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But ftill his faints are near his throne,
His treasure and his joy.

3 Heaven, earth and fea confefs his hand; He bids the vapours rife :

Lightning and form, at his command,
Sweep through the founding fkies."

4 All power, that gods or kings have claim'd, Is found with him alone;

But heathen gods fhould ne'er be nam'd,
Where our JEHOVAH's known.

5 Which of the flocks or ftones they truft Can give them fhowers of rain?


In vain they worship glittering dust,
And pray to gold in vain.

6 [Their gods have tongues that cannot talk,
Such as their makers gave:

Their feet were ne'er defign'd to walk,
Nor hands have power to fave.

7 Blind are their eyes, their ears are deaf,
Nor hear when mortals pray:
Mortals that wait for their relief,
Are blind and deaf as they.]
8 Ye faints, adore the living God,
Serve him with faith and fear
He makes the churches his abode,
And claims your honours there.

PSALM CXXXVI. Common Metre. [*] God's wonders of creation, providence, redemption of Ifrael, and falvation of his people.


IVE thanks to God, the fovereign Lord,
His mercies ftill endure;
And be the King kings of ador'd,
His truth is ever fure.

2 What wonders hath his wifdom done;
How mighty is his hand!

Heaven, earth and fea he fram'd alone:
How wide is his command!

3 The fun fupplies the day with light:
How bright his counfels fhine!
The moon and ftars adorn the night:
His works are all divine.

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And when he hears their fore complaints,
Repents the forrows that he fends."
4 Through every age the Lord declares
His name, and breaks th' oppreffor's rod;
He gives his fuffering fervants reft,
And will be known Th' Almighty God.
5 Blefs ye the Lord, who tafte his love,
People and priefts, exalt his name:
Amongst his faints he ever dwells:
His church is his Jerufalem.

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4 [He ftruck the fons of Egypt dead; How dreadful is his rod!

And thence with joy his people led :
How gracious is our God!
5 He cleft the fwelling fea in two;
His arm is great in might:
And gave the tribes a paffage through;
His power and grace unite.

6 But Pharaoh's army there he drown'd;
How glorious are his ways!

And brought his faints through defert ground;
Eternal be his praise.


7 Great monarchs fell beneath his hand; Victorious is his fword;

While Ifrael took the promis'd land:
And faithful is his word.]

8 He faw the nations dead in fin;
He felt his pity move;

How fad the ftate the world was in;
How boundless was his love!

9 He fent to fave us from our wo;
His goodness never fails;

From death, and hell, and every foe;
And fill his grace prevails.

10 Give thanks to God, the heavenly King;
His mercies ftill endure;

Let the whole earth his praifes fing;
His truth is ever fure.



PSALM CXXXVI. Particular Metre.
IVE thanks to God moft high,"
The univerfal Lord;
The fovereign King of kings;
And be his grace ador'd.
His power and grace
Are ftill the fame;
And let his name
Have endless praife.

2 How mighty is his hand!
What wonders hath he done!
He form'd the earth and feas,
And fpread the heavens alone.
Thy mercy, Lord,
Shall ftill endure;

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And ever fure
Abides thy word.

3 His wifdom fram'd the fun,
To crown the day with light;
The moon and twinkling ftars,
To cheer the darksome night.
His power and grace
Are fill the fame;
And let his name
Have endless praife.

4 [He fmote the firft-born fons,
The flower of Egypt, dead:
And thence his chofen tribes
With joy and glory led.
Thy mercy, Lord,
Shall ftill endure;
And ever füre
Abides thy word.
and lifted rod
Cleft the Red Sea in two,
And for his people made
A wondrous paffage through.
His power and grace
Are ftill the fame;
And let his name
Have endless praife.


6 But cruel Pharaoh there
With all his hoft he drown'd;
And brought his Ifrael fafe
Through a long defert ground.
Thy mercy, Lord,
Shall ftill endure;
And ever fure
Abides thy word.


7 The kings of Canaan fell
Beneath his dreadful hand;
While his own fervants took
* Poffeffion of their land.
His power and grace
Are fill the fame;
And let his name
Have endless praife]

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