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+ St. David's, C. M.

From RAVENSCROFT's Psalter, 1621.

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169. 0

THOU, whose glory and whose grace

Celestial hosts proclaim, Look down from heaven, Thy dwelling

Teach us to fear Thy Name.
Within the volume of Thy Word,

We, from our early youth,
Learn of our Saviour and our Lord,

The Way, the Life, the Truth.
Thy Word displays the concord sweet

Of fear and holy love :
Mercy and truth together meet,

Descending from above.
O Lord! Thy glory and Thy grace

Whilst now our lips proclaim,
Come to our hearts, Thy dwelling-place,
And make us fear Thy Name.

170. SHEPHERD Of Israel

, from above Thy feeble flock behold; And let us never lose Thy love,

Nor wander from Thy fold.
Thou wilt not cast Thy lambs away ;

Thy hand is ever near,
To guide them lest they go astray,

And keep them safe from fear.
We want Thy help, for we are frail ;

Thy light, for we are blind;
Let grace o'er all our doubts prevail,

To prove that Thou art kind.
Teach us the things we ought to know,

And may we find them true; And still in stature as we grow,

Increase in wisdom too.

A. men.

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171. A" WAKE, my soul, and with the sun

Thy daily stage of duty run; Shake off dull sloth, and early rise To pay thy morning sacrifice. Redeem thy misspent moments past, And live this day as if the last ; Thy talents to improve take care; For the great day thyself prepare. Let all thy converse be sincere, Thy conscience as the noonday clear ; For God's all-seeing eye surveys Thy secret thoughts, thy works and ways. Wake, and lift up thyself, my heart, And with the Angels bear thy part: Who all night long unwearied sing High glory to the eternal King!

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A, R. REINAGLE. 1826.

(By permission.)

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173. THR THROUGH all the dangers of the night,

Preserved, O Lord, by Thee,
Again we hail the cheerful light,

Again we bow the knee.
Preserve us, Lord, throughout the day,

And guide us by Thine arm;
For they are safe, and only they,

Whom Thou preserv'st from harm.
Let all our words and all our ways

Declare that we are Thine,
That so the light of truth and grace

Before the world may shine.
Let us ne'er turn away from Thee;

O Saviour, hold us fast,
Till with unclouded eyes we see

Thy glorious face at last.


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Increase my faith, increase my hope,

Increase my zeal and love; And fix my heart's affections all

On Christ and things above.

And when, life's labour o er, I sink

To slumber in the grave, In death's dark vale be Thou my trust,

To suecour and to save:


To Thee, O Lord, with dawning light

My thankful voice I'll raise, Thy mighty power to celebrate,

Thy holy Name to praise:

For Thou, in helpless hour of night,

Hast compassed my bed,
And now, refresh'd with peaceful sleep,

Thou liftest up my head.

Grant me, O God, Thy quickening grace,
· Through this and every day;
That, guided and upheld by Thee,
My feet may never stray.

That so, through Him, who bled and died,

Andi rose again for me, “ The grave and gate of death” may prove

A passage home to Thee.

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