit to the chief of sinners. The grieved, through the disorderly walk last year's experience has been to me a and conversation of three of our memseason of profitable instruction and rich bers: we proceeded with them accordenjoyment. Though my calamities ing to the rule laid down in the scriphave sometimes appeared to be greater tures, but to no effect; and we were than I could bear, still, in the language ultimately compelled to expel them, for of another, “I know of no person on the destruction of the flesh, hoping that earth with whom I would exchange by this severe measure they might be trials and mercies." I find the Lord brought to repentance, and their spirit not only a God and Savior, but a friend be saved in the day of Christ. Of two and companion. I have no desire to of these, we still have some hope, as exchange my location for any other on they continue to attend on my minisearth, unless I could thereby be render- try, and appear to be unhappy in their ed more useful. What I am but sin and present condition. May the Lord hummisery, is by the grace of God, to which ble their hearts to the acknowledging I must forever be a debtor, and of which of their sins, that they may be restored I must remain a standing monument. and the enjoyment of comfort and The presence of Christ can cheer the peace. loneliest hour; his grace can sweeten My spirit has been much perplexed the bitterest cup, and his blood can and grieved, through this melancholy remove the foulest stains of sin. Well occurrence, and this has caused, I fear, may the Christian say, “ Whom have I partly the disorder which has brought in heaven but thee? And there is none me very low. But, blessed be God, with on earth I desire in comparison with the exception of this, every thing conthee.”

nected with my work has been encour

aging. The meetings for prayer and Germany.

preaching have not only been attended very numerously, so that generally

thirty persons atiended at the Sabbath Oncken, DATED HAMBURG, MAY 20, morning service at my own house, and 1836.

about sixty at the usual place for meet

ing in the evening,—but the Lord has Your friendly and brotherly epistle also graciously accompanied the word filled my heart with gladness, as it gave with his Spirit, and sinners dead in me an additional proof that the advance trespasses and sin have been raised to ment of the Redeemer's kingdom in newness of life. These I have more this country will be cherished and sup- fully taught in the truths of God, by ported by the dear brethren at the head giving them private instruction : my of the society. My wishes in refer- hopes concerning them have been in a ence to br. Lange were realized-my great measure realized : four persons prayers heard and answered. Accept were baptized a few days ago, of whom then, dear brother, of my warmest thanks three have joined our church. Another for the readiness with which you have Christian sister was to have received considered and met my wishes. I doubt the ordinance of baptism at the same not, that in that great day, when it shall time, but was prevented by illness. be made manifest that the Lord has There are besides several hopeful chosen some of the weakest instru- characters, who have already expressed ments, by them to effect great and glo- their desire to join our cominunity; rious ends in the salvation of his cho- among them a Roman Catholic, who is sen people, you will find to your joy not only convinced of the destructive that you acted in accordance with the errors of the great mother of harlots, but divine will, when you decided on en who also feels himself to be a lost singaging br. Lange in the humble but ner who can be saved only by the important work of a colporteur. And Lord Jesus. Among the members of oh! may it then appear that many, our little church the best feeling has many precious souls, were by his in- prevailed—we have enjoyed much comstrumentality, converted to the Shep-munion in the ordinances of the gospel, herd and Bishop of souls.

with our glorious Head, and with each Since my last things both of an en- other. Whilst the Lord has visited his couraging and discouraging nature have garden internally, he has not been less







mindful of us in our external eircum- | freedom in conversing on heavenly stances. No one has been allowed to things, and the duties of Christians disturb us;—the Lord has been our while here below. Some discourageshield. What shall I render to the ments that appeared to my own mind Lord for all his goodness ? Bless the this morning, have, by the blessing of Lord, oh my soul!

God, been removed. Arise, O Sun of I am now on the point of setting out Righteousness, arise; dispel the moral on a tour to Eastfriesland, and various darkness of this heathen land. parts of Hanover._I accompany a dear 20. A good number attended worBaptist br., Capt. Tubbs from Philadel- ship to-day. Br. Curtiss preached to phia, as far as Cuxhaven, with the ob- an attentive assembly. ject of sowing the good seed among 25. Had public worship. Trust the numerous emigrants on board of his some good was done. ship, proceeding to the United States. 26. Had public worship in the mornOn my way back, I intend to stay sev- ing, and church meeting in the aftereral days at Oldenburg, where two in- noon. Heard an Indian tell his Chrisdividuals were converted last winter. tian experience. He was approved by I have opened a correspondence with the church, and baptized the 27th, them, and ain happy to say, they have Lord's-day. A large number were studied the Scriptures with great atten- present at worship, and at the water tion, and have left the Lutheran church. side. Solemnity seemed to pervade

The small amount of 50 marks, col- the minds of all. lected at the missionary prayer meet Jan. 1, 1836. By request, the brething, will, I trust, be acceptable to the ren assembled, and resolved themselves Society.

