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Thus prone to act so base a part,lia 76,17

Or harbour one hard thought of thee!!A 3 Oh, let me then, at length, be taught " (What I am still so slow to learn,

learntrol vil That God is Love, and changes not .1,7!)

Nor knows the shadow of a turn. :35. pili 4 Sweet truth, and easy to repeat !!":6 ***!!!!.

But when my faith is sharply tried,' *'
I find myself a learner yet,

Unskilful, weak, and apt to slide. 5 But, O my Lord, one look from thee ... Pue mas

Subdues the disobedient will ;? : )
Drives doubt and discontent away,

And thy rebellious worm is still. ; 1 6 Thou art as ready to forgive, illit

As I am ready to repine ; ii, iais ir
Thou, therefore, all the praise receive';; and

Be shame, and self-abhorrence, mine, COWPER. 242 L. M. New Sabbath 122, i Portugal 97.

Justice and Equits, Matt, vil. 12. 'S C | BLESSED Redeemer, how divinele

How righteous is this rule of thine,
Never to deal to others worse this

Than we would have them deal with us!
2 This golden lesson, short and plain, silno
Gives not the mind nor memory pain : 6.jsf?
And every conscience must approve

This universal law of, lovę., ., K.,1.6.370 3 'Tis written in each mortal breast, control

Where all our tenderest wishes rest; ',. it!!
We draw it from our inmost veins, i '

Where love to self resides and reigns. ,'
4 Is reason ever at a loss ? ?!!!!!!!!!!!!

Call in self-love to judge the cause :''' M1!!
Let our own fondest passions shew;" ".
How we should treat our neighbour too.

5 How bless'd would every nation prove, '

Thus rul’d by equity and love! 0 !ius ir All would be friends without a foe,.!. 120

And form a paradise below. Fitness, 6 Jesus, forgive us, that we keep it is

Thy sacred ļaw of love asleep;. :20.
And take our envy, wrath, and pride,'', '
Those savage passions, for our guide. Siswa


243 L. M.: Chard 175. Truro 105.

God shining: in the Heart, 2 Cor. iv. 6." 1 PRAISE to the Lord of boundless might!

With uncreated glories bright'; His presence gilds the worlds above, Bine

Th’ unchanging source of light and love. I s 2 Our rising earth his eye beheld, 19stolu When in substantial darkness veild,' The shapeless chaos, nature's womb,

Lay buried in the horrid gloom. and -3 Let there be light, Jehovah said ! !

And light o'er all its face was spread ;
Nature array'd in charmis unknown,

Gay with its new-born lustre shone.i. 4 He sees the mind, when lost it lies', '

In shades of ignorance and vice ; : . '
And darts from heav'n a vivid ray, i. :

And changes midnight into
5 Sbine, mighty God! with vigour shine

On this benighted heart of mine;' ......
And let thy glories stand reveal’d,..

As in the Saviour's face beheld. is on 6 My soul, reviv'd by heav'n-born day,' ;.

Thy radiant image shall display; ..!
While faculties unite
To praise the Lord, who gives me light,

244 L. M. Kingsbridge 88. Lewton 30.

One thing I know, John ix. 25. Isaiah liy. 13. 1 DEAR Saviour! make me wise to see

w My sin, and guilt, and remedy; 'Tis said, of all thy blood has bought,

They shall of Israel's God be taught, 11. 2 Their plague of heart thy people know;

They know thy name, and trust thee too;.
They know the Gospel's blissful sound,

The path where endless joys aboundi ir
3 They know the Father and the Son;

Theirs is eternal life begun; .... TO
Unto salvation they are wise,

Their grace shall into glory rise. Ja
4 But ignorance itself am I; in
... Born blind-estrang'd from thee I lie;
- O Lord; to thee L'humbly own,.,

I'nothingknow as should be known. Of
5 L scarce know God, or Christ, or sin, 1911,2
My foes without, or plague within; I
Know not my interest, Lord, in thee, ...

In pardon, peace, or liberty Intl
6 But help me to declare to-day, 4 DH

If many things I cannot say, siin!) S
One thing I knorv, all praise to Thee, " .
Tholi blind I was syèt now I see.plhi


h u" lós, OriT 245 C. M.: Bedford 91.',: Charmouth 28. &

Knowledge at present imperfect, 1 Cor. xiii.. 1 THY way, 0 God! is in the sea IT

1 Thy paths I cannot trace ; ainot Nor comprehend the mystery ro, "iTA Of thy unbounded grace,

z ur
2 Here the dark veils of flesh and sense .

My captiver soul surround, wi);OT
Mysterious deeps of providence, 9531

My, wondering thoughts contoundsu Y

03 When I behold thy awful hand I !

My earthly hopes destroy ; )
· In deep astonishment I stand, care

99-And ask the reason, why? ,
4 As thro" a glass I dimly see: 1

The wonders of thy love;
How little do I know of thee, TN

: Or of the joys above! ?."
5 Tis but in part I know thy will; T.

I bless thee for the sight : UT
When will thy love the rest reveal"

In glory's clearer light?
6 With rapturé shall I then survey..!!

Thy providence and grace; - !
And spend an everlasting day i...

In wonder, love, and praise. DR. FAWCETT.

246 L M. "Bramcoate 8. Portugal 97. Liberality; or, the Duty and Pleasures of Benevolence. 1 OH, what stupendous mercy shines

Around the Majesty of heaven! .
Rebels he deigns to call his song,

Their souls renew'd, their sins forgiven, 2 Go, imitate the grace divine, ast; ,: The grace that blazes, like the sun; ?

Hold forth your fair, tho? feeble light,

Thro' all your lives let merey run;
3 Upon your bounty's willing wings :)

Swift let the great salvation dy;
The hyngry feed, the naked clothe;'

To pain and sickness help apply. **
4 Pity the weeping widow's woe, (0920081

And be her counsellor and stay ; ilu
Adopt the fatherless, and smootha. usik

To useful, þappy life, his way. '»' .
8 Let age, withi want and weakness bow

Your bowels of compassion move ;*.

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Lete'en your enemies be bless'da !.

Their hatred recompens'd with love.
6 When all is done, renounce your deeds, 1

Renounce self-righteousness with scorn;
Thus will you glorify your God, -si

And thus the Christian name adorn.' 247 L. M. Lebanon 79, Manning 245.

Thou shalt love the Lord thy God, de, Deut, vi 6. 1 YES, I would love thee, blessed God!

- Paternal goodness marks thy name, Thy praises, throthy high abode 1

The heavenly hosts with joy proclaim,
2 Freely thou gay'st thy dearest Son

For man to suffer, bleed, and die ; or.
And bidd'st me, as a wretch undone,

For all I want on bim rely, and
3 In him, thy reconciled face, ut
irron With joy unspeakable I see;
- And feel thy powerful, wondrous grace

Draw, and unite my soul to thee. JC 4 Whene'er my foolish Wand'ring heart,

Attracted by a creature's power, I

Would from this blissful centre start," . LORD, fix it there to stray no more ! D'. TURNER. 248 C. M. New York 33. Condescension 116.

; 176, Delight in God, Psalm xxxvii. 4.,157
1 0 LORD!: I would delight in thee,

And on thy care depend ;u; piis
To thee in every, trouble flee, to ozbis ;

My best, my only friend. User
2 When all created streams are dry'd, I
• Thy fulness is the same; col but
May 1 with this be satisfied, 5.07 1:2,11

And glory in thy name bis ins no 3 Why should the soul a drop bemoan, 'I

Who has a fountain near; 21 21"

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