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mous practices of the lower orders, were afterwards levelled at the Pontiff himself, and the very principles of popery as the foundation of the reigning corruption.

Wycliffe was now a favorite with the king and parliament, and in high estimation at the University. But the purity and strictness of his principles, and the unsparing severity with which he exposed the vices of the priesthood, had secured for him the cordial hatred of all ranks of the clergy. And notwithstanding the general torpor which then palsied the energies of the human mind, his efforts too much threatened the safety of the prevailing system to pass long unnoticed. The Pope himself took active measures to suppress the sentiments and efforts of the heretic; and in two instances he was sum. moned before the English Inquisition. The first occasion was in 1377, three years after his return from the court of Rome. Letters were addressed by the Pope" to the ecclesiastical authorities, to the king, and to the university of Oxford,” accusing him of heresy, and directing that he should be cited to appear for trial before his ecclesiastical superiors. Wycliffe was obedient to the sum . But the populace, alarmed for his safety, crowded around the place of meeting, and with many of the citizens forcing their way into the chapel where the parties were convened, loudly proclaimed their attachment to his person and opinions. “The dismay created by this tumult was augmented, when Sir Lewis Clifford entered the court, and in the name of the queen-mother forbade the bishops proceeding to any definite sentence respecting the doctrines or conduct of Wycliffe.” He thus escaped the effects of a malice which thirsted for his blood.

From this time however his popularity seems to have declined. Very few were prepared to relish doctrines which enjoined holiness of heart, and a life unspotted by sin.

On the accession of Richard to the throne, and the consequent change of the ministry, his influence with the court and nobility was greatly diminished. Still however much respect for him was manisested by the House of Commons.

About this time he became deeply impressed with the importance of making the Bible accessible to the mass of the people. The only version sanctioned by the established church was in Latin, which few even of the priests could read, and which was of course utterly useless to the great body of the people. Wycliffe was never of the opinion, that God professed to send a revelation of his will to light the sinner's path to heaven, and then mocked his hopes by clouding it with intentional obscurity ; or that he failed through inability to make it so plain that it might safely be trusted in the hands of all ;-so plain that he who runs may read. Anxious therefore to give the word of life to those who were perishing lack of knowledge,” he zealously engaged in a translation of the Bible. And before his death, he completed the first entire English version of the scriptures which had ever been giveu to the world.

“ The power of his enemies was now daily becoming more formidable ;" and as Richard appears to have been unfavorable to the views of the reformer, they procured from him, with the con.

" for

sent of certain lords, a statute for the punishment of heresy; which was, of course, designed to affect Wycliffe and his adherents. Wycliffe now appealed to Parliament, for the defence of his civil rights, in a petition which met with a favorable reception. The House of Commons addressed a remonstrance to the King, demanding the abrogation of a statute which they had no voice in enacting.

The repeal of Parliament, however, was disregarded by the ecclesiastical authorities, and Wycliffe was arraigned before his old enemy, Courtney, Archbishop of Canterbury. At this trying moment, he was deserted by his former patron, the Duke of Lancaster, whose power seems to have declined after the accession of the new king. His enemies succeeded in expelling him from his professorship at Oxford. But a conviction of the high estimation in which he was still held, as a man of inflexible integrity,—and perhaps a consciousness of their inability to encounter the resistance of so gigantic an intellect,-prevented them from resorting to any violent measures; though they condemned many of his sentiments as here etical. There is indeed a want of sufficiently full and accurate accounts, to enable us at this distance of time, to decide with certainty, by what means he so far escaped the designs of his enemies. But their bitter invective, and the terms in which they lament the inefficacy of their malice, clearly evince that he owed his safe ty to no moderation on their part.

About the time that he was expelled from his station at Oxford, a summons from Pope Urban VI. demanded his appearance at Rome, "to answer before the chair of St. Peter, to the charges preferred against him." Severe indisposition prevented his compliance with this mandate. But he addressed to "his Holiness," a “letter of excuse,” which, for its combination of modesty with dignified reproof, is truly remarkable. “I take it,” says he, "as a part of faith, that no man should follow the Pope; no, nor any saint that is now in heaven, but inasmuch as he followed Christ, for James and John erred, and Peter and Paul sinned."

Wycliffe's constitution had been much impaired by a weight of anxiety and sorrow, in connexion with the severity of his labors. And he now passed the short remnant of his days in the comparative retirement of his parish at Lutterworth. “There was no remission of activity to the full extent of his powers."

But he soon closed his eyes upon these scenes of wasting tribulation, to enter into the joy of his Lord.

He expired on the 31st of December, 1384.