into a church-meeting. Afterward Mr. Lange entered, for half his time, heard the experience of two individuals, on the duties of colporteur in last Sept., and they were received as candidates immediately after Mr. Sears had stated for baptism. Repaired to the river side to me that he might do so. For the and baptized them in the name of the first six months, half of his time was Holy Trinity. The season was interdevoted to the work ; since the receipt esting and solemn. of your letter, his whole time has been 2. By appointment several brethren employed in it. Br. Lange is daily go- and sisters met for conversation and ing from house to house, pointing sin prayer, and the Lord granted his rich ners to the only Savior, and supplies blessing. It was an impressive interthem with tracts and New Testaments. / view. All present unanimously reHe renders me what assistance he can solved to live nearer to God, and be generally. On my way back from Old- more faithful in duty the year we have enburg, he will probably meet me at just commenced, than we were the past Bremen, from whence we intend to year. While we renewedly gave ourmake a considerable tour on foot to a se ves to the Lord, I trust we felt the number of Hanoverian villages. As spirit of dependence. Dear Savior, soon as my time will allow I shall trans- suffer us never to lose sight of our oblilate portions of br. Lange's journal, and gations to live for the honor of thy transmit them to you. I trust, the name. blessed God is smiling upon all the va 3. The assembly at worship to-day rious missionary stations connected was small. The attention was good, with your society. May many of his but there was not that solemnity which elect be brought into his visible church it has been our happiness to witness at by their instrumentality, and may his other seasons. truth ere long cover the face of the 30. To-day several of the brethren earth, as the water covers the mighty met according to appointment,-and deep.

related, one after another, the exercises

of their souls. They are evidently Western Creeks.

fighting the good fight of faith. The

season was deeply interesting and profEXTRACTS FROM MR. ROLLIN'S JOURNAL.

itable to my own soul.

31. Bat few of the church met for (Continued from page 94.)

worship to-day, but all present could Dec, 13. But few present at wor say, “ It is good for us to be here." ship to-day ; but those present were Feb. 7. Lord's-day. Unexpectedly generally attentive to hear.

we were favored with a warm, pleasant 15. This day visited several mem- day, and our place of worship was nearbers of the church. Enjoyed some I ly filled with attentive hearers, owing

in part to the late einigration. Was , tracts; 'found them more readily and pleased to learn that there were some generally received than for many Baptists with letters among the attend months before, both in the fort and in ants, and that it would be their privi- the town. Conversed with several on lege to unite with us.

the great subject of salvation ; but Oh! 21. This day our place of worship how many tast close their eyes to was nearly filled with attentive hearers. escape the gulph that lies directly Deep feeling was manifested by some. across their path.

27. To-day a goodly number of brethren and sisters collected together, ordination of Mr. Cameron-Arrival of according to appointment. Four Afri| Miss Rice and departure of Miss Brown. cans of the late emigration presented May 20. Tracts have been better letters from the Baptist church in Con- received this spring throughout the cord, Russel county, Alabama, and place, than I have known them for were cordially received. Two other years before. Have had some calls for Africans related the exercises of their Gerinan. minds, and requested baptisın, but it was 24. Held a special church meeting, thought most advisable for them to wait to consult relative to ordaining br.

28. Considering the inclemency of Cameron. After spending some time the weather, a large number attended in reading the word, prayer, &c., Reworship. Tears bedewed some tawny solved, that we appoint Tuesday, the cheeks.

31st inst. as a day for his examination. March 6. A large number attended As we could not obtain counsel from worship to-day. Good attention to the sister churches of our own faith; word preached.

Resolved, to invite Rev. Mr. McMurry, 13. A large collection at worship the Episcopal missionary; Hon. John to-day. Some were solemnly affected. Hulbert, and Lieut. J. M. Clendening,

of the Presbyterian church, and Messrs. Ojibwas.

Bourn and Jacobs, of the Methodist mission, to attend and sit with us. In

compliance with scripture custom or EXTRACTS FROM MR. BINGIAM'S JOUR

example, Resolved, to spend the day

in fasting till the close of the services. Sault de Ste. Marie, March 16, 1836. 31. At nine o'clock commenced our Called on the Romish priest to ascer prayer meeting. The brethren invited tain, if possible, whether they made all attended, except Lieut. Clendening, any distinction between the head of who, being officer of the day, could not the church, and its foundation; and leave the fort. At half past ten o'clock if any, what that distinction was. This proceeded to the special duties of the inquiry was excited by noticing that day, which were introduced by reading they quote a passage that speaks ex an appropriate portion of Scripture, and clusively of the foundation, to prove prayer by the Pastor; and singing that the pope is the head. Matthew, 211th Hymn, Winchell's Supplement. 16: 18.

After an examination on Christian exI told him my object was to obtain perience, call to the work, and system their views from his own lips, that if at of theology, Judge Hulbert prayed, and any time, in my discourses, I should the candidate and assembly retired, for state any thing concerning their senti- the council to deliberate.' Br. Bourn ments, I might state it as they did. prayed. After due deliberation, ReWe had some discussion on several solved unanimously, that it appeared to points; among others, those of regene-1s duty to ordain Mr. Cameron. Conration and the worshipping of images sequently, Resolved, that with the leave carne under consideration.

of Providence he be duly set apart to April 18. A sergeant from the fort the sacred work of the gospel ministry called to open his mind to me on the on Lord's-day, fifth of June, at the clossubject of religion. He said he had ing part of the P. M. services. The been under serious impressions most of business of the day was then closed the winter, and an important change with prayer by the Rev. Mr. McMurry. had recently taken place in his mind, June 5. Lord's-day. Preached two from which he had been led to hope discourses on the subject of the ordinathat he had become a subject of grace. tion, A. M. to the English audience He thought surely, he grieved for from 2 Timothy iv. 5., P. M. to the sin, and felt his heart filled with love Indians from 2 Timothy iv. 2. Brother to God. At five o'clock went out with Jacobs interpreted, and br. Bourn offer


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