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How loth are we to leave the place,

Where Jesus shows his smiling face! 4 O, could I stay with friends so kind,

How would it cheer my drooping mind!
But duty makes me understand,

That we must take the parting hand. 5 And since it is God's holy will

We must be parted for a while,
In sweet submission, all as one,

We'll say our Father's will be done. 6 My youthful friends in Christian ties,

Who seek for mansions in the skies,
Fight on, we'll gain that happy shore,

Where parting will be known no more. 7 How oft I've seen your flowing tears,

And heard you tell your hopes and fears!
Your hearts with love were seen to flame,

Which makes me hope we'll meet again. 8 Ye mourning souls, lift up your eyes

To glorious mansions in the skies ;
0, trust his grace :-in Canaan's land

We'll no more take the parting hand. 9 And now, my friends, both old and young,

I hope in Christ you 'll still go on,
And if on earth we meet no more,

O may we meet on Canaan's shore. 10 I hope you 'll all remember me,

If you on earth no more I see,
An interest in your prayers I crave,

That we may meet beyond the grave. 11 O, glorious day! O, blessed hope !

My soul leaps forward at the thought,
When on that happy, happy land,
We'll no more take the parting hand.

145. P. M. Anon.

The Pilgrim's farewell
I have no home nor stay with you;

, I gone,
I'll take my staff and travel on,
Till I a better world can view;
I'll march to Canaan's land,

I'll rest on Canaan's shore ;
Where pleasures never end,

And parting is no more: Farewell, my loving friends, farewell ! 2 Farewell, my friends, time rolls along,

Nor waits for mortal cares or bliss; I'll leave you here and travel on,

Till I arrive where Jesus is. 3 Farewell, my brethren in the Lord,

To you I'm bound with cords of love; If we believe his gracious word,

We all ere long shall meet above. 4 Farewell, ye blooming sons of God,

Sore conflicts yet remain for you; But dauntless keep the heavenly road,

Till Canaan's fertile land you view. 5 Farewell, old suldiers of the Cross,

You've struggled long and hard for heaven; You've counted all things here but loss,

Fight on, the crown shall soon be given. 6 Farewell, poor graceless sinners, too,

It grieves my heart to leave you here! Eternal vengeance waits for you

O turn and see salvation near!

146. 11's. Altered.

The Minister's farewell. A ,

I'm going to travel, glad tidings to tell, I'm going to travel this wilderness through, Therefore, my dear brethren, I bid you adieu

2 May heaven protect you, be Jesus your guide,

On the walls of fair Zion may we still abide; Though we live at a distance, and you I ne'er see,

On th' banks of cold Jordan acquainted we'll be. 3 There all things are plenty, like Eden in bloom,

To those blissful mansions no sorrow can come,
No sin or temptation shall enter that place,

But there we shall join in a song of free grace. 4 Farewell to all sorrow, temptation and pain,

I'm going to Jesus, for ever to reign ;
I'm going to Jesus, 'tis him I adore,

With saints and bright angels to dwell evermore. 5 Live near to the Saviour, be fervent in prayer,

And while I am absent remember me there;
That Jesus his gospel would crown with success,

And my poor exertions to thousands would bless. 6 And when we meet Jesus in the mansions above,

Where saints and bright seraphs are fill'd with his love, O, then, I shall look for these mourners now here, How glad we shall be to meet each other there!

147. 7. 6. Anon.
The love of Christ constraineth us.

HILE in this vale of sorrow,

I' travel on in pain,
My heart is fix'd on Jesus,

feel him form'd within;
But when I come to bid adieu

To those I dearly love,
My heart is often melted,

It is the grief of love. 2 I'm on my way to glory,

By faith I look above,
And view a smiling Jesus,

Which fills my soul with love ;
Tis this that so constrains me,

Poor sinners to persuade,
I'm bound to do my duty,

Though they should not be sav'd.

3 While in my Master's vineyard,

I toil and travel on,
O, pray for me, my brethren,

Until my work is done;
Though lands and rivers roll between,

We'll still in spirit meet;

pray for Jesus' coming,

And confidently wait.
4 Farewell, my loving brethren,

Until we meet again,
Perhaps in worlds of glory,

With Christ the Lord to reign:
Be faithful to your Saviour God,

And keep the prize in view,
That if I reach those mansions,

I there may meet with you.
5 There sickness, pain and sorrow

Will all be done away,
And we shall meet each other,

To spend an endless day;
There we shall meet with Jesus,

Our Saviour and our Friend,
Farewell, my loving brethren,

Love Jesus to the end.

148. 11's. Anon.

The Christian's farewell. FAREWELL, my dear brethren, the time is al That we must be parted from this social band; Our several engugements now call us away,

Our parting is needful, and we must obey. 2 Farewell

my dear brethren, farewell for a while, We'll soon meet again, if kind Providence smile; But while we are parted, and seatter'd abroad,

We 'll pray for each other, and trust in the Lord. 3 Farewell, faithful soldiers, you 'll soon be discharg'd

The war will be ended, your bounty enlarg'd, With shouting and singing, tho' Jordan may roar, You 'll enter fair Canaan, and rest on the shore.

4 Farewell, younger brethren, just listed for war,

Sore trials await you, but Jesus is near;
Although you must travel this dark wilderness,

Your Captain's before you, he 'll lead you to peace. 5 The world and the devil, and sin, all unite,

And bold persecution, your souls to affright,
But Jesus your Leader is stronger than they,

Let this animate you to march on your way. 6 Farewell, trembling mourners, with sad broken heart,

O hasten to Jesus, and choose the good part,
He's full of compassion, and mighty to save,

His arms are extended your souls to receive.
✓ Farewell, careless sinners, for you I must mourn,

To think of your danger, if still unconcern'd,
I read of the judgment, where all must appear,

How will you stand trembling with tormenting fear! 8 Those frolics and pastimes in which you delight,

Will serve to torment you with dreadful affright, You ’ll think of those sermons which you've heard in

All hope's gone for ever of hearing again'i
9 Farewell, my dear brethren, farewell, all around,

Perhaps we'll not meet till the last trump shall sound;
To meet you in glory, I give you my hand,
Our Saviour to praise in a pure social band.


149. L. M. Altered.
Sabbath morning ; or, God's presence invoked.
A , !

This is the day believers prize;-
Improve this Sabbath, then, with care,-

Another may not be thy share.
2 O, solemn thought! Lord, give me power

Wisely to fill up every hour;
O, for the wings of faith and love,
To bear my heart and soul above!

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