It seems proper that we should here pause, and for a moment examine certain statements which have represented the character of this reformer in an unfavorable light. That the voice of calumny should be heard from his bigoted enemies, is indeed no matter of surprise. But when we find a grave protestant historian of the 18th century, preferring charges unfavorable to his character, it certainly becomes us to inquire whether they are founded in fact.

In the short sketch which Milner, in his "Church History,” bas given us of the life and opinions of Wycliffe, with some commen

been formed since last June; viz. As The annual meeting of the Federal sam, Burrisal, and Burripore. The street Young Men's Baptist Tract Solatter place is about sixteen miles south of Calcutta—its origin is highly inter- ciety occurred on Monday, the 19th of esting. Fout or five years ago, our July, at which time intelligence of Independent brethren met with consid- his decease reached the city. erable success at a village below Cal- deep sensation was created in the ascutta. People from that village, anxious to obtain religious information, sembly, and the following resolves conversed with the inhabitants of oth were unanimously passed. er places with hopeful success. One

Resolved, That we learn with re. person in one of these villages, was married to a young woman who had NOAH Davis, for some time past the

gret the lamented decease of Rev. been in one of the Serampore schools, Agent of the Baptist General Tract who talked to them about believers'

Society. baptism; and the result was, a deputation from a village unheard of before, tions of deep and sincere admiration,

Resolved, That we view with emoto brother Robinson, at Calcutta, requesting him to go and visit him. He of the cause of Tract Societies, to

his arduous services in the promotion did so; and after an agreeable inter- which he has for some time devoted view, sent two native brethren to reside among them, and to preach to zeal, and unwearied ardor.

his time and talents, with persevering them. The happy result has been, an addition to the Bow Bazar church of ample as a precious legacy to all who

Resolved, That we consider his er. more than thirty persons from that and neighboring villages.

are engaged in the same pursuit. A young man raised up in the above. mentioned church, pamed Rabiholm, ORDINATIONS, &c. was set apart to the ministry in anoth

May 5. James S. Morris, Kent Co. Vir. ws er part of the same tract of country, ordained to the christian ministry. Sermon by and is settled at Burripore, near which Rev. Richard Claybrook. a church has been formed at a village ist, at Rock Spring, Illinois. Sermon by Rev. J.

9. George Stacy was ordained as an Evangelcalled Lulkiya; which, though begun M. Peck. in the midst of much opposition, is now 13. Rufus Chandler was ordained in Caroline flourishing. When I say, begun in Co. Vir. Sermon by Rev. Eli Ball. much opposition, in a storm, I refer to

19. David Carlisle was ordained at Marion,

Wayne Co. N. Y. Sermon by Elder J. Carwia. a dreadful assault made by the heath

June 2. Mr. Eli Adams was ordained as an en, in which an old disciple, Kishore, evangelist, at Middlefield. who was sent among them, waz mur

22. Wm. W. Snow, Dinwiddie Co. Vir. 30 dered in cold blood. The murderers

ordained to the christian ministry. Sermon by

Rev. Mr. Kcelins, Richmond. are all apprehended: but being per Rev. Jonathan Aldrich was installed pas. sons of property, will probably escape, tor of the Baptist church in Beverly. Sermon by as nearly all the heathen pleaders in Rev: R. Babcock, jr,

Mr. Rufus Sabin was ordained, by request native courts of justice, endeavor to

of the Middlesex and Gorham church, Oueida suppress the truth. They made two

Co. N. Y. Sermon by Rev. Eli laskell. other assaults, but have been brought

29. Mr. H. F. Leavitt was ordained at Stral to justice, which has intimidated them, ford, V1. Se mon by Rev. John Wheeler. and our brethren are now in peace.

30. Rev. Timothy Ropes was installed pastor

of the Baptist churchi in Weston, Mass. Sermon Believe me to be, yours affectionate. by Rev. Charles Train, Framingham, ly,

W. CAREY. May 26. A Baptist church, consisting of 48

members, was constituted at Fairfield, Vi. Ser. mon by Rev. Ezra Fisher.

29. ` A Baptist church was organized at Phenixville, Chester Co. Penn. Sermon by Elder J.S. Jenkins.

June 18. A Baptist church was constituted at It is with painful emotions that we North China, Genesee Co. N. Y. Sermon by announce the sudden decease of Rev. Rev. J. Elliott.

