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, JESUS ! crucified for me ; All to happiness aspire ;

I would seek it, Lord, in Thee : Thee to praise, and Thee to know, Makes the joy of Saints below: Thee to see, and Thee to love, Makes the bliss of Saints above.

Lord, it is not life to live,

If Thy presence Thou deny : Lord, if Thou Thy presence give,

'Tis no longer death to die : Source and Giver of repose, Only from Thy love it flows: Peace and happiness are Thine; Mine they are, if Thou art mine.

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IN Thee, O Lord, I trust;

My hope is in Thy Name;
In righteousness deliver me,

Nor put my soul to shame.
From heaven bow down Thine ear,

My cause in mercy plead :
My Rock, my Fortress, my Defence,

Vouchsafe my soul to lead.
From every snare preserve,

From every foe defend;
For Thy Name's sake, o God, my Strength,

Divine protection send.
Into Thy hands, O Lord,

My spirit I commend;
Thou hast redeem'd me, God of Truth,

In death be Thou my Friend.

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