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Were their time and attention thrown away only, the evil would, in some degree, be less. But they are worse than thrown away: they are not merely fruitless, but productive of much mischief. Such a habit of thought is connected with a thousand vices. It is the constant source of rash and severe censure. It arises from envy and jealousy. It foments ill-nature and pride. It propagates misunderstanding and discord. All those evils would be prevented, if the reproof which our Lord administers in the text came oftener home, with proper authority to the reflection of men: What is that to thee? Each of us have more material and important business of our own to fulfil. Our task is assigned; our part allotted. Did we suitably examine how that part was performed, we should be less disposed to busy ourselves about the concerns of others. We should discover many a disorder to be corrected at home; many a weed to be pulled out from our own grounds; much remaining to be done, in order to render ourselves useful in this world and fit for a world to come.-Wherefore, instead of being critics on others, let us employ our criticism on ourselves. Leaving others to be judged by him who searcheth the heart, let us implore his assistance for enabling us to act well our own part, and to follow Christ.




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