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3 Tread, kingly Gospel, through the nations tread

With all the civil virtues in thy train :
Be all to thy blest freedom captive led;

And Christ, the true emancipator, reign! 4 Spread, giant Gospel, spread thy growing wings!

Gather thy scattered ones from every land :
Call home the wanderers to the King of kings
Proclaim them all thine own;~'t is Christ's

command !


7s. M.

Christ's Triumph.
1 Hark! the song of jubilee,

Loud as mighty thunders roar,
Or the fulness of the sea,

When it breaks upon the shore;
Hallelujah to the Lord !

God omnipotent shall reign;
Hallelujah! let the word

Echo round the earth and main. 2 Hallelujah!-hark! the sound,

Heard through earth, and through the skies
Wakes above, beneath, around,

All creation's harmonies :
See Jehovah's banner furled,

Sheathed his sword; he speaks, — 't is done
And the kingdoms of this world

Are the kingdoms of his Son.

[blocks in formation]




78. M.

The Progress of the Gospel.
1 See how great a flame aspires,

Kindled by a spark of grace'
Jesus' love the nations fires,

Sets the kingdoms on a blaze.

[blocks in formation]

To bring fire on earth he came :

Kindled in some hearts it is :
O that all might catch the flame,

All partake the glorious bliss !
2 When he first the work begun,

Small and feeble was his day :
Now the word doth swiftly run,

Now it wins its widening way:
More and more it spreads and grows,

Ever mighty to prevail ;
Sin's strong-holds it now o'erthrows,

Shakes the trembling gates of hell.
3 Saw ye not the cloud arise,

Little as a human hand ?
Now it spreads along the skies,

Hangs o'er all the thirsty land !
Lo! the promise of a shower

Drops already from above!
Haste, O Lord, and quickly pour

All the spirit of thy love.


75. & 5s. M. A. C TH( was

The Reconciliation.
1 Thou, whose wide extended sway
Suns and systems e'er obey!
Thou, our Guardian and our Stay,

Evermore adored :
In prospective, Lord, we see
Jew and Gentile, bond and free,
Reconciled in Christ to thee,

Holy, holy Lord.
2 Thou by all shalt be confessed,

Ever blessing, ever blest,
When to thy eternal rest,
In the courts above,

Thou shalt bring the sore oppresse:};
Fill each joy-desiring breast;
Make of each a welcome guest,

At the feast of love.
3 When destroying death shall die,
Hushed be every rising sigh,
Tears be wiped from every eye,

Never more to fall;
Then shall praises fill the sky,
And angelic hosts shall cry,
Holy, Holy Lord, Most High,

Thou art all in all !


: Glory of the Church.
1 On thy church, 0 Power Divine,
Cause thy glorious face to shine;
Till the nations from afar
Hail her as their guiding star;
Till her sons, from zone to zone,
Make thy great salvation known.
2 Then shall God, with lavish hand,

Scatter blessings o'er the land ;
Earth shall yield her rich increase,
Every breeze shall whisper peace,
And the world's remotest bound
With the voice of praise resound.

309. Ils. & 10s. [Peculiar.] J. G. ADANS.

Christian's Song of Triumph.
1 Sound the full chorus ! let praises ascend

To God the Creator, our Father and Friend.
Sing, for the light of his truth is before us,
And we will give thanks, and rejoice in his
His banner of love in its glory waves v'er us;
That love will continue forever the same.


Sound the full chorus, &c. 2 Praise to Jehovah! Give praise -- let it rise From earth, in its fulness—and swell to the

skies! Give glory and praise! For a ransomed crea


The gospel of peace in its triumph shall see ; Our God hath redeemed us -- and Christ our sal.

Appears, from transgression and death to make

Praise to Jehovah, &c.

Appe free to je


L. M.

ANONYMODS Gospel Freedom Universal. 1 We long to see that happy time,

That long-expected, blissful day,
When men of every name and clime

The glorious gospel shall obey. 2 The word of God shall firm abide,

Though earth and hell should dare oppose; The stone cut from the mountain's side,

To universal empire grows. 3 Afric's emancipated sons

Shall shout to Asia's rapt'rous song,
Europe, with her unnumbered tongues,

And western climes the strain prolong.

4 From east to west, from north to south,

Immanuel's kingdom shall extend,
And every man, in every face,
Shall meet'a brother and a friend.




Reign of Christ. Isa. 35.
1 The radiant dawn of gospel light,
The prophet saw in vision bright,

And hailed th' auspicious day,
When Christ should all his grace disclose
And cure the world of all its woes,

By truth's triumphant sway.
2 The blind their eyes shall open wide ;
To drink the light's o'erflowing tide,

The deaf sweet music hear;
The lame like bounding hart shall leap;
The dumb no longer silence keep,

But shout redemption near.

3 And there shall be a holy way,
In which the simple shall not stray-

The path so plain and bright.
Wayfaring men therein shall walk,
And of their home and kindred talk,

With rapture and delight.

4 No ravenous beast in quest of prey,
No lion lurking in the way,

Shall ever there be seen.
The place where dragons lay concealed
Large crops of waving grass shall yie d

With reeds and rushes green.
6 And when to Zion's peaceful home
The ransomed of the Lord shall come,

(0 haste the blissful day!)
Glad strains shall every tongue emp.oy
In songs of everlasting joy,
And sighing flee away.

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