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rence with the Government proposition; the bill having been brought into a state of hopeless confusion by one division sanctioning his principle of ten hours, (being the prospective limit assigned to working in the factories,) and that division being afterwards reversed, as likewise the proposition of twelve hours, thereby leaving the limit (one of the main principles for which he was striving) unassigned.--Some educational movement for Ireland seems to be contemplated by the Government, as was hinted at by the Premier at the close of the last Session, and Mr. Wyse, the Roman Catholic member for Waterford, a person of great influence among that body, has been interesting himself at Cork, where a meeting is shortly to be held, in order to facilitate the introduction of such measures as may be proposed. Until, however, something tangible comes before the public, it would be useless to express our opinion on conjectural policy. And now we are on the subject of conjecture, it may be well to state that the great bugbear of Ireland, Repeal, has, with the ingenuity of a Proteus, transformed itself into something very like smoke-federalism in conjecture-about which, as Mr. O'Connell himself preserves a mysterious silence, we, who are much less interested therein than he, think it wise to do the same. May God preserve entire and uncrippled our dear Sister Church in Ireland, and cause the promotion of its pure and untainted doctrines ! and the Irish people need not fear.-The Quarter's Revenue exhibits an increase of somewhat more than one million; in the items of which we remark, with the utmost gratification and thankfulness, a decrease of some £5000 in the Excise, a pleasant testimony to a decreasing consumption of spirituous and intoxicating liquors.—The French King met with a cordial welcome to England. He stayed a week, and departed via Dover the 15th of October.-The Marquis of Exeter has been honoured with a visit from her Majesty, at Burghley House, which was magnificiently fitted up for her reception. The Royal Exchange was opened, with great pomp, on Monday the 28th October.

IN THE FOREIGN AFFAIRS of the kingdom, no rupture seems likely at present, through the mercy of God, to disturb our peace.

Spain, distracted with insurrections, constitutional changes, and revolutionary fracas, presents a sad picture of national degradation. Great changes in the system of its government have been proposed, and remain pending. Christina has ratified certain conditions offered by the Pope, one of which relates to the fresh establishment of the Religion of Rome in that country.—Madeira is likewise in a most distressed state, arising from what we must call the diabolical persecutions of Romanism against the poor and unoffending Protestants. Law is set at defiance, or wantonly trampled on, by those in authority and their officials. Houses of the “ Kallistas," as the Protestants are called, are pillaged, their property abstracted, and themselves maltreated. The excellent Dr. Kalley, and Nicolao, one of those who first renounced the Romish religion, are among the sufferers. The Christian forbearance of these persons, under provocations of the deepest dye, may teach us a useful lesson, as learners in the school of Christ.-Negotiations are proceeding with the Pasha of Egypt, for the formation of a railroad from Cairo to Suez, a point of great importance, in a religious and commercial light, to England. An officer has been likewise despatched from the London Postoffice, touching the transmission of mails through the same country.

Mr. Bourne, however, does not appear as yet to have diplomatized successfully.-The East India and China mails have been received; but, with the exception, in the former country, of one or two internal disturbances, there is little intelligence of interest from either.

ECCLESIASTICAL INTELLIGENCE. — The Bishop of Chichester delivered his first triennial charge at Chichester on the 22nd. It is written in a spirit of much moderation and charity; commenting, however, at the same time, with faithfulness on the principles of the Tractarian party. In connection with this subject, we may state that Dr. Symons' election to the Vice-chancellorship of Oxford, which was opposed by some of that party, was confirmed in convo. cation by a majority certainly far more triumphant, though on the same side as we expected, of 699 M. A.'s.-There are prevailing rumours of a speedy transition of many of Mr. Newman's party to the Church of Rome. Principles must at last develope themselves in their legitimate consequences, and it is impossible to shut one's eyes to the truth, that where the principles of Rome in so many important points are held, they must lead to a separation from that Church which protests against them. After much thought, we believe it is the only course which men of such principles can follow. Like the Secession Church of Scotland, the maintenance of a religious belief which strikes at the fundamentals of a Protesting Establishment, whether right or wrong, must eventually entail upon men of honest minds a separation from it. At the same time, we mourn over the defalcation from our Church, which should be, like our Saviour's robe, seamless. May it induce a spirit of the deepest watchfulness, prayer, and vital religion in each one of us, lest the Lord should remove our candlestick itself out of its place! The Revds. Mr. Burton and Penny, and Mr. Tickell, have lately joined the communion of the Church of Rome. We have the more pleasing intelligence to communicate of the conversion of Mr. M‘Namara, of Achill, from Romanism, and the commencement of a building there for converted priests of that Church, while studying for the ministry. 600 Roman Catholics have been lately brought over to Protestantism in the commune of Villefavard, France, principally through a perusal of the Scriptures.

Sentence of three months' suspension from the functions of the ministry has been recorded by the Arches' Court against Mr. Henslowe for refusing to bury the body of a parishioner, on the allegation of its not having been duly baptized. The case of Mr. Chapman, on a similar charge, has not been decided by the learned judge.

MISCELLANEOUS. - We lament, for the sake of the Church, having to record the Rev. Josiah Pratt's death, editor of Mr. Cecil's Life; of Bishop Hopkins, and Bishop Hall's Works, and the “ Missionary Register."--Dr. Wolffe has been released from his confinement at Bokhara, and is arrived in Persia, where he is apprehensive of being again imprisoned in default of payment of a sum of money extorted by promise from him when in the former country. It amounts to £2,500.-Dr. Asatel Grant, missionary to the Nestorians, has left this world for a better.












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