A church of the Baptist denomination has Noah Davis, Agent of the Baptist been constituted at the city of Washington, in the General Tract Society. He died at

new meeting-house lately erected near the inter

section of Virginia Avenue and Four and a half Philadelphia, July 15. We shall in a Street. On the same occasion, Elder Charles

Polkinhoru was ordained to the ministry, and to future Number present some particu- the pastoral charge of the church. There are lars in relation to his life and charac

now four Baptist churches in Washington.

30. A Baptist church was organized a Walter.

lingford Hill, Vt. Sermon by Rev. A. Leland,








The building is a spacious and beautiful edilice. While sitting beneath

its roof pleasing ideas were awakened On Thursday, July 22, the Baptist in relation to times gone by, from the Meeting House lately erected at circumstance, that the frame formerly South Boston, was opened with ap- composed a part of the First Baptist propriate religious services.

Meeting-house in Boston, having been The following was the order of the removed to South Boston when that exercises :

ancient building was demolished. De1. Singing. 2. Reading selected vout aspirations ascended to Heaven, passages of Scripture, by Rev. Mr. that the gospel might here be successKnowles. 3. Dedicatory Prayer by fully proclaimed, as it had been for a Rev. Mr. Grosvenor. 4. Singing. 5. long succession of years, beneath the A Sermon happily adapted to the oc same roof, by the pious and eloquent casion was delivered by Rev. Mr. Stillman, and other distinguished minMalcom, from Psalm cxxxvii. 7-9. isters of the word. The other materials After illustrating and enforcing the for the house are new, and the worksentiments of the text, an interesting manship handsomely executed. The history of the rise and progress of the basement story contains a very conBaptist Church and Society in South venient Lecture Room, and various Boston, was presented, in which the apartments for other purposes. A leadings of divine Providence were rapid increase of inhabitants may be peculiarly apparent, which results expected in this section of the city ; ed in the erection of the house of and it is hoped that enlargement and worship. 6. Prayer by Rev. Mr. prosperity nay attend the church and Grafton. 7. Singing. 8. Benediction. society.

Report presented by the Treasurer, at the Annual Meeting of the Baptist Missionary Society of Massachusetts, May, 1830.



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By balance brought forward,

838,80 May 27. By cash collected at First Baptist Church, Salem,

33,76 East Cambridge Church and Society,

22,20 First Baptist Church and Society, Cambridge, viz. Bela Jacobs, 2-Levi Farwell, 10

Prudence Farwell, 10-Wm. Brown, s- James Hovey, i-Charles Everett, s-
Ebenezer Hovey, 1- John Greenleaf, i-Collection, 26,02,

61,02 Profits on the Magazine, collected from balances due on former years,

378,16 28. of Rev. S. Glover,

1,00 Baptist Female friends in Dunstable, N. H.

11,42 Federal Street Baptist Church and Society, Boston,

47,97 Collected at the annual meeting in Federal street meeting house,

73,20 Donation from Mr. N. R. Cobb,

100,00 June 16. Calvin Blanchard, Treas. of Middlesex Bap. Miss. Soc.

30,00 22. From Salem Street Bap Ch. and Soc. Bogton, per Rev. Mr. Knowles,

70,40 July 4. From a friend in Roxbury, being one dollar per month, from July 4, 1828,

12,00 Interest on Mr. Toby's legacy,

71,00 27. Interest on note,

73,00 Aug. 15. From Ezra Fisher,

1,40 Sept. 15. From Bap. Female Benevolent Society, Newton,

19,80 From First Baptist Church, Cbarlestown,

18,00 30. From Benevolent Society, Cambridge,

25, Oct. 6. Dividend at Columbian Bank,

30, 28.

From Michael Shepud, Treas, of the Salem Association, viz.
From Newburyport Bap. Benevolent Society,

Salisbury and Amesbury Miss. Society,

do. monthly concert,

Female Miss. Cent Soc. in the First Bap. Soc. Harerbill,

20,83 Female Missionary Society, South-Reading,

Male Primary


Public collection,

Lyon Female Cent Society,

14,00 Hannab French, Haverhill,

,50 Missionary Society in Second Baptist Society, Haverhill,


92,97 From J. B. Jones, Treas. of Mass. Bap. Ed. Soc. interest on the legacy of Ms. Cornish, 400,00


Nov. 4.

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E. LINCOLX, Trecas. As one of the Corsitter vist Dez Lisccde, fa zotitise the foregering setest, I be set the same in Ais abeczce, by the Treasure's back and roubers, asside vahele cartes Car & duan

JAMES LORING Boston, May 25, 1830.

TO CORRESPONDENTS, The Reports of the Federal Street Maternal Society, and of the Baptist Youth's Assistant Missionary Society of New York, reached us too late for the present Number. They will be inserted next moath.

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